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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

(music) As long as there have been humans, the
marine world which covers two-thirds of the earth has connected them. It transports 90% of the world’s freight, feeds three and a half billion people,
defines the world’s borders, fuels our industries and our imaginations. The sea is challenging because you have the waves, you have to wind, you have the current and you also have floating ice, just to throw that on top of it. Our graduates understand this because they have the training, not just academically,
but also hands-on training because we have the facilities. With a program that
has dominated its field for more than a century, University of Michigan Naval
Architecture and Marine Engineering is giving engineers the system based tools
the world increasingly demands. It just absolutely blew my mind when I came here. The people who graduate from this department form a global community and
how many opportunities and things that you learn because the community is so
tight-knit. You have people in robotics, you have people working on architecture,
you have people working in biological sciences. All of these different fields
come together and make the department what it is today. One of the things that
really excites me about the NAME Department is how forward looking it has
been, how all the technologies across a wide variety of fields can be applied to
this discipline. Update it, improve it and make it more exciting. In ship design, defense, energy and automotive, aerospace NAME Engineers are leading the way
toward a safer, stronger, more prosperous future. We have a leadership role in the
marine domain so for the last five Chief Naval Architects, the highest-ranking
engineer in the US Navy, are Michigan Alumni. The Navy wants grad students and PhD
students from this program. They need new ideas to solve problems that there
aren’t solutions to right now. I’ve gone to a professor to ask a question
and when he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll say let’s go ask so-and-so and
you’ll walk down the hall with them to ask another professor and eventually
there’s three or four professors in one room trying to figure out the answer. Our program is small enough to provide individual attention at a university
large enough to provide unmatched collaboration, resources and expertise. I love doing hands-on experiments. I didn’t want to be sitting at a desk for the rest
of my career. I chose to work under the NAME Department because I had a passion for underwater exploration and just learning more about our environment
in our world. If you want an exciting degree where you can have opportunities to travel, to work and to work in technologies that you know are going to
have an impact, there’s no matter place than the NAME
Department. The nation depends on naval architecture and marine engineers to keep it secure. The world depends on us to protect the planets largest and most mysterious wilderness. With a NAME degree, there’s always more to discover, room to grow, space to soar. Are you ready to make a difference in the biggest lab on earth?

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  2. What kind of opportunity you provide to those students of abroad want to do M.Sc in this subject.
    As an undergraduate student of BUET Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering in Bangladesh what kind of opportunity you provide?

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