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take a look at this outdoor swing from
ABBA patio it features two comfortable seats and a canopy this is the Abba
outdoor swing featuring and adjustable canopy
it has textaline fabric for the seat and back which is water and fade
resistant and UV treated it has a durable powder coated steel frame this
supports weight of up to 550 pounds you’re not that happy are you so it’s
great for two average-sized people the storage bag on the side which comes
on and off easily allows you to store your cellphone water book whatever you
need have it handy keep a drink right in here yeah um so the canopy on top it’s
durable its adjustable and of course that provides comfortable shade and
shelter the we give you the dimensions it’s 5.3 feet long x 4.1 feet wide and
the height is five point eight feet the seat is three point six feet in length
and the canopy size is five point two feet long by four points one feet in
width so here’s a closer look at the from the
side and you see the storage bag and they have a prepares to be yesterday
plastic surround on the leg so they’re not just metal this knob on the side
here even when you tighten it all the way it allows a little bit of looseness
so that that way you can adjust this however you want you know based on like
if you want to block the Sun it’s coming in a certain direction which is nice
yeah I can even block the rain yeah absolutely okay since you put it
together how was it to assemble I did have one helper it wasn’t too bad though
it does come in a box but it’s pretty straightforward you just put all the
pieces together and screw him on it was it wasn’t too difficult at all so let’s
try it out and already I’m very much appreciating this canopy because the Sun
is right there without this nice canopy I’d be blinded right now so nice little
shade sit in here very comfortable to relax
articles take a nap in this thing I really like that the seats are
comfortable but they’re also this nice material which would be very easy to
wash and is not going to wear in the weather so it’ll last along a long time you guys get a new new patio
yeah we just got that I really like it it’s got a really nice shade that signs
right above and it’s nice and cool down here and the top is sprung so it’s it’s
free-floating and it’s nice and soft seems pretty sturdy yeah I like it I’m gonna try it out oh it is yeah nice sturdy construction you know some
swings you sit on them you come in you feel a move when you everything yeah
solid it’s not wobbling or anything and I just love swinging the child sit down
relax with the dog no nice summer day watch the trees nothing better than
sitting out in the swing was a nice iced tea so this is the Abba patio swing with
canopy check the description section below for more information thanks for
watching you

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