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OnePlus 5T Review

OnePlus 5T Review

– [Narrator] When someone
asks me where to get a good deal on a smartphone, OnePlus is one of the first
words out of my mouth. Since 2013 the company
has made impressive phones and sold them at impressively low prices. The OnePlus 5T is the
latest in that lineup, and it’s also the most
expensive one to date. I’m Mr. Mobile, now let’s
see if it’s worth it. (upbeat music) The OnePlus 5T is a dead
ringer for its predecessor, the OnePlus 5. And if you saw my review on that phone, you’ll know that’s not
exactly a compliment. Not that this hardware is unattractive, it’s sleek and it’s slim, and all metal. Which those who don’t like
glass phones will appreciate, and it feels well-made, if super slippery. My objection to this design
is that it’s essentially a repackaged version
of the R11s from Oppo, a company that shares a
corporate parent with OnePlus. I talked about this in
my OnePlus 5 reviews, so I won’t belabor the point. I’ll just say it would be nice to see this distinctive company return
to distictive designs. The first area of the 5T that stands out from its forerunner is in the display. The screen has gotten
a boost to six inches, and a new stretched aspect ratio. Though it maintains the same pixel density and AMOLED screen technology. Call me an oldtimer,
but I really don’t mind OnePlus’ consistent refusal to upgrade its screens to Quad HD resolution. It helps keep the costs down I imagine. And I don’t think most
people really notice it. Presumably it also plays a part in this phone’s solid battery life. More on this in a minute. To slim down the bezels enough to get a high screen to body ratio, OnePlus had to move the
fingerprint sensor to the back. If you’re one of the folks
who hates a rear sensor, there is a consolation prize in the form of the fastest damn Face Unlock feature I’ve ever used. There are no fancy sensors here, just some custom software that uses the selfie camera to analyze your face. I have not been able to
fool it a photograph, but OnePlus admits it’s
probably not as secure as Samsung’s Iris Scanner or Apple’s Face ID, so you can’t use it to
authenticate for, say Android Pay. But as a quick way to unlock
your phone when you don’t wanna fumble for that fingerprint sensor, I’m surprised how fast and reliable it is. The 5T’s other big shakeup
comes in the form of a slightly repackaged camera. The primary shooter around
back is the same one as the OnePlus 5 from sensor to lens. But the secondary shooter
has been swapped out for another 20 megapixel camera. It’s telephoto lens exchanged
for a standard lens, the aperture now as big as the primary. All this is meant to give
the phone a dedicated low-light eyeball; a camera
it can switch to in the dark. Now I love this idea,
but the small pixel size and the lack of optical
stabilization mean it really isn’t good at what it’s designed for. The phone’s software seems to know this, as it almost never puts
that second camera to use, preferring the primary shooter in all but the darkest settings. So I echo the sentiments
of Andrew Martonik over at Android Central. I’d have preferred a better
single camera to this somewhat mediocre dual shooter. True, that means we’d sacrifice
the portrait photo feature, but I can’t even begin to pretend to care. Just like every other portrait mode, this one is mediocre at best. My design complaints aside,
this is a pretty good camera. It captures pretty
quickly, and occasionally even has moments of greatness
that transcend its troubles. That’s also true of the
front-facing camera, which is again, the same
module from the last phone. And back around back, I was
surprised at how well the electronic stabilization
compensated for the lack of OIS. This sample was shot
before the phone received an update refining that stabilization. I think it was pretty
excellent to begin with. Here’s a few more samples,
before we hit the home stretch. (upbeat music) Let’s bring it home with a
tour of the fundamentals. Software performance is almost perfect, responsive to a fault. OxygenOS is one of my
favorite versions of Android. It blends smart features from other phones with original enhancements
to give you a device you can customize completely, from
accent color to notification LED without sacrificing the speed that makes it feel so much more expensive than it is. Voice calls are good,
and battery life is too. My screen-on time ranges from three hours to six hours per charge,
depending on what I’m using the phone for. But the important takeaway
is that this is an all-day 16 hour smartphone. And Dash charging continues
to live up to its name. I forgot to charge my
review unit one night and by the following
afternoon I was down to 14%. A half hour on the Dash
charger got me back up to 67%, more than enough to finish the day. And yes, this charger comes in the box, alongside an included case. Factor in the headphone
jack and the OnePlus 5T is basically the perfect
iPhone alternative, for those in search of more
value on the Android side. But the lower price doesn’t
come without sacrifices. There’s no dust or water resistance here, nor wireless charging. There’s just one downward firing speaker. A strange software hiccup
means that I can’t run the stock Twitter app without
it crashing for some reason. And OnePlus has made some big missteps in the privacy arena recently. Missteps it swiftly addressed, but which might still give buyers pause. I’ll link the details in the description. And atop those pitfalls, this is the most expensive OnePlus yet, starting just a buck short of $500. In a world where you can get an LG G6, or last year’s Google Pixel for less, it’s increasingly tough
to overlook OnePlus’ ever climbing price tags, especially given its recent
two phone a year release cycle. From where I’m sitting,
this is the last time the company can hike its
prices without a significant upgrade in design or camera performance. Until that sequel drops though, you’d be hard-pressed to find a
phone with the potent mix of power, performance, and price that the OnePlus 5T brings to the table. So I say: buy it if you’re
in the market for a discount smartphone that doesn’t feel like one. And that goes double
if you can snag the 10% student discount sniffed out
by today’s sponsor: Thrifter. Thrifter is a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to home goods by shopping based on value, not hype. Click that link down in
the description to get all the leaked ads and the
best deals for Black Friday and beyond, including that
student discount on the 5T at Thrifter.com Until next time, folks,
thanks for watching. Please subscribe and
stay mobile my friends. (upbeat music)

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  1. ill stay with my le pro 3,i have no complains,i was just looking at this phone,if i find it at 300$ or less then ill buy it.

  2. I really want to change from iphone, since apple is dying since steve jobs died, i'm done with it… and i think this is a really good phone to start using android. I wanted to google pixel xl 2, but i have no money for that right now. So i will try this out. Thx for your really fair review.

  3. How does the 5T compate to LG G6? i'm in a dilemma on what to choose, if im going with oneplus, ill have to import it as they don't ship to Norway.

  4. One Plus are likely intending on letting their prices creep up, while establishing a customer base. Once it is established, expect them to be around the same price as other leading phones

  5. Does anyone know if the shipping in U.S is fast? How long does it take to get home. I'll be there in a couple of weeks to get mine

  6. Can you update your video letting people know that it cannot stream HD video from the most popular sources. It is such an oversight that no popular reviewers like yourself even noticed it.

  7. My 5T arrived yesterday (actually drove 20 km to the post shop after work cause I couldn’t wait another day) and I‘m super happy with it! I was a bit worried about the diamond pentile matrix since I‘m sensitive to it (hated it on my Tab S 8.4 and Note 3 back then) but thankfully it‘s far less noticeable on the 5T. It‘s incredibly snappy, even when you’re used to an iPhone. Just waiting for my dbrand skins as I hate cases.

  8. At 4:28 i noticed like an "always on display" with the notifications showing in the screen. I thought the phone didnt have this feature

  9. Please make a review for the honor v10, I can't decide between that and the oneplus 5t. I've been using the oneplus 3 for about a year but the battery last not long enough so now I'm using Xiaomi redmi Note 4. The camera isn't good so I'm searching for another device….

  10. I personally love this phone, despite not having the quad HD display and the better dual camera, it still is by FAR the greatest smartphone I've ever had. Also, i'm not that bothered with pixel density and the camera so the phone is the best phone for me!

  11. @3:10 Portrait mode is software based in the 5T. The second camera is now used for better low light performance not for the portrait mode like on the 5. That's what makes the 5T superior over the 5, technically.

  12. thank you for your video, i used an android phone before (galaxy s4) and find it really bad in speed and lag always come. Since then, I keep using iPhone. Now, I see your video and begin to consider switching to android (5T), do you think this phone is worse than iPhone in terms of smooth using experience and is there any shortcoming of the os compared to IOS? Thank you again

  13. Mike, here, at the point when you're talkin about the lowlight cam module, you're realy bullshiting all over the place.. Look for Garrys test analyses over on the ANDROID CENTRAL side, you'll see how stupid you can get sometimes.. (btw, I realy like to follow your work, and comment it from my cozy room.. don't worry, I'm not a ritard that will punch you and lough, I'm just pointin you to some details sometimes, look for my comments and you'll see)

  14. Uhh you said there is no water resistance, there is… Look up videos it has been in water for 5 minutes and worked perfectly. Just because they dont promise it doesnt mean there isnt one!
    Another thing, you say it like iphone was better in some way when it clearly is not, only higher price.

  15. "…but I can't even begin to pretend to care."

    Super LOL. This is why I'm such a fan of yours.

    Great review, by the way.

  16. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your reviews, Professional,informative and honest.Keep up the great work ,always look forward to your reviews.I have the Oneplus 5T,and in a word "Amazing".

  17. The OnePlus1 is the best I ever had, I just don`t want to buy every year a new Phone, as long it works I leave it. Sound quality is very good on that Phone and was not at all expensive, got it from China Buy a few years ago.

  18. Can anybody tell me here how is the Bluetooth connection with wireless headphones through oneplus 5t?
    I had a problem with htc 10 while listening through wireless headset with connection dropout.

  19. The only reason I am choosing this over the s8 is the fact that it has 8 gigs of ram.which for me is amazing as 4gb ram maxes out and isn’t enough for me as a heavy user. The s8 is slower in terms of performance as well. Any opinions?

  20. I actually bought the 5T after watching this video (and many more of course to broaden my horizon) and man do I love this phone. I'd personally say the camera is better than the iPhone 7 I used to own and the Android experience on Oxygen OS has made me come back, and OnePlus solved the problems I had with Android the last time I used it. Great battery life, great standby time, great cameras, and now finally some better app support. If you're coming from an iPhone, this phone will absolutely blow you away. (Oh, and that Face Unlock feature for half the cost of an iPhone X? C'mon, no brainer)

  21. The software for camera is trash, shooting pictures like oil paintings. Oreo made it worse. They should really get their heads out of their asses and fix it.

  22. Please Help :
    i have an issue with Chromecast on One Plus 5 T …it disconnects and the delay between what's happening on my display and tv is huge before it crash… This happens even after Android Oreo update .(it works perfectly with my old HTC10)

  23. This just show you how Apple and Samsung all the other big phones company's is raping us on the over priced phones that they push down are throat my hat off to one +you have a new customer

  24. Any recommendations for Verizon users. Looking for a good android for phone. That won’t break the bank

  25. 00:03 NOKIA … in 2018, that would be NOKIA
    the Nokia 7+, at $450, ANDROID ONE, and snapdragon 845,
    a GORGEOUS 18:9 rounded corner screen,
    BADASS BLACK front along with SOLID METAL FRAME with rear fingerprint scanner,
    2 13MP cameras, one normal and ONE WIDE ANGLE (YEEEES), running GOOGLE's CAMERA (yes, that means exactly what you think it means : HDR+ and Portrait mode on rear and FFC, just like on the Pixel)

    there's NO WAY Oneplus can top that, face it, we both know the OP6 will cost $550

  26. I've been living with this phone since it launched, and it is nothing short but an amazing phone. It is easily the fastest android phone around. everything about it is just super responsive and fast, heck even their dash charging is the fastest around.
    There are few shortcomings but you can easily overlook them.

  27. …wish I could afford it! Using a Samsung galaxy J3 Prime… (DO NOT BUY! ITS COMPLETE SHIT) but it's all I could afford ugh!

  28. Im planning to buy this but when ive read the 5t forums, most of them complains paint chipping 😭😭 dissapointed..

  29. If the face unlock can't be fooled by photo or video, IT IS SECURE for most people. Not everyone uses NFC for Android pay. Sick of people saying face unlock isn't secure if they only say that for payments. Same with 3D face unlock like on the Mate 20 Pro & LG G8.

  30. You should of did a little bit more research. The OnePlus One wasn't an original design at all and the design was taken from the Oppo Find 7. The only OnePlus phone with a unique design was the OnePlus 2 but oddly enough everyone hated that phone because of its many shortcomings 😉

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