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PANTRY GOALS! Shop & Organize With Me!

PANTRY GOALS! Shop & Organize With Me!

(light music) – Hey guys, it’s Raven. Welcome back to another vlog. Just pulled up to Ikea. I’m with my mom. Today we are tackling the
kitchen, mainly the pantry. So I told you guys I’m
gonna be vlogging a lot of this process of unpacking, organizing, decorating, getting
stuff for the new house and today is all about the pantry/kitchen, like I just said. So I need a few little bits and
bobs as they say in the UK– – [Grammy] I’m clashing – For my, what? – I’m clashing, pink top and red purse. – Very summer ready. But yeah, I need a few little
things for the kitchen, like the actual kitchen
and then mainly I just need a bunch of containers, baskets, jars. I’m trying to make a Pinterest pantry, Instagram pantry. I’ll insert some inspiration photos here of what I’m talking about. Basically just trying to make my pantry look all perfectly organized and you know, just aesthetically pleasing you know. Doin’ the most honestly, but since I have that big pantry, I’m like, I might as well
make it look good you know. So the first stop is
Ikea because they have a lot of good kitchen stuff. Basically, I wanna get
stuff like this, you know. Stuff like this. – I saw these little spice jars. These are kind big. I was looking for some smaller ones– – [Raven] Spice jars. – [Grammy] Put the spice jars on, suggest you put the
spice jars on a little, I call them stair steps. The little tiered thing, but you only have about 12 spices so– – [Raven] What you tryin’ to say? (laughing) – 12 is fine. I still wouldn’t wanna pay– – [Raven] This is $4.99 for a pack. – [Grammy] So keep those in mind, but there’s some other ones. – [Raven] I don’t think
I need any more of these ’cause I already got those
other homes from Home Goods. Okay, this is the jackpot section that we need to be in. Got all the jars and
containers and things. We need the jars with the lids. This doesn’t have lids. How do you open it? Uh oh. – [Grammy] Bamboo ones
are kinda cute, but– – [Raven] Yeah. $3 – [Grammy] I don’t like that– – [Raven] Two pack for how much? $2.99? – [Grammy] Right, I’m
saying get 12 of these and we’ll empty your spices in there and then label them. – [Raven] Okay. Oh those are the jars with the lids. Okay, so six of these to make 12, or how many, how many spices, ’cause I also wanna go grocery shopping, or like pantry shopping to get, you know as the chef, how many spices? – I mean, basic spices, 12 to 15, and you have about 12 and
you have all the basic stuff. Is this economical though, by the time you buy six of these? – [Raven] I mean, Amazon
might have a bulk pack? – They don’t even have shakers. – [Raven] Oh, that’s not good. – [Grammy] I mean, I don’t
use my shakers really, I use a measuring spoon, but– – [Raven] I use a shaker. And this type of closure is annoying. I can foresee myself
breakin’ nails on this. I would, if anything, I would
stick with the classic ones with the little lids like this. Different sizes, like, this
could be for spaghetti, and then like, other type of pasta, penne pasta. These are cute with the bamboo lids and they are like $3. $3 – $4. Definitely prettier than just your average ziplock tupperware
plastic with he red lid, or the blue lid. It’s all about the aesthetic. – So, what do you call it? Earth friendly? – [Raven] Eco friendly? – Eco friendly because they’re bamboo– – [Raven] Not plastic. – And glass. Won’t discolor like plastic will. – [Raven] Like when you
have a plastic thing and it gets that weird greasy
mark that won’t go away. – [Grammy] Red from the spaghetti sauce. (easygoing music) So we are in Costco now. Came to get some bulk
items for the pantry, but also, my mom is buying
me a housewarming present, a new set of pots and pans. – [Grammy] Woohoo! – [Raven] I needed a hose,
some household essentials. Oh, I need a blender. – [Grammy] This is a Ninja
1000 but you can also, we’re also going to Bed Bath & Beyond. – [Raven] Yeah okay, let’s just wait. Now, we’re at the bed,
the bath, and the beyond. We have been going here,
there and everywhere trying to find the perfect things– – [Grammy] At the perfect price. – Saving money I shard work. You gotta go here, there, everywhere. Go to every store, compare prices. Well if its not the right price, you go her, drive there. By the time you save money on the item, you done spent all your money on gas. Hopefully this is the
last place we have to go. – [Grammy] No. – It’s not? Oh yeah, we have to go
to The Container Store. I forgot we didn’t even go there yet. Okay, this is the second to last place. – [Grammy] We need a blender. – Blender, knives set and maybe some containers that they have here. I was gonna get a new
Keurig because I don’t like my blue one because of the color, but then I was like, my
Mom has a black Keurig, so what if I just trade with my Mom, because I need a black one
to go with my aesthetic. Oh here’s a Vitamix. This like big smoothie shop. This is like– – [Grammy] I would say
before I bought the Vitamix, I would get the blender. – [Raven] Ah, I’ll just
wat on the blender. You said don’t get the one
the comes in a block, why? – I mean, as a step up
from what you are using. – [Raven] I have like
two knives from Walmart, that’s about it, but if it’s gonna be in
a block it has to match, so I prefer the light colored wood. I just need something
basic, like this is $59. – [Grammy] I mean, you
know, if you hate it, you can get more knives next year. – [Raven] Salt 18 piece. I mean that looks decent. These are the O-X-O, OXO containers
that my mom recommends for pantry items. $100, that’s $10 a piece. – Look at this, they
want $21 just for this. – [Raven] I mean I feel like I could use the whole 10 piece set. – [Grammy] Oh, there you go. – Yeah $99.99. Last stop: The Container Store. This is where I’m gonna
be spending the big bucks, but this is where they got all the stuff. Oohh see, look how
satisfying this store is. Very nice. So I’m still looking for baskets. Like regular baskets and wire baskets. Oh, these are actually cheaper. – [Grammy] And this is $9.74. – [Raven] There’s a re
cheaper and they’re on sale. And then I need spice
jars, spice rack situation. – I would put like,
little packets of chips. – [Raven] These are $16. This is the perfect size. Now I thought The Container
Store was gonna have a plethora of everything I needed, but maybe I’m just too picky. See, Virgo problems. I have an exact vision in
my head of what I want. The exact color, size,
texture, everything, and then I try to go
to he store to find it and it’s like, that doesn’t exist. Dang. – Do you you like these? – [Raven] Yeah, I say just
get two of those, or three. – Three. – [Raven] Alright, so far
I am finding some stuff. Baskets, clear containers, some jars down there. I’ve already got a basket full of probably like $200 worth of stuff. These things are so expensive. I mean I guess it’s, I don’t know, that’s just how much this stuff costs, but everything is like $12 each, $20 each, so yeah, not a cheap thing to do. Filled up a whole basket
plus more stuff overflowing. I’m afraid to see what
this total is gonna be, but I think we got everything now. Okay, finally home and done
with shopping for the day. That took a lot more work and way longer than I expected. It is almost 9pm right now. Came home, had dinner, unloaded all of the stuff that I bought. So here is a quick overview
of everything that I bought, so we went to Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond, T.J. Maxx but didn’t end
up getting at T.J. Maxx, and Container Store. But I feel like $200 at
each of the four places. Like I’ve spent way more money
then I expected to spend, but it’s because I wasn’t
really trying to get the cheapest thing. Like obviously I didn’t
go to the Dollar Store, or anything like that, but that’s because I really had a specific look that I was going for and my mom had specific recommendations on the types of containers
that really are the best to store food in, so I ended up spending a lot of money. But at the same time, I did also get a few little extra things
that are not necessarily for the pantry, but anyways got a bunch of baskets, jars, a lazy Susan, bins like this, glass jars like this with the bamboo lids, wooden turntable, more baskets, drawer liners, stuff for the
kitchen to go in the drawers, more glass containers
with the bamboo lids. I did get some bulk paper
towels at Costco as well, bulk dishwasher stuff, my mom bought me this
set of pots and pans, bulk fruit snacks. Costco had sheets for a good price so I got sheets for my
king size bed, two sets. Wire baskets, more containers, more glass containers with the bamboo lids and more glass jars. These two glass jars
and I forgot that I also got my knife set as well
at Bed Bath & Beyond. Oh and I totally forgot the friggin’ $100 set of plastic containers. That definitely brought up the overall spending today as well. But at the same time,
I still didn’t even get everything that I need because I didn’t need up getting the spice
jar, spice rack situation. I think I’m gonna have
to order those on Amazon and I didn’t get a blender, which I don’t have a
blender, I need one of those. But, we’re already half
way into this project, so we’re gonna keep going and it’s gon look good at the end of it. So I will see you guys tomorrow. Okay, so it is day two and now it’s time to actually get to organizing. So my mom is here to help and of course, I’m having my mom help me, in case you’re wondering,
because my mom not only is a kitchen, cooking person, so she knows about kitchen
supplies and things, but she also is an organizing
type person as well. Label making– – [Grammy] Organizing queen! – Organizing queen, excuse me. Step one. – I think we should move all this, clear all of this out, and since your pantry’s so big, we don’t need to actually take it out. We’ll just move it to the side and then we’re gonna set up the containers where you think they look nicest, and then label each container with what you think you’re gonna put in ’em. – [Raven] So as mu pantry
goes all the way around, I’m pretty much for now, just planning on setting up this back wall
and not really worrying about the sides. I mean, we’ll see how it ends up being, but I’m pretty sure I’m only gonna barely have enough to fill up
this back wall anyway. (upbeat music) Okay, so now we are temporarily labeling what we think we’re gonna
use each container for. So obviously, some of
them are more obvious, like this is for spaghetti, but this is like rice, flour, sugar, that one’s gonna be brown sugar. Just to get an idea of
how this is gonna go, hey! So we’re just doing this first to kind of get an idea and make
sure I actually have the right containers for everything, and how it’s gonna look ’cause I may need to order some more stuff on Amazon. So okay, for example, granola bars– – Like for instance she had bags of chips like that. Bagged stuff could go in there. I think that these should stay on the bottom row. This, whatever you decide to put in there, should stay on the bottom row. With the snacks that I buy for Zya, these will both be filled up with snacks, and this needs a basket. – Okay, so after kinda somewhat arranging and seeing what I wanna
put in each container. Of course we have figured out that I am missing some containers,
so I have some stuff that just doesn’t, like
we didn’t buy a basket, we didn’t buy enough baskets, didn’t buy enough jars. I felt like a bought so much stuff. I thought, I really
thought I was gonna have too many containers,
but I am missing some, so I definitely think I
need at least one or two more of these smaller baskets. I might need another
one of these for snacks. I definitely need one or two of these smaller ones for snacks. I need something that’s
going to handle canned good. Like some sort of little
stack-y shelf thing, or basket or something for canned goods. Couple of other containers for
stuff I didn’t think about. I have a lot of teabags
and these emergency little packet things
that need a container. My brand new fancy set of pots that my mom bought me. This is basically what
I had from my old set. (bouncy music) Okay so I ordered some
of the extra containers that I still needed on Amazon, so I’m waiting for that to come in, but my mom just took another trip to The Container Store to get
some more of these baskets. So we have a good amount
of stuff to work with. Right now I feel like
we could start actually filling it up with food and start arranging it how we want it to look on the shelves and then we have to make
labels for these things. (bouncy music) So for all of the
containers that I’m actually gonna put like, food, like loose food. Like, packed food doesn’t matter, but flour, sugar, things like that, always be sure to wash out your containers before you put food in them. (light music) So it is now day three
I think, of this project and right now we are
on the step of creating custom labels and you know
we was gonna break out the cricut machine. So my mom brought over the
cricut machine over here, hooked it up to the
computer that’s in here and this is the font. So printing it on to this black vinyl. Decided to go for black
lettering instead of white just because I feel like
for most of the jars, the black will show up better. (energetic music) So we got these from The Container Store. They are specially made
to go on the baskets. They’re like little clips like this, like so, and you can write on it with chalk, or a chalkboard marker, or I’m trying to decide if
I wanna do this with white and print those out and stick ’em on here, but then you won’t be able
to like, really change it that easily if you wanna change it. So just picked up some pantry groceries, essentials, to go ahead and fill up all of my brand new containers and just stock up on everything that I would normally use. Quick little grocery haul. Got some spices for my new spice jars just from the bulk spice section, just to get the exact amount that I needed of whatever extra spices or refills from what I already had here. I had a decent range of just random spices from different brands, but
just kinda wanna fill ’em up in the nice new jars. Also plan on cooking a
lot more in this new house with my new kitchen, so just wanted to stock up on some more stuff that maybe I
haven’t normally been using, but I really want to start using. Brown sugar, powdered sugar. Stocking up on more rice,
rice and jasmine rice. Got regular white sugar, flour,
again, to fill up the jars, gluten free spaghetti, veggie spaghetti. Got Zya some more mac and cheese cups. Apple sauce packs, strawberry and regular. I use these for her lunch for school. Some oatmeal cups that I
always eat for breakfast. I needed more baking powder. And then just a bunch of canned goods. Just again, to stock up on. I don’t necessarily have plans in my head of specific recipes that
I’m gonna make this week to use all this stuff, but since they are
non-perishable pantry items, you might as well just stock up on a few different kinds
just to have on hand. Got some red potatoes for the potato bin and some onions for the onion bin, some little bags of chips and popcorn, and little bags of Goldfish, so I’m gonna go ahead
and put this stuff away and then we’re gonna put
the finishing touches on all of the labeling and
then we should be done! Oh, and I got water bottles to stock up this basket. Oh my god, this is so satisfying! A 24 pack of water bottles
fits perfectly in this basket. These are the things that
bring me joy in life. (bouncy music) So I cleaned up my kitchen and put away all my new items, and now it’s time for
the final pantry reveal. (energetic music)

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