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My Favorite Things To Style Your Home

My Favorite Things To Style Your Home

– So, whether you’re staging your home to get it ready to sell, you’re hosting some out of town guests, or you just want to mix
up the style in your room, here are a few of my favorite
things to style your home. (upbeat music) So, when my home stager
and I are staging a home, we always look for a few staple items to repurpose throughout the
home in order to make it look a little bit more finished
and a little bit more polished and I will say that you
don’t have to use these tips only for staging your home for sale, this could apply if you’re hosting family from out of town for the holidays or if you just want to mix
up your style a little bit, use these staple items to help just make your room look a
little bit more polished. So, the first item is live or faux plants. I love greenery, I love flowers, and I think they just
add something to a room. My favorite of all time is hydrangeas. I love peonies. If you bring in some fresh
flowers into the kitchen, onto your island, or on your countertop, it just freshens up the room. You can put a couple blooms
next to your bedside table. It just really adds something
special to your room. And greenery, if you put a
snake plant in the corner or if you put a spider plant somewhere, it adds some dimension, it adds some life, I mean, it actually
does purify the air too, so, I mean it doesn’t hurt, but those can really add
some dimension to the room. So, live or faux plants are
definitely a go to of mine and you can get little
faux plants at TJ Maxx or at Home Goods for just a few dollars and spider plants and snakes plants are actually really low maintenance and they don’t need a ton of light, so if you’re afraid of the possibility of taking care of a plant, those are low maintenance
options to start with. The second go to item, the staple item that we
find ourselves using a lot in home staging are fabrics and textiles. So, every room needs
a little bit of warmth and a little bit of texture and those fabrics can
really help you do that and it could come in a variety of ways. You could take a velvet
or or a burlap runner and run it down the center
of your dining room table. You could add a cozy throw
blanket at the foot of your bed. You could do floor to ceiling drapes that really frame your window or maybe add a jute rug to kind of warm up the room a little bit. Like I said, every room needs
just a little bit of texture and warmth and your fabrics and textiles are going to allow you to do that. So, the third go to item that
we find ourselves using a lot are just small groups of accessories. So, the next time you’re on social media, or the next time you’re looking
through a homes magazine, pay attention to their use of accessories. Designers tend to use small groups, always odd numbers, three accessories, or five in small groups
to create little vignettes and it really makes your home look so much more polished and finished. So, just take a look at what
you like on social media, find a couple pictures and
just play with it a little bit. Gather your accessories from the attic, you know, if you have
some that are stored away in the basement or the
attic, bring them all down. You don’t necessarily need to
go out and buy something new. Bring together everything
that you have in your house and just play with it. That’s one of my favorite things to do. For example, for this fall, we took one of our old burlap table runners and we layered it with a
newer velvet table runner and then, just pulled
together some of decorations and some pumpkins that we had
and we absolutely love it. So, don’t feel like you have to go out and buy something new. But, reuse some of those. Maybe try a couple old books
that are stacked on top of each other with a faux plant on top or maybe try a lamp with
a couple picture frames. Try groupings of three or five
and just see how they look. That’s often times how you
really help bring a room together is with those small groups of accessories. So, those are your three staple items, my three favorite items to go to whenever I’m styling a home. I hope you enjoyed this video, please share it with a friend
and subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you next week guys. (upbeat music)

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