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Nintendo FURNITURE??? — Mind Blow #15

Nintendo FURNITURE??? — Mind Blow #15

A real Zelda Tresure chest? And coming soon from 7-Eleven: two cups, one straw. Vsauce, Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. A few
years we were treated to a functioning NES controller coffee table. Well, here’s a brand new one with custom NES art and a place to store all your games.
Now you just need a place to store the controller, so… Here’s a NES console coffee table with a giant wireless controller inside. Want a more
interactive table? Check out this four-player pong table. For instructions
on how to build this, find the link below. Alright, enough with the coffee tables.
How about dancing robots? No? How about being a robot? This robot exoskeleton is an alternative
mobility solution for people with severe walking impairments. It can walk upstairs and even helps you
fight the alien queen. If you want technology in the opposite
direction, just sit in this connect powered chair. You control it with your hand motions and we’re on our way to WALL-E.
Hey, do you mind if I park my car in your house? Eh, no problem, just let me open it. There we go. Thanks. One innovation we
need is the public bathroom toe-pener. It’s a handle at the bottom of the
door, so you can open it with your foot. An innovation this lady needs is an
uncomfortable looking chair that she can fit in her pocket for some reason. And one mini weapon that I need is this tiny crossbow. It’s made of silver, gold and steel and can even shoot flare arrows.
This loopy drawing is a euthanasia coaster designed to send terminally ill people off in a final exhilarating ride to their doom.
Which is pretty morbid, right? Right. So here’s a
fan-made Megaman children’s book cover. It’s not exactly a car that runs on garbage, but here’s an RC car that uses soda can
tabs for fuel. The aluminium is mixed with sodium
hydroxide and water to create a small hydrogen fuel cell. And here’s how
to erase a CD with photonic induction Emperor Palpatine would be proud. Finally, here’s
a look at an epic new shooter from Cave. I’m gonna leave you with a riddle. “With pointed fangs it sits in wait. With piercing force it doles out be fate.
Over bloodless victims proclaiming its might. Eternally joining in a single bite.” What is it? Leave your answer in the comments below and
we’re going to do the genius of the week a little differently this time. It’s a number scavenger hunt.
There are 5 clues. Each clue leads to a number. Three clues are on this page.
One clue is at Facebook.com/VsauceGaming
and the final clue is in fact number three. Find all five and add up the numbers and
give us the total. Leave your answer in the comments below and
I’ll give you a hint for the one in fact number three.
Sodas rank. Good luck. And as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. pretty sure it's a stapler

    joining in a single bite
    no blood

    it's stationery/stationary. Waiting in might.

    shame it's 2016

  2. 2 cups 1 straw hahaha i was trying not to get that but i did and then the visual and…omg no! memories of the worst video ever made. Thanks

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