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Our Fun List & A Re-cap to Help have a Balanced, Happy Life, Men & Women Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones Heather here and Bill
here with the beard… I’m still getting used to that beard, but anyway we’re
gonna do a follow-up video on that soon. This video is all about fun… hey last
year did you really make the time to have fun? Well we did and we didn’t have
oodles of money for it and we didn’t have a lot of time or anything.What did
we use is our main thing that we did? We scheduled it! We absolutely did and if
you’re wondering whoa how do they schedule that and maybe even look at a
recap of some of the fun things we did last year? It all starts in just a few seconds So we get it, you’ve got a schedule all
of those things you know because you’ve got maybe dreams and goals and things
you want to do but we’re talking about a real scheduling of fun lists and
we’re not just talking like a two-week vacation… no we’re not no we’re talking
about scheduling something every single
season and last year we did do a video we’re gonna put the link up there
somewhere to the video on really starting to share this idea with you on
how important it is to make some fun for yourself . So here’s our old list that we
did last year and here’s our new list for this year and hey by the way, if you
really kind of like what you’re hearing here what we’re trying to do in these
videos is really to help people have a more awesomeness life, is that a word?Anyway,
that’s what we’re trying to do here and if you do kind of like that idea just
hit the subscribe button below and also don’t forget to click on the bell then
you’ll be notified when we have our videos and that old list that we have
there what we want to show you right now is a montage of what we did last year.
Great fun, yeah and so just sit back for a few minutes or seconds or however long
it is and enjoy. our year of fun or at least a little bit of it. Our scheduled fun
that we actually partake in and let’s just watch that Wow, that brought back a lot of memories.
Oh it certainly did, It wasn’t that long ago but it’s great to see it. Yeah really
it makes you excited about doing some more this year. What do you have there
Bill? Heather and I have this quote it’s up on our wall we had it framed and it says some
days are simply meant for playing and it’s so true and you know what it
doesn’t have to cost a lot of money also. Like what are some ideas that we do that
don’t even really cost a cent? Oh bike riding, oh yeah we absolutely love
that and I always have to go to a coffee shop a fancy coffee shop when we do that,
okay or that it’costs us three bucks for a coffee and what about the hiking
trails that we enjoy, yeah oh hey we did the hiking we scheduled a day for going
hiking nothing really rugged but just an
outdoor walk in the woods and if it’s a really messy day outside a lot of times
we just we play a trivia game or he makes me play cribbage but you keep on winning all the time, ahh . I’m a natural, Your Dad was great at cribbage. but they don’t cost they don’t cost a
thing so Bill just show a little bit of last year’s here on the, we also cross
out, this goes up on our wall and we cross out with pink so we know we are… in
the pink here we’re having some fun and there’s the list there but we also have
a new list and the thing about scheduling you know is… you know I’ve
said to Heather you know all our life were scheduling our doctor’s
appointments the dentist appointments maybe going to get your haircut it’s all
scheduled you have to do we’d have to do it, have to do it, but this is fun it’s a
really great to do a list and talking about to-do list this is our new one
then what we do is we just sit down on a, you know, one day we take maybe three or
four hours so we have fun with it and and look and you know sort of dream
about what we want so we’re going to just share a few on this list right now
We wanna watch, Casablanca is coming and what’s special about that it’s one of my
favorite movies Casablanca, it’s playing with a symphony orchestra is gonna play live
at the hall while the movie is going. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen
that type of thing done, a live orchestra is playing. Fantastic, oh yeah, and you know
what and we’ve already bought the tickets for it so we’ve got something to
look forward to! What else do we have on here… we want to go to the market and get
some fresh maybe different kinds of cheeses… I’m hungry already, it’s just a local
market and it’s just a smorgasbord of things… you had me at market. We want to
go see a couple of the Academy Award movies and afterwards we like to go to
that Greek place and have those pitas. Ooh, again with the food. We also have down here for the
spring or summer to go to a concert and kind of have our eye on Garth Brooks,
we’re not too sure if he’s going to be nearby but last year we saw Bon Jovi
and the Eagles. So amazing… bike riding, personal time, we also make time for our
children so I’ve got some personal time here with all the kids and the big thing
is a trip to London in Paris. Yeah it’s on there, yeah and we’ve got, oh we want
to go see Buckingham palace, then we would be tourists right? Yeah we want to go to the
Louvre and we want to be at London Bridge and go to a pub and have seven
days of, hopefully we’ll get to film something and share it with you. Yeah, that’s our goal –
we’ve got, we haven’t bought the tickets yet but we’re thinking maybe May or June
something like that.So well, but it’s on the list so it’s on the list so we got
to put it in the pink and cross it out! So we also have in here for the summer
our two and a half day vacation and if you haven’t seen our video on the 2 1/2 day vacation… I am going to put it up there you gotta
check it out I mean how much fun can you have in two and a half days? That’s right,
oh we also have… visit some of our dear friends and we have a game where a
baseball game, a professional baseball game we’re going to take your boys, our
boys and also your brother, live theater, pool at the Radisson and what do we do
with that we just we pick a really hot day in the summer, yeah it has to be a
hot day because we’re at an outdoor pool at the hotel and you get a lounge
chair early they have food though they bring food where where you’re sitting and
that drinks… and we don’t even stay at the hotel, no just look it up online
maybe there’s a place near you in a city where for 40 bucks you know, each but um
and you have to buy the food yourself but yeah for 40 bucks you get to lay out
and swim they usually have barbecues there to buy some food it’s something
you might not be thinking about it’s great, also we want to see one of
those film festivals, other film festivals yeah and I’m just seeing here
Oh spa day, spa day and I’ve also got on here in December to see a professional
ballet The Nutcracker, yeah I mean it’s everywhere but I haven’t seen it. I know,
I’ve seen it like in a kind of, not a professional, we’re going to see the
Toronto Ballet and they are like so amazing so that is on the list and why
haven’t we see that all these years? You know we never scheduled it, we never
scheduled it, however we did schedule Swan Lake and again we did a video I
will put the link up for the ballet… and can I just say Heather
yeah we’ve scheduled these things but we don’t mean we scheduled it for a
particular day no, no, yeah just a season. Absolutely so we do these all in
seasons and to show you the new idea and they go up
in a wall they’re right in front of me and in front of Bill and the nice
thing about it is I kind of look at it every day and I smile because …it’s like
she looks at me and smiles… Bill and I try to do is we try to have a date day
every single Friday and it seems like the last couple of Fridays we’ve been
going to the local movie theater and you know we saw some great movies, yeah
what did we see… Bohemian Rhapsody oh my gosh, actually I saw Freddie Mercury live
so I love, love, love that movie and then we saw one a little bit darker and that
was Vice, right yeah kind of an interesting story there but you know
what… we just we just went someplace and we were together and we also just kind
of just relaxed and and let the world entertain us . Right, absolutely
and then afterwards on both of them we went for the Greek Pita and again, I’m
a cheap date, really but you know those are really, really important to us and
and whether you’re going on a date with you know, your significant other or maybe
it’s with girlfriends or maybe you’re just gonna go to the movies by yourself
making the day you know so cool you know. I’ve gone to movies by myself and you
know who cares really, so the thing that we’re trying to say here is that time is
so precious mm-hmm and don’t get to the end of the year and go… oh you know I got
so many regrets because I forgot to have fun, well you can’t forget to have fun!
You know really, stuff you know, if you don’t already know it, really doesn’t
bring you happiness, it’s the memories
that really truly… it’s good point… bring you the happiness and another thing of
course that brings us a lot of happiness is the cuteness factor our little Hurricane
Wanna give him a kiss – he loves giving kisses and if you haven’t seen a day in the life of our
little Hurricane and we actually did a video on that – and it’s gonna make you
smile I pretty well guarantee it, there’s a lot of fun, but you know we
want to do, last year we did this… we had so many of you sharing some of
the things that you do and some of the things you do for fun and thank you so
much for that, let’s do that again let’s put them in the comments here and and
let us know, you know maybe what you’re planning in the next year to have some
fun it’s it’s cuz hey we might go there where you are and enjoy some of your
favorite things to do Yeah, exactly you know, actually I think I
put a few of the things on the list that I read from last year so, good point
there. Let’s share it with the whole community and we love you guys we love
interacting and I think I’ve answered every comment there and I
sometimes just sit down for hours and hours and I mean a lot of you are
writing paragraphs and you’re… oh sorry I’m writing too much, no you’re not you’re
sharing, you’re sharing your stories and we really, really, really appreciate that
and also what am I doing everyday these days?… Cooking, wrong answer… I know I do
Instagram every day and I have for a while so just search, anyway so just
search that under Awesome over 50 You’ll, you know find postings every single
day so it’s a great gallery on your Instagram… thank you and what have we
been doing all day today Bill… cooking? No, what we do all day today… taxes you
wouldn’t believe we’d be this happy but we’ve been doing taxes and it’s about
what time? We should be eating right now it is it’s so I won’t be cooking tonight it’s
past six o’clock and you know what, we’re going to look at that list that we have
and this weekend we’re doing something! We’re finishing our taxes we earned it,
we deserve it, and we’re going to do something fun and I know that you earned
it, you deserve it, sure have some fun and
keep it awesome… keep it awesome. Everyone’s invited to
subscribe and join us on our videos

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