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New Orleans Architecture 101

New Orleans Architecture 101

Like everything else about New Orleans, the architecture here has a flavor all its own. There’s so many beautiful buildings that you can walk through any neighborhood and you’re only a few feet away from something fantastic. Like this! This is gorgeous. Let’s see what else we can find. Come on. Rather than one single style, there’s a mix of influences from all of the cultures that make up our city’s 300-year history. For instance, Creole cottages can be found in older parts of town like the French Quarter and Treme. Look for things like dormer windows, the distinctive roof, and construction right up to the sidewalk. Townhouses are more common where you’ve got a little more space, like the Garden District or along Esplanade. These buildings are usually 2-3 stories high with big galleries and verandas. Now, if you’re looking for more than just walking yourself around, there historical tours that are offered in most of these neighborhoods, and organizations like the Preservation Resource Center that can take you more in depth. With so much to see all over the city, this streetcar is definitely your friend. The St. Charles streetcar line is an especially great idea for an architecture tour. Give your legs a break, and watch the big mansions roll by out the window. One more distinctive New Orleans style is the Shotgun. You can find shotgun houses all over the city. Now Shotguns are kind of like railroad apartment with walkthrough rooms. The story is you can shoot a shotgun from the front door and it goes all the way through to the back without hitting any walls. These can be singles or doubles and sometimes have a second story on the back half of the building called a camelback. Within all these different styles there are some consistent features that just feel like New Orleans. Look out for wrought iron fences and railings, details in the gables, tall windows with heavy shutters, and of course bright colors. Mix and match all of those things and you get a city overflowing with beautiful buildings of all shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure: you can’t mistake it for any place else. For GONOLATV, I’m Fresh Johnson. Until next time.

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  1. Great video. Visitors to New Orleans are so impressed with the city's distinctive architecture.

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