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Olive Oil Scandal- is it extra virgin or lamp oil? CC

Olive Oil Scandal- is it extra virgin or lamp oil? CC

Hi, it’s Parris from Epic Reviews the health channel, and I wanted to talk to you about olive oil. I’ve been cooking mostly with olive oil the past several years since I’ve found out about it’s health benefits, and some of less-than-beneficial effects of some of the other oils commonly used for cooking. Now, olive oil is more expensive than a lot of the other oils, and I forgot what brand we used to buy. But we had heard, we read somewhere online that you had to be careful buying olive oil to make sure it was extra virgin, and to make sure it was actually from olives in the country you thought you were buying from. There were lots of tricky things going on where companies would buy olives from a variety of countries and bring them in and turn them into olive oil, and then say, “Product of Italy,” or, “Product of Greece,” but actually the olives were from who knows where. So there are organizational seals you wanted to see on your olive oil, and then you could be fairly confident what you were getting was high quality and the real thing. This is the brand we settled on. We bought this for several years. This brand you may be familiar with. And we don’t usually have the olive oil like in a glass – I mean in a plate and dip bread in it, not so like you do at the Olive Garden. We just cook with it. So the, the food taste will hide an altitude of sins apparently with your olive oil. Now, this olive oil may be perfectly good. All I know is that in September of this year I was eating out at Which Wich and happened to see an issue of the The Austin Chronicle newspaper – sort of the alternative news newspaper here in Austin. And they were talking about the olive oil that you’re buying you may not be getting what you think, and about a study done at the University of California, Davis where they tested. They bough off the shelf a whole bunch of different variety of olive oil, tested to it see if it really was the extra virgin, if there were any other oils in it and so forth, and they found that 69 percents of the oils that they bought off the shelf at the supermarket were not exactly what they claimed to be. So even with our certification on the back of this brand and so forth it turns out this was one of the brands, the expensive olive oil that we’ve been buying. Thinking we were getting 100 percent virgin olive oil meeting all the European standards and criteria because of the marks, the certifications, on the bottle itself. It turns out that this was amongst the brands that they found that didn’t quite meet up to what they said that they were selling. Well, there is some of the oils were mixed with other types of oils – wasn’t even all olive oil. Some of them were from olives that had fallen on the ground. I forgot the name for it, but it’s the tree-fall olives, which they’re not supposed to be using in the top quality olive oil. And that in fact in Europe the oil made from the olives that have been laying on the ground, you know, like with apples you get insects in them and so forth. That’s considered lamp oil. It’s not supposed to be sold for people to consume. They found that type of oil also mixed in with the oils that were being sold at a very high premium extra virgin olive oil. So I was shocked by this because I assumed with the certifications that this company and this oil if I bought it in Europe would have to meet certain standards, that would meet the same standards in the United States. Well, it turns out the United States isn’t party to that organization that does the standardizations. So they can put whatever they want on the bottle basically when they’re sending it from Europe over to the United States and importing it. And the U.S. doesn’t have much in the way of regulations about it because their hasn’t been much of a domestic olive oil industry here in the United States, nobody to complain as it were. But now, people are starting to complain because there’s a growing domestic industry, and their not liking what’s happening with the imports from Europe. So it turns out that the oils imported from Europe can pretty much say whatever they want, but they don’t get inspected. They don’t have to substantiate their claims. And so you would think buying the, you know, “These olives have been made in Italy. These olives have been made in Greece,” kind of oil you’d be getting the best in the world. Turns out much to my surprise that if you buy olive oil which is actually made in the United States you’re much more likely to get real extra virgin olive oil and top- quality olive oil. One of the brands they mentioned in the article, which of course I immediately ran over to the supermarket to see if they had it in our supermarket is this Texas Olive Ranch. And they have a variety of flavors. They come in these bottles, and kind of expensive I thought. Well, of course I thought this was expensive. We’ve must have paid about $12.00 for this, I’m thinking $12.00 – $14.00 for 17 ounces. These bottles are 8 1/2 half ounces, so about half, and this about $9.00 for these bottles. So it seemed kind of expensive, but of course if I’m actually getting what I’m paying for it’s a much better value than saving a few dollars to get a bottle of who knows exactly what’s in it. So we’ve tried these. They’re very good, very tasty. Once I learned about all this of course I had to go and actually try dipping some bread in it and seeing. And I actually do – I really like this garlic one, this garlic flavored Texas Olive Ranch brand. I’m here in Texas, so they sell them at the local supermarkets. Fortunately for me they seem to sell then throughout most of Texas what I can tell on their website. If you live somewhere else, and now you realize oh my gosh, what have I been cooking with for these last number of years thinking it was extra virgin olive oil, and you want to try out domestic brand there’s a website for the Texas Olive Ranch, TexasOliveRanch.com. I’ll put a link down below here if you want to check that out. California also has a growing olive oil industry, and so they have some brands that were rated very highly in a recent consumer reports review. Consumer reports didn’t go in for the chemical analysis. I think they did more of the professional tasters. People who really know their stuff with olive oil And they actually did review this brand I think it came in as good to fair. And so I’m paying top dollar for this, and even the consumer reports is saying it’s got a little bit of an off odor and a little bit of acidity, and this sort. . . . And I thought I was buying one of the top olive oils I could get. So wanted to make you aware of that. Do your own research. You can go to The Austin Chronicle. Just go to Google search for Austin – well, no. I’ll just put a link down below to the Austin Chronicle article too. If you subscribe to Consumer Reports go check out what they have to say about olive oils, which brands they like, which ones actually do taste and according to their professional tasters have all of the characteristics you want in a fine olive oil. But basically I just want what I’m paying for, and I want it to be healthful. I don’t want to be paying for a more expensive oil, and then not even knowing what I’m getting in the bottle. So from now on it’s Texas Olive Ranch oils for me. And so check out the links below, and research this. But by all means continue to consume olive oil. It’s a great oil, very healthful. All kinds of health benefits for you. But, make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

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  1. Also its important to know that if you are doing high temp frying such as stir frying or re using the oil to cook often then there is no real health benefit to using olive oil as it will change into trans fat anyway.

  2. You wont ever be part of that body because you wouldn't be able to rip yourselves off with fake "Parmesan" or "Champagne". Thank your own food industry for lobbying against authentic food labelling.

  3. Dude ..try mine….portuguese olive oil…the best in the world…
    Garlic flavored olive oil ????? Simply smash but dont pell a garlic portion and fry it in a good local olive oil for 15 sec… enjoy… promote local and national products..the right way…. hanna expose the biggest food scam worlwide??? Talk about the chicken (skin) nuggets of the world biggest hamburger franchise if u have the balls…

  4. Heating olive oil does not turn it into a trans fat. However, it becomes less healthy when it reaches its smoke point. Every kind of oil has a specific temperature at which it begins to smoke. Olive oil is pretty good, between 365 and 400F. Actually, most restaurants use peanut oil for frying because it has a really high smoke point. 

  5. Sad reality is none of us know what we are getting for our dollar ,, " cold pressed, extra virgin, product of Italy " etc. etc. etc.
    The olive oil market is absolutely rotten to the core, multi million dollar market and as crooked as the Canadian Senate ! ( and that's really saying something ).
    I'm done, no way I'm paying $ 20.00 plus for three litres of evoo when I can buy oil that will do what I need oil for in the kitchen for a fraction of the price.
    In other word, in Canada for example millions of litres of olive oil are imported every year. The suppliers / producers are well aware that there is very little ( if any ) restrictions and actual testing regarding quality is rarely done.
    Three litres of " extra virgin " olive oil ,, the can costs more than the crap inside, and they put it on " special " for $ 18.99 the actual cost of the can and the oil averages $ 4.10. and this is for some of the better know brands ,,

  6. If you want original italian evoo search product with italian "DOP" “Protected Designation of Origin” certification. Cost more than super market oil, but consider that pick up olive in Italy, press olive oil in Italy have a cost.

  7. You did not teach the consumer how to check for olive oil .so what is this simply a commercial for oil company's .you get a nice F for that

  8. You did not teach the consumer how to check for olive oil .so what is this simply a commercial for oil company's .you get a nice F for that

  9. come on man!..your using olive oil infused with something else..now' how pure is the garlic..they use in it!…I suggest that everyone generate to a quality olive oil company in Calif.

  10. If you want quality EVOO from Italy..ck out this site…http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/..
    please stay away from infused Olive oil' if you want garlic in it..do it yourself!

  11. Come to see our website and our Dulcis in Fundo olive oil P.D.O. Riviera Ligure monocultivar Taggiasca and discover why we produce ONLY P.D.O. OLIVE OIL!!! we are a very small company and we produce only oil with OUR olives! http://www.oliodulcisinfundo.com/

  12. buy Moroccan olive oil it's 100% natural.. some Spanish companies buy Moroccan olive oil and mix it with cheep oils and re-export it as made in Spain.

  13. Have that exact bottle of cola vita here which will be returned later tonight,it is total crap ! No smell or taste ! Bland bitter ! Exchanging for California ranch olive oil

  14. Before crude oil was discovered each and every civilization used to use cooking oil or edible oil to burn lamps. So this is pseudo logic/science at its worst to discredit an oil because it was used as lamp oil in earlier days
    This the problem I have with that High Carb Raw food "guru" In India Sesame Oil is used as Lamp oil. The reason is because it does not let out toxic fumes when burned The only oil that does that. That means its the best oil to consume
    Sadly in India people now think of it as lamp oil and don't use it. Sesame oil is the most healthiest oil period. It should be the only oil one should consume while cooking and you can apply to your body douche ur vagina the list of its benefits are endless

  15. California Ranch extra virgin oil is bland crap as well ! No taste ! All this talk about this being good oil ? All these

  16. How about Monini Originale EVOO? Didn't see it mentioned anywhere on the link you provided or on the links they provided. When consumed, it does seem to have that  (pepperiness at the back of the throat) as they say. Which they say is good, but didn't see it on there.

  17. It's really simple, just PDO EVOO from Greece and you'll never any problems. Stay away from anything from Italy as it is almost adulterated trash. If you are well versed and really know olive oil then there is the rare high quality Italian oil if you can find. With all the things being equal though Greek olive oil is the best.

  18. Texas or any oil/clear bottle = cull it? I'm not yet an expert, but my research indicates that light penetration will have destroyed all that goodness by the time it gets to you, if it indeed was ever in it.

  19. olive oil being the best is a myth peanut oil is better and even healthier and tasty. I haven't tried olive oil so I don't kno the taste.. they don't promote peanut oil just bcos they don't have it..

  20. I buy my olive oil from a company called Fratelli Olio Carli, best had but can only by 6 or 12 bottle lots. This year they had Parmigiano Reggiano sadly only for 2 months. Bought some but haven't tried yet

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