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this is a private outdoor solarium on
the 41st floor of an apartment on billionaires row and I am Ryan Serhant
from million dollar listing New York and sell it like Surya and we are about to
give you a tour of this twenty eight point five million dollar apartment in
Midtown so I’m back my friend Ryan Serhant who
is a real estate agent here in New York he’s yet I didn’t change so I can be
more like you in the last million-dollar apartments where people seem to really
like it I know what do you have for us today there’s something a little bit
bigger a little better a little bit crazier actually you know what show them
go straight up show up there this is apartment 41 D at 157 West 57th Street
it’s a duplex five bedrooms six bathrooms 4,600 square
feet interior 671 square feet exterior asking twenty-eight point five million
dollars so this is the entryway for you let’s start with kind of the most insane
part of this place because I can’t like show you a bathroom without taking you
outside all right so this is the main living room she called a great room in
an apartment like this this room alone is 43 feet long window to window so it
is the entire length of the building on this side of the building
and then if you look around this is what you pay for that’s a little park called
Central Park this living room is about the size of your kind of a standard
three bedroom rental apartment and that’s just this living room so you have
one living room here you have a sitting room yeah and then you have a dining
room at the end Ryan who would move into a place like this kings of Industry
right Queens of Industry you’re looking at some of the wealthiest people in the
world who all live in this building I mean case in point the two top
apartments in this building have sold to Michael Dell for a hundred million
dollars and to Bill Ackman and a Bosch friends for just over 90 million dollars
this is only 28 Neff so this is a steal if you’re worth
hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars like this is gonna be where you
come and you crash you hang out this is the solarium
huge ceilings glass all the way around because of the architecture of the
building that you have this jump and so this is a solarium so this is almost 700
square feet it’s indoor outdoor space because you can literally lay here and
get direct sunlight all day long because you have all of these windows and this
doesn’t exist this is really really hard to find you
look at any other building they don’t have these 432 part those straight up
111 West 57th go straight up every other building has terraces which we do too
but to have this type of ceiling with all of this glass to have this amazing
kind of indoor/outdoor space that on the 41st and 42nd floor on 57th Street uses
it’s crazy hello Central Park do you think anybody
heard me can you know can you kitchen roughly about half a million dollars so
this is the massive eat-in kitchen with separate breakfast area the lighting is
Catherine Newman the kitchen is I mean how many would be more than half a
million dollars honestly it’s probably closer to a million you had a whole meal
a package here Nespresso massive wine cooler this is a cool feature too right
so this way you never have to see barstools no say you have farms you only
that come out that blended is cabinetry so you can keep these out what you want
otherwise they slide back in and they look like cabinets if you’re
entertaining and then those are the two massive refrigerators open those up oh
no it’s not it’s over here nope just kidding’ though to double wides Wow
freezer drawers lots of cabinet space lots of storage space
that’s an amazing stovetop behind you there’s lots and lots of storage space
so people will cook or you go out to one of the most amazing restaurants in the
world because they happen to be at your doorstep on the main level here you have
one guest bedroom that we have set up as a home office could be just den maybe
this is where you put the TV a lot of people use that extra bedroom for that
space because they want that big formal great room to be exactly what we just
saw does just the formal great room no one touch anything so just an extra yeah
exactly those folks yes in the master suite you
see these little details that are carried
throughout like the lighting this paneling is on the ceilings and those
other rooms carries all the way up here just to keep it like warm you know to
kind of carry the story throughout the space if you’re spending over twenty
eight million dollars in our no carpets everything has to be perfect so this way
is the master side which is one of the coolest master bedrooms ever you’re
looking out at the park and this is what you wake up to thank you just waking up
mr. Eric would you like some coffee sometimes Ryan is saying all these facts
and I don’t really know what to say in response just because what he is saying
is so crazy and he knows so much like every detail he’s just so much
information so many facts and it’s just like do they know who I am
oh this is Mike we work together on production of lots of videos including
this one and is it just the bedroom so it’s a whole suite the master suite is
the same exact size as the living room downstairs and it’s just for two people
to sleep this walk-in closet is bananas that’s kind of Bruzzi back to my first
apartment in the city yeah I’ve seen that video you actually
saw that yeah I think it’s the same size at this whopping ball he’s probably
maybe it’s two of these this is nice because you have all this under lighting
that just highlights the clothes so that when you’re getting dressed in the
morning it’s as if you’re getting dressed in your own personal this is the
master bathroom a window into the shower which has a bench that has another
window looking at it all your billionaire friends know a lot of
bathrooms just have a wall yeah and then you have mirrors hanging they didn’t
want to encumber on any of the natural light or the forest ceilings glass so
you have floor-to-ceiling glass all the way around your master bathroom and it’s
big enough that you actually have everything built inside so we have these
hanging mirrors here with still lots of room for store and you can sit here if
you have a little bubble bath and you can look back and finish up that’s cool
did you have a little bit of glass here that goes out to the other toilet so you
can knock on the window and be like hey and then this one
because obviously we were using today you need to have a beautiful how much
would this bathroom up on us let’s say this is a hundred square feet the whole
apartment is asking 6200 a foot that means that this bathroom alone costs
just to buy it six hundred and twenty thousand dollars so this is guest
bedroom number two if we’re counting downstairs we got another bedroom over here this is
bedroom number three again the same high ceilings a lot of times in duplexes
you’re gonna find apartments work big ceilings in the lower level lower
ceilings on the upper level but work even by your average studio in the city
is 450 square feet ten studio apartments fit inside this apartment on average so
I mean if you’re new to this channel I don’t live in a place like this this is
a very rare piece and this is a bit better a little bit larger to this long
garden has the two windows and it also faces the park which is nice it’s the
only other bedroom in the apartment that faces the park man it’s a good room for
for anybody huge thank you for watching the video if you enjoyed it make sure to
leave a like comment down below more Ryan if you want to see more videos with
Ryan and I going and doing apartment tours and crazy places like this one if
you’re new here and you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe my channel
for more apartment tours and if you haven’t already go subscribe to Ryan’s
channel check out his videos show him some love and with that I will see you
in the next video

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  2. Erik you're 6' 4" and I was surprised that Ryan didn't look much shorter next to you. I thought Ryan was only 5' 8" but clearly he must be taller. BTW: Ryan is my favorite on his show.

  3. Ganz ehrlich, da buche ich mich lieber ins Room Mate Grace (45th street, N.Y.) ein und habe eine größeres Schlafzimmer mit einem cooleren Bad! (6:34) und kann auch super auf andere Wolkenkratzer gucken! und was noch viel cooler ist, ich laufe nen paar Meter und bin auf ner coolen rooftop-Bar (Irish Pub) und kann nen firecracker-salad essen und Leute gucken!

  4. This has a green house as well to grow all your greens to sell downstairs so you can pay for this place.What a bargain.Think about it.

  5. Who is the clown who's gonna watch this video knowing damn well that she doesn't even have a quarter in her pocket


  6. All my Friends moved to Brooklyn. We are from Hollywood and Los Angeles. I am from Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills and I grew up in a party house because my father was a famous musician. If I had money I'd move to Santa Cruz, CA. There are these beautiful parks and it's a highly stoner friendly place! Peace. Mike. Love these apartments though. I think I'd go nuts in NYC! HAHAH!

  7. Soo it beautiful but some day hav to left this world. Work to the present always keep your familly happy…. Soo am not impress. Thank

  8. Wish you both were a little more… professional like, place is nice. Do you know, Youtube: Dan Pena and Jim Rogers 🤔 and Josh Kim ?

  9. The only thing I don’t like is that kitchen, it’s so cramped and I’d get rid of some of the sitting room area to expand the kitchen. I like space in the kitchen and I’m also not a fan of the cabinets in there…but I also am a broke college student with like $100 to my name so who am I to talk? 😂😂😂 but if I had that kind of money I’d definitely swap one of the bedrooms for a kitchen… and to not feel like people are watching me while I use the toilet 😂😅 personal preference there

  10. It’s cool scrolling through comments a lot of people saying “I would buy (fill in blank) if I had 28 million” and that’s precisely why everyone is different everyone has different tastes, different preference, different usage, no one is wrong everyone is right because this is all a matter of OPINION

  11. my 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, with a grand kitchen, 3 staircase, finished basement, 3 floors, bball court and deck. for $700,000. this APARTMENT IS 30mil. :/

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  13. I'd ask to be able to spend a couple nights in there before inking a deal. Oh, and the furniture is staging stuff. With the kind of money we talking a bout here, I'd class up the joint. The furnishings in this video on the bedrooms should be apologized for. They resemble the full, bland, cheesy outdated Trump Tower hotel apartments.

  14. I'm thinking, if all I had was a lot of money, would they even let me in ?? Would you wanna live among billionaires who devour each other alive?

  15. When I rule the world, I'd consider this one, but my heart is still after the one that costs 16 million. I like light and being up high. I'll never even tour this kind of place. But thank you for showing it. I love this channel. At least someone gets to live here in heaven.

  16. Ryan is such a good real estate agent ,,hold on let me get my wallet Sold 😂😂😂 me & my dog will love it here

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