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Oka Office Furniture – Zaventem

Oka Office Furniture – Zaventem

Today we are a guest at OKA in Zaventem. They sell office furniture for starting and established companies. Good office furniture is very important
because they ensure the well-being of employees, provided that the rules of ergonomics are followed and they also provide a certain image to the outside world. Must be functional, must give a certain image, which certainly ensures the return of the employees. Current trends are mainly the adjustable workplaces. In addition to the ergonomic office chair, it must also be possible to adjust the desk table, to work on it both sitting and standing. You can get that as an individual workplace but you can also get it in the form of a bench with a common leg set, but it still allows both worktops to be individually adjusted in height. New trends is also that people are looking for a homely atmosphere, both the bench furniture and the individual desks, standing tables, conference tables, with a wooden frame and that gives a warm feeling. You can either purchase your new installation from us or rent it or we now also have a new leasing formula. You do not have to immediately invest a large capital to purchase an ergonomic and new installation. The second benefit is the tax benefits associated with this formula. The advantage is that you can purchase the furniture for a small amount at the end of the term. Or that you can renew it.

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