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Nokia 8 Sirocco: Solid Steel And A Beautiful Finnish

Nokia 8 Sirocco: Solid Steel And A Beautiful Finnish

– [Mr. Mobile] When I made a video about Nokia’s latest enduring
retrophone here in Barcelona, you all but shouted me
back to my editing booth to film the real Nokia
headliner of the show. So, fine. I’m Mr. Mobile and I went hands on with possibly the most
talked about phone of MWC, the Nokia 8 Sirocco. (upbeat music) I wanna thank Myriam Joire
over at the Mobile Tech Podcast for waking me up to the fact
that this isn’t the first time the name Sirocco has
graced a Nokia product. The only Nokia used the
brand on a super premium trim on the old 8800 over a decade ago, and it’s east to see some
parallels on the new version, mainly in the use of
stainless steel for the frame and this glossy black finish. Those good looks are backed up by IP67 dust and water resistance. Adding to the positives, this
phone ships with Android 1, like most of the new Nokia lineup, which means there’s no
bloat out of the box and it also means it’ll get
consistent software updates for two years and security
updates for three, at least that’s the promise. I spent about a day with the
phone running Android 8.0 and it didn’t have any of the hesitation or jitter I detected in the early builds of the standard Nokia 8 last year. Powering that experience
is a Snapdragon 835, not quite top of the line
but no slouch either, and an okay-sized battery, of which can be recharged
wirelessly if you’re fancy, and HMD has managed to leverage some of the old Nokia
relationships here, too. The new phone has a
Zeiss-branded dual camera system and a pro mode that
looks and works exactly like what I used on my
old Lumia Windows phones. Now that might come as a
surprise to some of you because there’s a common misconception that the new Nokia is some
kind of Chinese imposter looking to make a quick buck
on a storied brand name. Okay, well, first of all, HMD Global is headquartered in Finland
literally across the street from the old Nokia headquarters, and secondly the folks in chard at HMD are mostly ex-Nokia and
ex-Microsoft employees, and no I haven’t been
paid to say any of this, I’m just tired of the
same specious cynicism showing up in the comments
of every Nokia video I make. Moving on, this phone does
have a short fall, or three, that you should know about. The most disappointing to me is that the ergonomic focus
of the old 8800 Sirocco didn’t make it over to the 8 Sirocco. What I mean is that the fingerprint censor being almost flush with the back glass makes it tough to find by feel and same deal with the side keys. Just in general with its wide display and edges that taper to
just two millimeters, this phone is hard to hold. If you had any experience with
Samsung’s old Galaxy x6 Edge it feels a lot like that, while the severe curve to the cover glass leads to some substantial discoloration on the edges of this PO lit display. There are always costs
to placing aesthetics above usability but I feel
like other manufacturers have had more time to figure
this out than the new Nokia. Speaking of costs, the Nokia 8 Sirocco will make ya around 749 Euros lighter if you want to walk away with one. That doesn’t undercut the iPhone 8, which starts about 100 Euro higher, but it seems a little pricey for a phone with a last generation processor
launching in April of 2018. No plans for a US release, sadly, but if that changes you can bet I’ll be lining up to review this one. It’s just hard to resist the combination of pure Android, premium build, and a newly resurgent brand name. Even one with a history
as complicated as Nokia’s. This video was brought to you by Thrifter. Thrifter is a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to home goods by shopping based on value and not hype. Check out the latest deals at thrifter.com and tell ’em Mr. Mobile sent ya. Folks, follow me on Instagram @theMrMobile so you don’t miss all the
behind the scenes action that a show like Mobile
World Congress has to offer, and subscribe here on Youtube as well so you don’t miss more
videos just like this. Til next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends. (upbeat music)

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  1. Great news! Now that somebody else is using a stupid curved display so it's useless as a differentiation point (its only virtue), maybe Samsung will drop the idea and go back to a proper one!

    In the meantime, enjoy the awful glare on the sides.

  2. You talk about bang for buck smartphones often times and give it good attention aswell, yet you didn't make a video on Nokia 7 Plus which was the most appealing phone from Nokia yet.

  3. Definitely amazing this new Nokia 8 Sirocco! I am amazed with my Nokia 8 from last year! The simplicity reminds me of my Nexus 6 and Nexus 5. Of course the camera with the mono setting and the slow motion video are brilliant. Not forgetting that is less than 300£ today! therefore this new one in one year from now will much less expensive, bad though having the 835 chooser from the Nokia 8!

  4. God damm it at last a flagship product and you go and remove the headphone socket finger cross it’s back for the Nokia 9

  5. why doesn't any reviewer of the  iphone comment on the chinese  maker  foxconn …or has everyone forgotten that?

  6. Still waiting for full review of sirocco,,, plzzz mr Mobil,, u r called mr mobile for a reason.. waiting waiting waiting 🙁🙁😕😟😔😔

  7. Same old story. Nokia being shut out of the U.S. Market. Why the Networks don't want to market and sell them is obvious. They only want Samsung and Iphone to get the big bulk of sales. They also shut out Sony too.

  8. Unfortunately it's too small for me.
    I don't consider anything under 6 inches.

    Perhaps a Plus verion will grace our hands.

  9. I would never have left Nokia if they had gone Android back in the day… My HTC Desire was my first affair, and I have wished I could have avoided it ever since…

  10. Making phones with aesthetics-over usability in mind, is always a bad idea. But it's not only Nokia that's doing this.

  11. Really hope nokia make a comeback, that phone is goregous, would seriously consider when my contract with the s8+ ends

  12. I own the Nokia 7plus
    And it is every bit like the Nokia feel. No cheap Nokia and the fact that they went android one

  13. Doesn't have headphone jack, it has glass back, no changeable battery cover, no removable battery. fix these things and then it is perfect!

  14. Nokia should have gone with MeeGo and the N9 instead of canning it while they were under the control of a mole from Microsoft who was then in charge as CEO, Stephen Elop, who re-directed Nokia away from their own platform to Windows Phone, and we all know how that turned out… The share price crashed and Microsoft picked them up for cheap, how convenient.

    OVI Maps, 3rd party Apps, a beautiful design and buttonless swipe based interface all in place on the N9, truly it could have been the great alternative platform to iOS, instead it was hamstrung thrown away for Windows Lumia…

    And if they'd have gone with Android, they would have stolen Samsung's lunch

    If not for Stephen Elop and Microsoft we might have been looking at a very different mobile world.

  15. Nokia 8 sirocco has the front bezels of note 8 and screen has 81.2% screen to body ratio so I don't know how so many people and reviewers consider it as old design. I know that it has 16:9 ratio but nokia did well with screen to body ratio like what Huawei had did with mate 10 before which was better-looked than his brother mate 10 pro . People must be happy with this ratio because most off apps and videos are supported and the screen provides the same experience of thin bezels like note 8 without resorting to notch . The phone is really amazing and its performance is very snappy like all flagships of 2018 despite of having snapdragon 835 but nokia did a great combination to give you the best performance believe me and nokia did that because Android one program didn't support 845 chipset. People should know that numbers aren't every thing . I remember Xperia xz sony's flagship of 2016 had 3 gb ram but it was too fast and we also see pixel phones don't have the best hardware numbers and has single camera but they are the best in field of performance and photography.

  16. No headphone jack made me skip this
    It comes with 128gb memory so lack of SD card is ok
    But lack of headphone jack is disappointing
    Phone is gorgeous nonetheless and attracts

  17. Hey Micheal the nokia 8 Sirocco actually doesn't have OIS i wish it did though the camera would have been a lot better

  18. Buyed @ INR 49,999.00/- after 6 Month Price dropped to @ INR 36999.00/-. WITHOUT MICRO SD SLOT. LOSS OF @ INR 18,000.00/-

  19. Can you please unbox and review about the nokia X7/Nokia 8.1 and the new Nokia X71. Thanks! More power and more viewers. 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️👊👊👊

  20. 1:37 that drift when you say Zeiss like zzzZZaaaisss. Love it feels like super car passing by. I had already watched the video when you published but came here again to breathe artistic breeze of your video.

  21. Absolutely AWFUL handset. Everything is fine.. until you turn it on, and there's an dreadful blue cast. Utterly ruined it.

  22. they say it is IP67 waterresistent. Mine had a short dip in the water and stopped working well. Nokia didn't want to repair or replace it under guarantee because there was water inside….

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