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Patio Renovation at Main Campus

Patio Renovation at Main Campus

It’s intended to make the area better looking
and more used by pretty much everyone. The project back here is to replace the old
patio that we had. It was made up of asphalt sidewalks and flagstone
pavers, and we wanted to remove all of that and get a totally fresh, new look that would
really highlight what we’ve got going on out here, not only at the patio but at the college,
and we also wanted to make the area more easily accessible for everyone and individuals with different
disabilities because those flagstone pavers were uneven and hard to navigate and we really
felt it was time to make a whole revamp of this this entire area. We’re hoping to enhance the project with a
lot more seating areas. We’ve got right outside the “Pit” area will
have some large shade sails that will provide some comfort in the hotter months, and then
we’re also including charging stations for cellphones and computers so that students
can come out here, sit down, relax, charge their devices, and also access the internet. We’re also increasing internet accessibility
out here by adding some stations that will give better internet signal. The College for a long time has – we’ve used
a lot of our funds to do things that we had to do. We had to fix roofs, we had to repave parking
lots because of issues. So it’s really nice to have a project that we can all be proud of, that beautifies our campus and makes people want to come out to campus and stay on campus, and enjoy everything that we’ve got to offer our here.

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