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My Brothers Threw Me And My Mom Out Of Our Home

My Brothers Threw Me And My Mom Out Of Our Home

Hi, everyone! My name’s Anna and I am 14. Recently I’ve been betrayed. Oh, I don’t mean that my boyfriend dumped
me or anything. I mean, that’d probably be hard too, but
this story is going to be about how my brothers just kicked me out of my house without even
a twinge of guilt on their conscience. I guess l should start telling my story from
the fact that my mother was my dad’s second wife and he had two sons from his first marriage,
so basically, I had two big step-brothers – Derek and John. I always had an amazingly friendly relationship
with them. They used to visit our dad at our house and
would stay here for weeks, and my mom was very kind to them and always treated them
like her closest relatives. Dad took all of us on a vacation at least
once a year and everything was just great. Things didn’t change much, even when my
parents got divorced more than a year ago. I mean, for me, it was a little bit strange
not having my dad living with us any longer, but we still saw each other pretty often and,
even more, dad would still gather all of us together during the summer holidays. During the rest of the year, my mom and I
would talk to Derek and John over Skype. We would always share the latest news and
stuff going on in our lives so, as you might have noticed, I’ve always had a big and friendly
family, even though we had kind of an unusual way we were related to each other. But then the most awful day in my life happened. Our family doctor called in the morning and
said that my dad was gone. It turns out that he had had a brain aneurysm
that he wasn’t even aware of, and it suddenly ruptured and… Well, mom and I were his closest relatives
and we had to arrange the funeral and the dinner and…Well, it’s really hard to remember
everything right now. I loved my dad, and it was just so unfair
that I’d lost him. Of course, we immediately called Derek and
John, who lived in Chicago and they arrived on the first flight and helped us with everything. Even though mom had me to help her, there
was plenty of stuff to be done by two strong men, right? For example, we still had dad’s stuff in
our garage and my brothers could help us do something with it. So she invited them to spend a couple of days
at our house. If only we knew what horrible people the two
of them would show themselves to eventually be. You see, even though these two guys didn’t
bother us much, it was strange that neither of them was in a hurry to get back to their
life in Chicago. And one evening, during dinner, Derek asked
the most unpredictable question I could ever think of. He wondered if they had the right to any of
dad’s property. Can you believe it? It was only the fifth or sixth day since dad
was gone and they were already thinking about inheritance! Even though mom seemed to be far from happy
with this conversation, she promised them that she would figure out the answer to that
question. She said they would have had to discuss it
anyway, she just wasn’t quite ready to do it so soon, but the next day mom contacted
dad’s lawyer. It turned out that since dad had no living
parents, and wasn’t legally bound to any of his wives anymore, all his property was
to be divided between his children, which meant the three of us – Derek, John, and
I. There was nothing surprising about this and
everything was pretty fair, you might say, and you’d be right, except for the fact
that the house we were living in also belonged to dad. Apparently, he hadn’t had enough time to
re-issue it in mom’s name somehow after the divorce, even though, according to mom’s
words, he promised to do so in my favor. And now, after his death, I only had the right
to have one-third of it – the bigger part of my house, where I was born and grew up,
now belonged to my step-brothers. Since then, the atmosphere in the house and
relationship between all of us completely changed, so to speak. Mom and I were definitely in shock, ‘cause
the guys at any time could ask us to pay them money for their share and we would have to
sell the house. I knew that mom was making a few attempts
to consult various specialists about our case, but everything still was pretty unclear. Meanwhile, Derek and John seemed to be in
a great mood and were too friendly whenever they would talk to me or my mom. At some point I began suspecting that they
were creating some sort of a plan or something. You see, a couple of times I caught them mysteriously
whispering to each other, but when they noticed me, they would rapidly change the topic of
their conversation to something totally neutral. This seemed strange to me but, as they say,
innocent until proven guilty. Very soon their behavior turned again, and
was totally inappropriate. They began literally acting like they were
the only hosts in the house, showing off their superiority. From time to time they would discuss some
future repair work that needed to be done to make the dwelling more up-to-date, which
was definitely offending me and my mom. And even after all of that, they were still
acting like guests, because all of the cleaning, cooking, and grocery stuff was on us. One day, we, as usual, returned from the store. It was pretty late already and we found total
strangers in our house. Or, to be more specific, there was a nice
young couple sleeping in my mom’s room. Of course, mom got furious. She kicked the couple out of the house and
demanded an explanation from Derek and John. Do you know what they said? It turned out that these nice guys were their
friends who had no place to stay for the night. Although they said that it was their fault
for not having followed up to check and see which rooms exactly were occupied, the whole
situation was pretty outrageous and totally unacceptable. The next day it turned out that a few of my
mom’s expensive accessories were gone, along with those unwelcome guests. But when she told Derek and John about what
happened, they not only denied everything, but also got so offended that, later on, we
had to conditionally divide the house into common rooms, like the kitchen and living
room, and a private space, which, for obvious reasons, was twice as big for them as it was
for mom and I. This move, however, neither solved the problem
of privacy, nor improved family ties. Once when it was the evening before one really
important exam for me, and mom had to get up really early the next day, my beloved brothers
decided to throw a Bid Party in the territory of common use. Neither my mom or I could sleep that night
and I ended up getting a pretty low grade on my test. So then they decided to treat us to a really
subpar meal after that, and I had to go to the hospital with a severe allergy I had to
the seafood. I know they were aware of it, but John tried
to convince everybody that they weren’t. After that happened, my mom decided that it’d
be better for us to just move out, than fall under the serious threat of taking part in
that Cold War. For now we’ve been huddling in a tiny apartment,
because all the money we’ve managed to save will go to pay off the lawyer. Yes, mom intends to at least try to challenge
the situation with the inheritance. And I am devastatingly disappointed, having
experienced how people, who were once so close to each other, were able to be so mean to
each other. I’d really appreciate any words of support
from you down in the comments to this video. And feel free to share my story with anyone
you’d like.

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  1. We would really appreciate any words of support from you down in the comments to this video. And feel free to share this story with anyone you’d like.

  2. Just tell them that if there Da was still alive he would probably disowned them for there bad behaviour, That should knock some sense into them.

  3. I know this may not be what you want to hear, but you can get through this. My situation may not be exactly like yours but I've been at that end of something similar with my older half brothers, and though it hurts, you can make it through. I believe in you.

  4. Your a good person maybe their true colors have finally been revealed after they left for Chicago …………ill pray for you and your mother to have a better life.

  5. Omg I feel sooooooo bad for you. Your brothers suck. If your dad was still alive then I a certain he would give no allowance to them. You still have one third of the house dont you. Then rent it out to earn money keep saving till you have enough to buy a house. The house should be bigger and better so they get jealous. Make sure to most a picture on your Instagram page and then they might come back asking for it but you can turn them down. Trust me when I say you WILL feel good

  6. I am just going to say it but her brother are donkeys and I mean it would in the bad way and I hope you guys have a good day for the people how read the entire comment

  7. If you're biological your father's child then they would be your half-brothers not your step-brothers. Step-siblings just mean that your parent married another person and you aren't biologically related to them.

  8. You should get dirt on them that is bad that they can't have the house but it would be mean but it's for you and your mom

  9. Well I don't have any good ones but all I can say is that you can't give up the rights to your father's inhabitants to your brothers.

  10. Your story same like mine. I totally got nothing from my dad after my dad gone. My step bro and sis said, the house was belong to their mom. Though the certificate on my dad's name.
    So thts life anyway, ppl.change becos of money, even relatives

  11. That mother is dumb AF. At this point she needs to stop throwing the little money she has left trying to reverse a done deal. The law is pretty clear on that according to the video. They just need to sell it, get their 1/3 of it, buy somewhere cheaper and get on with their lives. She's fighting not out of logic but emotion.

  12. If I would see them partying on my exam …girl I would have call the freaking police what are they 15 -16 years old partying on the day of their own sister exam and get her to have a sea food allergies I would call the police or court them they have no reasons to fight another adults and a growing teenager just because their dad die they just think I’m the money and all the good inheritances they are just a two-faced

  13. My mom hate me, same goes for my dad and my stepsister. Even my friends were mean to me. If yoyr asking how am I still alive and didn't suicide its because of a friend that I never saw he's face, when i was a kid i was playing a game called Roblox. I managed to have some friends in and my "best friend." Which game me the ability to stay alive were in too, he made me laugh every time i cried, he was all times next to me as a brother.

  14. I haven't seen or spoken to any of my 5 siblings in like 7 years. My sisters argued about who would get my mom's car in front of her while she was literally on her death bed. I got nothing and wanted nothing bc i didn't want to be a part of that family after she was gone and they don't mind my absence apparently. I am better off without them.

  15. Do take things one day at a time. Your half brothers are mean but don't let them get to you, study well and get back your portion in the future.

  16. Don't have to be soo hate by your own stepebrothers you know what you brothers are so much unlike other people who are hateful am I right

  17. You should’ve told the brothers that they would have to pay you for your part of the house, and then leave so you and your mom could have enough money for another place to stay. Just a thought please correct me if I’m wrong

  18. Title: my brothers kicked me out of the house
    Story: me and mom decided to leave the house

  19. It's not your fault sister. God will surely show their mistake. And God will help you and your mother find a good home to live. Please don't curse them. Only God can do such thing.

  20. Omg I saw the Rubix cube and I started cracking up 😂 one of the sides had almost all reds but one and then I saw two reds next to it 0:00

    (Idk the time)

  21. This sounds like blueface, when he kicks his mom and his sister out the house for his 2 girlfriends 😬😕🥺!

  22. Their ur half brothers u share the same dad they would be ur step if he wasn't ur real dad and got with ur mum after u were born….. And I'm sorry to say this but ur brothers are not nice ppl I'm sorry they did this to u…. You deserve better good luck for the future hope ur mum wins the case take care

  23. I’m so very sorry about your problem I hope luck is on your side it’s sad but your dad will always be with you I know how you feel my dad died when I was very young I hope your problems will go away

  24. Why did she say that the two boys who were living with her are her step-brothers? Aren't they her half brothers because they related to her dad and so is she?

  25. it sounds like they are in Illinois. and by law the mom and daughter would get the house as Illinois is an equal split state during a divorce.

  26. something like that happened a year ago… my cousing died in an accident and his daughter and ex-wife wanted to take everything from my cousins partner. He wanted to share it with her (half), but no… she wanted all… and after months the concubinage was recognized and everything is now for him. And she… blames the family cause most of us supported my cousins partner (24 years together) and blames my aunt (her grandmother) for losing her baby…
    It is sad… cause she looked like a really nice girl, had a great relation with my cousins partner (he saw her growing up… even became vegan for her) and now we know who she really is… and her mother is an hypocrite interested bitch, presenting herself as the widow…

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