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Patio Pond with Bog Filter | Water Fountain Spout Installation – Part 8

Patio Pond with Bog Filter | Water Fountain Spout Installation – Part 8

[SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [SOUND] [SOUND] So before I install this guy back in. I’m gonna go ahead and, and install these
little male pipe adapters for the copper. Cuz these guys are gonna
probably pop right into the wall. [SOUND]
And it’s gonna be a tight fit. [SOUND] [SOUND] [SOUND] So as you can see, we have our, our couplers poking half way
through the wood right here. I put a little of the stain there. So that white’s not gonna pop out and
hit you. Now, I know I’m probably gonna catch a little
bit of flak from all my plumber buddies and the diehard plumbers out there but
we’re not gonna sweat this copper. Everything underneath here has been
teflon taped and it’s all in there, it’s all waterproofed. But, what I’m gonna do here is I’m just gonna
put a little fine layer of silicone on here. We’re gonna push this through here
the pressure in the system is like virtually nothing. So we’re, we’re not worried about
any leaks coming through here. But what this allows us to do is if
we ever want to do some maintenance, you can physically break the bond
without breaking out your torch. You can break the bond, pull it apart,
do maintenance, put it back together, and get going again. [SOUND] So for the sake of the ease of maintenance for
the homeowner that’s how we’re gonna do it. Just a little fine deal here. Now, once I’ve put the silicone on here, a little bit of it’s gonna ooze out and what I’ll do is,
once it hardens off, I’ll just hit it with a little bit
of sandpaper so it doesn’t affect. The patina right there. The patina’s when it starts to age and
gets some color in it. So I have a little residual
silicone right there. But I’ll just sandpaper that off. So it gets all pretty looking. So I’m gonna install the rest of these. The next video we’re gonna take
you to the upper part of the bog. We’re gonna do some plumbing on the inside. I’ll have a manifold assembly. I’m gonna show you a breakaway thing
that we’re gonna do on the inside for routine maintenance to keep the roots
away from the, from the suction port. But I’m gonna go ahead and install these. I’m Eric Triplett The Pond Digger.
Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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  1. I need to buy a few of the connection fittings that go threw the wall of the pond/filter (so I can order them on-line) I think you called them bulk-head connectors?

  2. ok, so i'm missing something. what size bulkhead fittings were those? 1 1/2", with reducers on downspout side to 1" (right), 1/2" (center), 3/4" (left)?

  3. copper kills fish and plants, everyone knows that!!!! with those metal plugs you will contaminate the water with copper and with time everything will die, 100% sure!

  4. Before loading gravels into top tank, you should have shown how you rearranged cement blocks and 2×10's because as shown back about video 3 or 4 when you installed bulkhead fitting and check valve assembly that would have landed on top of blocks when you set the tub in place. I probably should have mentioned this in those videos, but I didn't know if you would bring it up.

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