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Nubia Alpha: A “Wearable Smartphone” From An Alternate Future

Nubia Alpha: A “Wearable Smartphone” From An Alternate Future

– [Narrator] You’ve seen smartphones, you’ve seen smart watches. Well today at IFA 2018, I got to see well, something in between. (light music) Right away, I gotta fess up folks, this video is gonna be light on details. This thing is so early that
the people who built it, didn’t even let me touch it. Those people are the crew at Nubia, a technology company spun
off from ZTE a few years ago. That’s important because
it’s a legit manufacturer, which isn’t always
guaranteed at a trade show where vapor wear is as
common as actual products. If this thing, which is
called the Alpha, by the way had borne a brand I’d never heard of, I’d probably never would’ve
pointed a camera at it. Because while Nubia’s
press renders paint a rosy picture of a sleek benecit, the prototype on display had some rough edges. None the less, Nubia says it wants to get this thing on the
market by holiday 2018. So what have we got? Well a rent round oled
display, Nubia wouldn’t say who built it, but it’s
probably LG or Samsung. Featuring a heavily
customized build of Android, Nubia wouldn’t say which version. There’s a 4G radio inside so you can make and take calls with the embedded speaker. A camera, if you want to make
those calls in for video. A sensor, to tell it which way is up so you can wear it on either wrist, and of course, an LTE
modem for data surfing, so you can, I don’t know,
watch Instagram, TV. The demo loop on the
floor showcased much more common smart watch functions
like exercise timers, and music players, and the like. Which of course, begs the
question, why buy this instead of just a regular smart watch? Scanning the companies official release gets you a bunch of bluff
that doesn’t say much. And asking for more
concrete pricing details got me the same lack of answers. So what are we left with? Well not so much a product
that I’m dying to review in the sense that I’ll
tell you whether or not you should buy it. Honestly, I doubt I’d say you should. But you know, that’s not the only reason I do these videos. I mean, this, right
here is one of the great reasons to come out to a trade show. You get to see concept models, companies, saying, hey you know what, this might be crazy, but we
have the ability to build it. And we’re bored with
the status quo so here, maybe this is the future,
what do you think? And even though this particular vision of the future sort of fizzled when Samsung pitched it a few years back, and this seems more like a publicity play than anything else, well, I’m just glad there are companies
out there still willing to surprise us every now and then. This video was brought to you by thrifter, the new way to save money on everything on gadgets to home goods, by shopping based on the value, and not hype. Check out the latest
deals at thrifter.com, and tell them Mr Mobile sent you. (light music) What do you think of the newbie at Alpha, is this the future? Or should it be left in the past? Draw up a line in the
comments, let me know. And be sure you’re
subscribed to theMrMobile on YouTube in case I do
end up trying this thing out in the real world someday. Until next time, thanks for watching, and stay Mobile my friends.

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  1. These types of video aren't my favorite from you, I love the fact that you go more in depth in normal smartphone/laptop/smartwatch reviews. Still though you are putting a lot of effort in this event so I thank you for that 🙂

  2. That so called 'prototype' is probably just a curved display packaged in a watch enclosure, therefore they didn't let you touch it. I agree with that this is probably just more of a marketing stunt then anything else. In my opinion a wearable smartphone is a stupid idea anyways, do you see yourself having a phone conversation through your watch? Or watching a youtube video on it? Or what about texting? Seems stupid and unhandy. A smartwatch a very handy and good accessory if you have a smartphone, but a wearable smartphone is ridiculous imo.

  3. I think we’re looking at vapourware. Realistically, how many of these would they sell? Probably not many, certainly not enough to make a profit. Apple Watch dominates smart watches, and for good reason. Getting people to buy this instead of the proven Apple Watch is impossible.

  4. It's an unnatural position to hold your arm for a longer period of time to watch a screen on your wrist.
    Some things we will be able to do with a smartwatch, especially with voice command but others are not possible.

  5. This will be a failure that will never make it to the mainstream market. You just can tell unfortunately. Whole thing just looks like a marketing ploy to boost the company's image and get ppl talking about it. Don't think that thing even WORKS. Just a flexible screen displaying a demo video. Definitely NOT the future

  6. As a "gadget"-lover myself, One can only appreciate your reviews and previews about these is little technical Wonders. Even if you don't need them it's intriguing enough to at least check them out.

  7. If it's the future of smartphones then I bet there will be more iPad or android pad even win pad to be salt in the future. Or it's going to small the size of win devices like an iPad to work. Always something should be done with a big screen.

  8. This looks amazing, NOW I'm interested in a smartwatch! I don't want a tiny circular display. Why copy old design if you can explore new areas? You should give customers the things they don't have yet, not ask them what they want!

  9. It wont be comfortable have you ever used an apple watch for more then 30seconds it hurts your wris

  10. This is just another non starter. People are moving away from on the wrist computing because they much rather hold something than trying to swipe through something at an awkward angle. The Apple watch is about as close as people will come to wearing a computer and even then they don't wear it long. I see tons of Apple watches being sold on sights like Facebook and Letgo.

  11. This looks awesome! I'd be concerned about the battery life and how it feels on the wrist, but otherwise it's worth trying.

  12. I’m waiting on the smart tampon. I really want to be connected, plugged in and totally hands free. I think this will be the future.

  13. Big différence in voice quality ! Thrifter ad and the whole script of the video were totaly different… Amazing upgrade MrMobile.. Greetings ^^

  14. You sound different, like caffeine it's not strong enough to keep you awake. IFA though, and I love even the tired voice. 🇧🇷

  15. It really looks cool in flesh. Makes the Sony watch with the wrap around e-paper display look like it's from last century.

  16. Again if this device does everything my android smartphone does including google pay. Charges via USB type and costs no more than 200 dollars I would buy it. Otherwise I do not understand why all these companies want us to wear smart watches. If I am carrying a phone I don't need a watch. If I have a smart watch I should not need a phone. And since I have a phone why should I spend anymore than 200 dollars on this device? Wouldn't it be great if instead of taking a phone with me when I go out for the day I just take a watch and it is my phone.

  17. Meeh. Yes it is a cool concept/gadget but fundamentally unnecessary and limited by design. A possible smartwatch evolution. A smartphone is always with you and has much more capability, so it remains your mobile digital hub. Only smart-glasses can and probably will replace smartphones

  18. I hope this actually makes it to market. I was really amped for the Wove Band. But that turned out to be vaporware. This is exciting. I enjoy the exploration of form factors.

  19. It maybe part of the future, but if it were on sale here in the U. S. I would purchase one NOW.

  20. Hey Mr. Mobile I think this is a great piece of technology!!! It is way better looking than a boring and overdone smartphone. Let's face it smartphone are all alike and all try to out do each other well after they copy each others technology. Makeing the market very boring and in the end overly priced. I mean do we really need a 1k or 2k smartphone? This is a breath of fresh air and I hope it succeeds. I for one will buy one. JP

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