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Plant Gift Baskets : Plant Gift Basket Accessories

Plant Gift Baskets : Plant Gift Basket Accessories

Today we’re here building a gift basket out
of fresh plants. You can do the same thing for a dish garden as we did for the plant
basket. I wanted to show you a few of the other ways that you can dress up a plant basket.
Here we have ribbon wrapped around the basket with a bow at the base of the handle and this
cute little butterfly on there. This one we just have a simple bow. We didn’t dress this
one up very fancy but it’s not always necessary to dress them up fancy. This one doesn’t have
a bow but it has a little butterfly, a little wooden butterfly that is really cute to dress
them up with. This one has a little spider plant in it and a ficus tree and a China doll
and an Aurelia. So you can do all kinds of different baskets. They’re fun to make for
gifts. They’re fun to make for your own home. And most of the plants will live in these
baskets for about a year and then they’ll need to be transplanted into bigger pots or
bigger baskets. But it makes a lot of fun working with the plants and getting in the

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