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Office Furniture Recycling & Redistribution by GRRO (Green Reuse Recycling Organization)

Office Furniture Recycling & Redistribution by GRRO (Green Reuse Recycling Organization)

for over 50 years Wakefield Moving & Storage has provided companies with moving solutions for any size project. We make it seamless for you and your employees Six years ago, we realized a need for a recycling and redistribution program for surplus office furniture That’s why we built GRRO whether down the street, across the country, or overseas, GRRO is an international recycling and reuse program designed to repurpose your excess furniture GRRO not only provides your business with a redistribution solution to decrease your waste, but, working in tandem with our charitable partners, it provides families, both domestically and internationally, with that desk, couch, chair, or refrigerator to improve their quality of life. GRRO reduces your labor costs, provides you with an eco-friendly solution, and holds itself accountable with full summaries and sustainability reports that ensure each and every piece of furniture is repurposed You’ll have your own personal project manager to ensure your workflow is uninterrupted and that your redistribution plan is cost-effective, landfill-free, and successful at reusing every last piece of furniture. GRRO: Wakefield’s answer for sustainability for any move of any size. For more information or to get a quote go to GRROinternational.com

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