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My Houzz: Tony Hawk’s Surprise Renovation

My Houzz: Tony Hawk’s Surprise Renovation

[rock music]– To me, a home means family.It’s surrounding yourself
with people you trust. I mean, it’s a sense
of belonging. The people in my family
are the most important to me.They’re the ones that I
look for guidance from.They believe in me,
and I believe in them.I’m Tony Hawk,
and this is “My Houzz.”[upbeat rock music]♪ ♪My best friend growing up
was Ray.He and I skated together
through the ’80s and ’90s.We did a lot of demos,
and we just shared the samesensibilities, the same ideals,same sense of humor.I think it was 1989.We were in our late teens,
early 20s,and Ray and I were on
a Bones Brigade skate tour. And I will never forget
seeing Kerry see Ray next to me,
and they did not stop looking at each other
the rest of the night.I mean, pretty much
for years afterwards.You know, it was truly likeI got to witness
love at first sight.Kerry married Ray and had
two kids, Keaton and Olivia.Everything was going well.
We both had families.We both were starting
the next chapter in our lives.I mean, it was devastating.We were completely shocked
to find outthat he had this rare form
of cancer.He tried to go
through all the treatmentsand ended up losing the battle
and died of brain cancer.[somber music]When Ray died, I vowed to help them
however I can.I’m officially Keaton
and Olivia’s godfather,and I’m still very much
in their lives.I have a very strong
relationship with Kerry.We’re very close.So a few years after Ray died, Kerry started dating again,
and she met Bradand eventually married Brad.And Brad’s awesome.
He’s a solid dude.He embraced the
responsibilities before him. That’s a lot of pressure,
you know, and I’m thankful. I’m thankful that they met. I’m thankful that Brad has taken that responsibility
upon himself and also that he’s respectful
of Ray’s legacy. Brad and Kerry
ended up having Scarlett,which was a total shock
to everyone,but I’m so happy for Kerrythat she got to experience
love again.I’m giving this renovation tomy good friend Kerry
and her family.Brad and Kerry’s house,it’s kind of stuck
in a time warpin terms of furniture
and aesthetically.Their kitchen tends to be
where everyone hangs out.It could be more functional.The family room is kind ofsecluded from the rest
of the house,so it doesn’t get used as much
as it should or at all.The bathroom is
like a hallway cave.Olivia doesn’t like
taking showers in it’cause it’s so dark.It’s kind of scary.Doesn’t work functionally
in their house,especially with having
three girls now.[rock music]‘Cause I’m in San Diego
and Kerry and the familylive in
Wilmington, North Carolina,I turned to Houzz
for the project.Houzz is a hub for home design
and construction.All the way
to building materialsto furniture to aestheticsto accessories,
it’s all right there.I went on Houzz,
and I went to find a proin the Wilmington area
for a designer and builderand until I came upon PBC.PBC Design and Build stood out
because of the rating firstlybut also their portfolio
of their past workon Houzz was very impressive.I picked up the phone,
I called PBC Design, and I talked
to David and Chrissy.I really like their ideas,
I like their thoughtson the project,
and I liked his passion for it.And I invited them
into San Diegoso we could really get
into the minutia of it.♪ ♪– Hey, I’m Dave.– Hi, how are you?
– Good.– I want to tell you
how excited I am to get to do this kind of thing
for Kerry and the family. – We’ll thrilled to be
part of the project, and it’s really a cool
opportunity for us too.We went to Kerry’s house and
saw what we’re working with.One of the cool things
about the house is,she has all these great
pieces and details.– If anyone defineswhat sentimental value means,
it would be Kerry.There are things that are
very much associated with Ray.The iconic cross that was
his first skateboard graphic.But I would think that there’s
a way to subtly honor Rayand that doesn’t overshadow
the entire household. – Got it.
– Her taste is pretty specific. – Sure.
– And it might be a little bitmore old-fashioned
than what I’m used to.Not country, but more
like a lodge feel.– Sure.
– And so I want to staytrue to that for her,
but at the same time, I feel like I want
to keep things more modern and functional. – Yeah, yeah.
– Functional. – Kerry is very concerned
with keeping the same feeland keeping a lot
of the same elements,and I think that we can
highlight a lot of the thingsthat she feels
are so important. – It’s a small house.
– Yeah. – And I was shocked
that about almost 1/4 of the housewasn’t being utilized.– Because her place
is pretty dark.– But after being to the house,
I think that dark feeling, is ’cause it’s very walled off
from the kitchen. – Yeah.
– I started this idea book that we could collaborate on to see some of the inspiration
for the new space.– An idea book is a place
where you can sharephotos, design concepts,and anything that is
inspiring to your spacewith other people that
are involved in the project.– Right now, the cabinets
are very dark.We’re thinking gray cabinets
to kind of brighten up that wood…
– That looks great. – But still incorporating
the elements. So while I know this is
a little more your aesthetic, a little more contemporary…
– Yeah. – What I did like about this was the industrial-looking
faucet. I like the black matte finish.
– Oh, yeah, that’s great. – So they’ve got
this great farm table that they built
out of barn wood.It’s 8 foot long.
It’s the heart of the kitchen.– That’s where everyone
sits around.– It’s definitely a piece
we want to keep. – Anything that is repurposed
that she already has is all the better.
– Awesome. This was a light fixture
that I was thinking about using in the dining room. The length of it,
I think it really accentuates, but it’s nice
and light and airy. Do you like that?
– That’s cool. Yeah, very much. – What’s great about Houzz
is this little tag. If you see that,
you can tap on it, and it brings up
the visual match. – Oh, wow. Oh, I see. – And this one has
a little more of the gunmetal, but still that same feeling.
– Mm-hmm. That’s very cool. – Let’s buy it.
– Okay. – What we liked
about this picture was a lot
of the wood themes. I wanted to make it
nice and cozy. I was thinking about painting
a lot of the walls white to just kind of give them
a nice, neutral background. – Yeah, that’s very cool.
That’s what I love. I love how it definitely
has that earthy feel. But it is bright, and I think
that’s really what’s missing. I think if she saw
that picture right now, she’d start crying.
– Yeah. – Aw.
– She’s gonna love that. – I was searching on Houzz,
and I found this floor tile which I thought
was perfect for the bathroom. And it almost had a little
resemblance of a cross in it in a very subtle way. – That is very Kerry. [laughter]
I’m having déjà vu ’cause I’m pretty sure my wife
looked at that exact tile. Yeah, that’s very cool. – We’ll just add it
to our cart, and we’re ready to go. – Magic. In the living room, we’re
gonna protect that hearthand the wood-burning
fireplace.– Yeah.
– But what I want to do is, I’d like you to come to town.
I can see the space. I want you to see how it is
now and then our ideasto repurpose that space.
– Okay.Well, hey, I’d love to visit,
and I’m super excited to see what’s possible. – We’ll demo
while you’re there. – I have mixed feelings about
demolishing Kerry’s house. I know it’s for
the greater good, so it’s okay. – We can put it back together,
I promise. – [laughing]
Okay, sounds good. – At what point do I
go ahead and geek out about the fact that I’m
sitting with Tony Hawk, my teenage ideal.
– Oh, thank you. – Should we talk
about that? Should we talk about
Mount Trashmore ’85, which you signed
the skate park shirts, and you were really
cool to sign it. – [laughs]
– But I’m, uh–I… – It’s very cool you were there ’cause that was like
an iconic moment of skating in the ’80s
for sure. – It was a big part
of my youth. – Oh, well, thank you.
– That’s all the geeking out I’ll do.
– [laughs][upbeat rock music]♪ ♪– Whoo! – Thank you.
No really, thank you so much. – We’re excited. – Yeah. – [laughing]
– I can’t believe… – Yeah, yeah. – Sure. – Whoo![rock music][rain pattering]– So today we’re meeting Tony,and we’re gonna go through
the house, hear his ideas. And kind of explain
to him in real lifewhat we’re gonna be doing.♪ ♪– I can’t wait to surprise Kerry and Brad and the kids.
– Yeah, sure. – And I love your guys’ ideas,
but I’d love to go through them here since we’re actually here. – So one of the things is
opening up these two spaces. We’re gonna take part
of the pantry out, open the wall all the way
over to the fireplace. So not only is the kitchen
gonna get bigger; the entire space
will feel more open. – Um, I am a little bit
concerned with opening so much out
that it would feel more stark. – Yeah, no, we’re still
really gonna bring in a lot of those warm elements with a cozy couch,
some pillows, keeping the fireplace,
you know. That really kind of
brings that warmth. – Yeah, that’ll probably–
that’ll be literal warmth.
– Literal warmth, yes. [laughter] You had a concern about the kitchen being
a little dark as well, and I think that’s really gonna
brighten up the space. – Yeah, I didn’t really think
about that, ’cause so much light
is let in on this side. Sounds good. – So in the hallway
there’s that closet, that’s not being used.
– Mm-hmm. – We’re gonna give a part
of that to the bathroom, just repurposing
the whole thing. – Oh, yeah, ’cause it’s not used at all.
– Right. – We’re gonna repurpose
the barn doors and use them to hide the TV. So we’re actually gonna recess
them to the wall a little bit. – That’s great. – You want to check out
the kitchen now? – Yes.
– Awesome. First thing we’re gonna do
in here is rework the layout. Since this wall’s going away,
we’re gonna move the fridge over this corner and take
this back from the closet. – Just lucky that that space
is available for the fridge. both: Yeah.
– Oh, that’s exciting. It will just be
more welcoming. – Oh, yeah, definitely.
– Yeah. So let’s talk
about this bathroom. – With the closet leaving,
I think we’re gonna gain all of this space here. – I’m wondering,
when it does get bigger, will there be light in it? – So there’ll actually
be light in there. We’re gonna do
a whole glass door. – I guess my pet peeve
of this toilet scenario is that there’s like a peep
show happening in this window. – [laughing] – Let’s get out of it as is. – [laughing] Yeah. – Cool, well, uh, this is exciting.
both: Yeah. – I can’t believe this
is gonna start happening.We’ve gone through
the whole place,and I think the design
looks great.I guess it’s time
to start the demo. [birds chirping and trilling][mellow rock music]– Today’s demo day,
and we aregoing to tear apart
this house.You wear one
of these every day at work. – Yeah, looks just like
my skate helmet. – It does, yeah. Ah, that looks good on you. You ready to go? – Yes, I’m ready. [bang]
– All right.♪ ♪You’re not hitting it
hard enough. – Oh, is that what it is? – Put your shoulder
into it.♪ ♪Oh! [laughing]
– Okay, I’m over the tools.♪ ♪– Oh!♪ ♪[laughing]
That’s awesome. Dude.[rock music]♪ ♪♪ ♪[upbeat rock music][mechanical whirring]♪ ♪– Oh, wow.
– Don’t these look great? – Oh, my gosh, I love it.
– I love the barn doors. – And the mantel’s in too. – Yeah, that turned out
really, really well, yes. – What are you doing?
What are you working on? – I’ve been on Houzz,
and so I found some stools to kind of update Kerry
and Brad’s unique farm table. – Okay.
– I think we’re gonna use two different types.
– All right. – So we can use the
View in My Room 3D tool. – Okay.
– And we can actually virtually see them here
next to the table. – That is insane. – So we find the floor.
– Right. – Tap on it.
– Oh, my gosh. – Yeah, isn’t that cool?
– Ah, cool. – We can move it
right next to our table and spin it around.
– Oh, yeah. Got it. – And there you go. Isn’t that gonna look great?
– That’s gonna look awesome. – Then we’ll put it
in the shopping cart. both: Great. – Yeah, so we’re gonna take
a picture of this and send it to Tony
and see what he thinks. – All right.
– Cool. – Today I’m going to video chat
with Chrissy and Dave to see what the progress is. – Oh, what’s going on?
– Hey! – How you doing?
– Hello, hello.– Yeah, where are you?
– I’m in San Diego.– Did you get my picture
from before? With the bar stools?– Yeah, it looks awesome.– So we got two of the stools
that I texted you, and then we’re adding four more
blue stools that are similar but will add
a little variation.– Oh, okay, great.
– Well, check out the house. Come on, let’s go for a tour.
– Awesome.– All right, so check this out. These are the doors
we grabbed and pulled over
from the hallway.– Oh, wow, that’s super cool.
– Yeah. This is where the TV goes. Chrissy’s gonna paint
the back of it, but you got some shelves here.– Is that for their VHS tapes?– Sure, like your famous
Bones Brigade video. Put it right here.
– [laughing] Yeah, exactly.– So this is
a huge change in here.– [laughing] Oh, wow.
– Look at all this space.– Are you sure you didn’t add
another room to that?– What do you think
about our statement tile?– Yeah, that looks great.– This is gonna be
so much brighter.– I can tell
how bright it is already.– I found somebody
to frost the windows, so you’re not gonna have
a peep show. [all laughing] Back in the kitchen. So I’ve got
a design question for you. So I know you said
you love subway tile. So usually we just
take the tile up to the bottom
of the cabinets. We were thinking it would
really be stunning to take it all the way
up to the ceiling.– Oh, yeah, perfect.
It looks incredible.I mean, I can see
a huge difference already,and it’s much lighter.
It’s much more functional.I’m so excited for them.Thank you for putting
all this effort into it.So when are you guys
gonna come do my house?– Any time you’re ready. [laughing]
Start shopping. We’ll see you in a few weeks?
– I will see you guys soon.– See you soon. Bye.
– All right.– I was surprised
at how far it had come,and I felt like
it was something they’re going to be
very proud of.[rock music]♪ ♪So I’m back in Wilmington.The project’s almost done,and I’m going to the house
to meet Chrissyto put the finishing touches
on everything.I am so happy.Today I finally get
to show Kerrywhat we’ve been working on.Oh, wow.
This is awesome. Oh, my God,
they’re gonna freak out. Hi.
– Hey, how are you? – Hi. Good. How are you?
– Good to see you. – It’s a different house.
– Oh, yeah. – I had no idea how much the
wall would affect everything. It’s light,
and it’s beautiful. It looks amazing; it looks
way beyond anything I imagined. – Let me show you
the kitchen. – It looks modern, but it still
has that rustic vibe. – Oh, yeah. We wanted it to fit
with the rest of the house. – Oh, I think Kerry’s
gonna love it. It does feel very homey
and very much her but more functional. – Great.
– Wow, look at this. – These are the chairs
we picked from Houzz. – Yeah, they’re perfect. And this is
Brad’s original table. – Yeah, doesn’t it–it feels
so much bigger in here now too. – Probably the most important
thing to me was to keep the aesthetics
and the vibe of Brad and Kerry,you know, to make it
still feel like their home,and I feel like we did that
very well.– Are you ready
to move things? – Uh, sure, yeah. – Can you put these
on the kitchen table? – Sure.[upbeat music]– There you go. We’ll zhuzh them up.
– Stack them up like that? Zhuzh ’em up?
Is that what you do? – Zhuzh ’em up.
– Do we need to zhuzh these up? – [laughs]♪ ♪– It’s like a poofed cube?
– Yes. There we go.♪ ♪So I think we’ve got
everything, but I have one more thing
I need you to do. – Okay.
– Can you write them a little message?♪ ♪So I think we’re all set.
You got it from here? – I think so.
I can’t thank you enough. This is really so amazing.
– Oh, no problem. Thanks. I can’t wait to hear
what she thinks. – Thank you. Okay.
– I’ll see you later. – Come on, Bubba.
Come on, come on. Boy.Tony’s Uncle Tony.He’s been there from day one,and he’s been
a blessing in my life.It’s been a few weeks
of, uh, feeling overwhelmed,you know, kind of putting it
in Tony’s hands.So I trusted him completely.– Welcome home.[bright piano music]both: Hi. – How are you?♪ ♪You have to close
your eyes, though. – Okay.
– Okay? – Yep. Okay.
– Ready? Keep ’em closed.– I’m kind of nervous
showing it to Kerry.I’m mostly excited.I hope Kerry likes it as much
as I imagine she will. Here we go up stair.
– Okay. – Okay, are you ready? – Oh, I’m really nervous. [chuckles] – Open your eyes. – [gasps] Oh, my goodness.[pleasant orchestral music]♪ ♪– Do you like it? – [crying]
Oh, my goodness. I love it.
– [chuckles] – And the wall… it’s gone.
– Yeah. – It’s like one big space that we can all enjoy.
– That’s the idea. Exactly.
– I never would have thought to opening that up.
I love that. – A room that will
actually get used. – That was the biggest thing. No one would go
in the living room. It’s beautiful.
– I’m glad you like it. – It’s perfect. I love it.
– [chuckles] Tried to save all
of your favorite stuff. – Oh, my goodness.
I love it, my doors. – Chrissy did that, yeah.
– I’m so glad. This was the back
of Olivia’s closet. – Yes.
– And the old wood. Like the look is the same.
– Mm-hmm. – I cannot believe
the transformation, but yet it still feels
like my home. – Okay, let’s look
at the kitchen. – [whispers] Wow.
[gasps] [giggling] – And everything’s functional. – [voice breaking] Perfect. – [chuckles] This closet was removed. So the fridge moved here. – Oh, I love the fridge there. – It keeps the kitchen
all in one area as well. – Yeah.
– Right? – Can I feel the counter?
[gasps] I love the gray and, oh, my goodness,
love the tile too. – She loves it,
so mission accomplished. But I think she loves it more
than I really imagined. We kept your table. With new chairs.
– Love those. Love it.
– New chandelier.– That’s what I always wanted,was more of a gathering space, and Tony really captured that. Wow.
– Would you like to see the girls’ bathroom? – I’m good in here.
There’s more? – Okay, here we go.
– There’s more? Oh, my gosh.
– There’s more. – [gasps] – There’s lots of room
in here now. And Scarlett has a booster. – Oh, my gosh. – [chuckles]
– [gasps] It’s perfect. Oh, my gosh.
– I like it very much. – Scarlett, yes. [gasps] Oh, it’s gorgeous. And the shower is amazing.
– It’s cool. – Olivia is going to freak out
when she sees this. It was so dark
and crowded before that the girls
didn’t share the bathroom. And now using that
closet space in the hall, it’s opened up so much more. Now they both
can use that space. – Look at.
This is your living room. You actually are sitting
in your living room for once. – I love it, and I can see
in the kitchen. I can’t believe
how big it looks. And I love that you took the style of our home and intertwined it
with all the new things. – I’ll take full credit
for that. – Okay.
[laughs] – [laughing]
Not really. – I can’t wait for the kids to see it.
– Oh, yeah. I think Kerry didn’t want
to get too emotional.I know in my heart
that she was deeply moved,and I love this family.And I’m so thankful
to be a part of it. – [chuckles]
– Hi. – Hi.
– Welcome home. – Oh, my goodness. – Do you love it?
– I love it. – Isn’t it beautiful?
– I love it. When I first walked
in the door, I was so excited. It’s awesome.
[chuckles] It looks completely different.
It’s amazing. – Isn’t it beautiful?
– Yes. – Wow.
This is super cool.It’s definitely gonna redefine
how we spend time together.– Look at the sink,
Scarlett. You could help
wash dishes. [laughter] [both gasp and laugh] – Oh, my goodness. It’s, like, perfect.
– This is huge. – The bathroom
is my favorite part. – Look.
Your little bench is here, and then you can push it under. – Scarlett, no one can
see you from outside. [laughter]
– Finally. – High-five on that one.
That’s my favorite part.– When I used
to walk in there,it would be black. Like I wouldn’t see
that much stuff. But I like it now because
there’s more light in there. – You won’t have to worry
about it being dark. – Oh, it’s amazing.
– That’s so great. – Beautiful.
– Wow. – Chrissy and Dave nailed it. They are really the reason that
this came together so well. As much as I’d like
to take full credit for this, I can’t. So I want
to introduce you to the people who really should
be taking all the credit, Chrissy and Dave.
both: Hi. – Everybody okay? [laughing]
– We love it, absolutely. It’s beautiful. I love that you
took the time and the care to make it feel like us. Do you love it, babe?
– I do. You guys did a excellent job of pulling both rooms together and making ’em look like
it’s not two separate spaces. both: Thank you very much. – Yeah, everybody.
– Thank you for everything, everyone for doing this
for us, and Tony.– Tony is one
of the most generousand kind people that I know.And seeing how far he goes
for our familyand knowing that he’s
always got us on his mindis a wonderful
and amazing thing. – Well, I’d like
to propose a toast, Kerry and Brad for trusting us
with this project. – Yeah.
– For letting us destroy Brad’s house and
put it back together. But it was
a big honor for me to be able
to give this to you. I hope you guys like it. Cheers.
– We love it. all: Cheers. – I just want to thank Tony
for doing this for us.Now we have a touch of him
in our home too,which makes me happy,
because he’s family. – There were a few beams
still stuck in there, so I karate kicked them apart and got a little carried away. [laughter] – Yeah?
– In the destruction process. But it was fun. Isn’t it awesome?
– Yeah, I love it. It’s–it’s beautiful. It’s stunning. I can’t stop looking at it. I love how it turned out.

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  24. Tony Hawk is gold. Ive watched him sign autogrpahs at Kona in the rain for hours… TWICE. The guy is the best. We couldnt have anyone better leading the way. Hawk for President.

  25. My favorite just because of the relationship! He’s such a great brother in law and you can see how much he still loves her! ❤️ even though she’s remarried he’s still taking care of her! I just love it so much

  26. Tony hawk is a legend, doesn’t care about money and material objects and never has. He’s all about people and friends and family. Legit ass dude.

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