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Naturalight Lamps

Naturalight Lamps

(♪♪♪) We know in today’s economy
consumers are always looking for a value. Naturalight by Daylight
gives the beginner to student, or anyone looking for
full spectrum light source at a value price,
that option. Naturalight features
a variety of lamps that are priced competitively and feature
full spectrum lighting. All Naturalight products
feature energy saving tubes and bulbs that use up to
80% less energy than traditional lightbulbs, 100% recycled cardboard
on all its packaging, we incorporate
natural materials wherever possible, and are made to
the strictest environmental
friendly standards. The Naturalight products
I have assembled here include our Compact Lamp, which has an instant
on and off switch, our Table Magnifying Lamp, which has a
3 and a 5 diopter lens, our 5 Inch
Full Sized Magnifier with a 3 and a 5 diopter lens, our Hobby Table Lamp, and our Hobby Floor Lamp, so if you’re looking for
a light that is affordable and functional, Naturalight is the answer. For more information
on these products, please visit
the Blick website. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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