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Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

[Music] what’s up Ari bodies Joe from complex were in a layup flight club with global soccer superstar MAME are the windows bacillus coating me from the Francine let’s do some sneaker shopping today I get to see what he’s feeling what he’s not and then I’ll hope he’s gonna buy some sneakers so named art everyone knows you’ve got a Jordan five but growing up it was revealed that used to play soccer in Jordans even when no one was wearing Jordans to play soccer you used to wear them until they had holes in it was that true probably God okay such jung-hee when there’s enough to go on pretty nice quality a fun color wish my fellow clear on the bore axis down for you fish upon the wonderful demise was allocated over some understand would you say that at a young age you were always into sneakers saying most average is simply go study detainees difference and I have fun okay I’m Sarah parity my simply ponder in the food yummy spicy now returns comments intention talk about how it was going from someone who couldn’t afford any sneakers to actually getting your own shoe with Jordan such a legacy brand with the most iconic athlete of all time finishing to finish do you know something stud or for the film Dennis Miller water you know under me fall out an idea and I’m Michael Jordan of K they don’t mature listen up you actually got a chance to meet Jordan a lot of people have Jordans where Jordans not a lot of people get to meet him and one thing that I noticed through research is he actually was willing to take a selfie with you was there any hesitation from him with that no they’ve played open the window Quincy and Moon to Lynchburg Megan wins Lego and tell me super ang that for Mohammed righto the friends moments my feliz de la vida y the mangas pesos q3 me condo Quincy well let’s walk down here talk about some athletes who have their own signature shoe what are some of your favorite signature athlete shoes Lebanon which ones do you like out of these so you like more flashy sneakers is that fair to say yeah most energy fitting okay we saw you at the finals with Odell Beckham just signed to Nike a big deal what do you guys talk about at the game a change I think cantata on same pot rice and over sounds oh no no Quincy you on this day did you bring car Anissa and so buddy Peter 17 Jeff as if they were on the ranch apparently so my range over daughter what you need omoide you going mister mister mister Phyllis for next you have a unique sense of style what other athletes in the world you look for past or present as style icons mucus is she differential energy through the Meister than your always reverse from the little match I would share a chassis a gallery figure a shank Assad daily mihrab come on Go Daddy yeah we spoke about fashion and I want to talk about a shoe that you debut to the world okay if I say walk over here Neymar we’re in the expensive highly coveted section we have college tours all these special makeups what on this wall are some of your favorites yeah like the all-black you were the first one in the world I think to be photographed with these no savages it got them with this Academy Xena in the future got now your concern starting a solid 24k and still to show you know if is that I’ve been cutting the shadow covers over a maternity / era you know which hotel cheetahs are so they wait they didn’t want you to wear no probably found it’s time for any okay damn I thought it was something to dance how do you make those decisions is it a long decision every day what shoes you’re gonna wear do you just put on what you feel is comfortable or what no no like I hope I finish you call me fair enough one person I want to ask about someone who gets requested for this show someone who’s been on the cover of complex twice Justin Bieber you played soccer with him he’s a big fan of yours Howard his soccer skills no and if you’re over 77 sugar first of all there’s simply no book – lovely – he returned from Paris together no I should get Nadia pressure grab me Neymar over there you spoke about growing up in Brazil we’re in a crazy store with hundreds of styles what is the biggest difference between the sneaker seen in Brazil against the US Jessica kid thin finish finish hell I don’t they you’re wearing the vapor max is one of the most comfortable sneakers of the year talk about like the technology and how comfortable sneakers are getting nowadays especially on Vimeo and look at all these mice right Eddie movin in tennis mice levees comfort RVs in bonito squadron don’t you – Oh help on max K can go pre-fitted talk about some of your favorites you’re wearing the navy blue what other ones do you like cheetah under this comme des Garcons yeah the World Cup is basically a year away 2018 you’ve had some crazy cleats can you give us any hints of what you and Mikey are cooking up no internet me like a diseased mice and oh so I should get up oh no no we do hope you meant Adela Frankie the pasta I love is my school Furtado and I miss my squash there I might as well I’m going home first on the bra like a lucky bunny to tell you have a friend Messi who you play with what he’s signed to another brand is there any competition with the on-field fashion tennis now my – Oh tiara hence my comment on the Shakira Bonita gonna stretch a HTML comment and FAI Hinchey bring Kokua to zero water a Spanish television for Bain SFA’s now we talked about everything now is the easy part you get to browse the shelves see where you’re feeling and I’ll pick out some shoes fish will fit on watch let’s go [Music] your total is 18,000 620 people [Music] so as you guys could see Neymar came through new sneaker shopping record over $18,000 thanks for coming through man good luck with everything [Music] you

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