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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Ek Jinn do malik | Wow Kidz

Who put such a big rock in front of our house? Motu, One two three! Four five six seven eight nine ten! Run! Look! A lamp! It looks like a lamp with a genie in it! A lamp with a genie ? Tak dhina dhin I’m the genie. Tak dhina dhin, he’s the genie! I am free, I never thought I would be! I am happy, very happy, So I will make you happy too! I will dance, I will sing, I will do all happy things! I will give you what you wish for, I will get what you ask for. I will make Shower of money, I will throw coins all around you, Gold and silver coins will rain from the skies. Because! I am free, I am free I never thought I would be! I will give you things to eat, I will give you things to drink. I will drive away all your sorrows, and let you your life be full of fun! Because. I am free, I am free, I never thought I would be! Oh, I can’t believe it, that I am free It’s been four thousand years since I was last free. Thank you, very much my master. Oh, three people, who is my master out of you three? I am! I am! My genie! My genie! Please decide, whose genie? The one who took you out of the lamp, his genie! Absolutely right! Whoever took me out of the lamp, I am his genie! Samosa!! Boxer! Come!! Genie, my friend, actually they both took you out of the lamp together. You decide whose Genie you are? And save them. Motu and Boxer, this is Genie, he belongs to both of you. Yes My Masters, I am both of yours genie. I will do whatever you both ask me to. Genie! Quickly get me some samosa! Pish posh tosh tish, may you get whatever you wish. Forget the samosa get me a punching bag first! Samosa! Punching bag!! Ok, don’t confuse me! I want samosa! And I want punching bag! Oh sorry, you both are confusing me. Come with me. No not with him, come with me. I can go to only one house at a time, first you will decide whose house I should go to, don’t confuse me. Why don’t you toss a coin and decide whose house the genie should go to? I will not go to anyone’s house, I will stay here, you people go inside and make a list of what all you want? My list is ready! My list is ready! Pish posh tosh tish, may you get whatever you wish! Enough!! Motu you have got whatever you wish for from the genie, now this genie is mine! How did he become yours? The one who owns the stick owns the buffalo. Who owns the stick? I do. My dear buffalo, here take this stick and take care of Motu! Why am I getting beaten up in a fight between the two of you? Genie! Now that Motu is busy, you come with me and practice boxing in the ring. Till we don’t finish the boxing practice you will not do any other work. Hey! What are you doing? I am the master of the genie and you do not behave like this with the master! Genie! I command you to save me from this buffalo! Till I don’t finish with the boxing practice I cannot do any other work, this is master boxer’s command. Patlu, my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, quickly think of something. And save me from this buffalo! Idea! Round one is over, boxers go to your corners. The boxing is over, quickly order the gene to do something. Genie! Turn into a car and take me for a ride in the sky. Your wish is my command, master. Stop! Wait! Where are you going without me? Oh my god! What is happening here? Motu! Patlu! Stop the car! The boxer is getting dragged behind it. Stop in the name of the law! I said stop! I swear you to your motherland, I swear you to the law. Stop! Help!! Genie! Turn this car into a motorbike, which has only me sitting on it and the rest are all hanging behind it. What is happening? Is this a dream or is it magic? Genie! Turn into a huge cauldron, in which only Patlu and me are sitting. Can someone please tell me? What is happening? It is my right to know that much, tell me what is happening here? Genie! Turn into a large eagle, on which only I am sitting and the rest are hanging from it. someone please tell me what is happening here? Paltu, save me!! I am getting very confused,sometimes a car, then a motorbike, then a cauldron and then an eagle, enough! I have become very confused, one person tells me this and the other tells me that. I have an idea which will make both of you happy. Tell us quickly! Can I go back into the lamp first? The solution for this will come from inside the lamp. Go quickly!! Hey! Where are you going? Stop! I command you to stop! I only take orders when I’m out of the lamp! Bye!! I cannot stay with the two of you! I’d rather spend a few more thousands of years in the lamp. Bye!! Hey! Stop! I swear you to the law! Stop!

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