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MONO LAMP – Available now!

MONO LAMP – Available now!

I remember as a child I was watching this for hours. Okay, maybe just for minutes but still it
fascinated me how cool it looks. The strange geometrical shapes and vivid colors
and the fact that it lived inside the same box where Star Wars and Back to the Future so it’s just didn’t made any sense to me but I loved it. My name is Simon and I’m a designer from Hungary and I’ve designed a lamp inspired by the world
famous television test card. A lamp that symbolizes a whole era of analog
television history in a unique way and also cherish so many sweet childhood memories. I spent over a year experimenting with different
production technologies, materials and locations and finally I’ve got the right balance between
quality, cost and scalability. The lamp what you can see here is made in Italy. It comes with a wood and metal stand, an easily
replaceable standard lightbulb, 2 years of warranty, and it will be available in
Classic Color & Grayscale versions. So for more information please read the description
below & if you like this lamp help us make it. Join our campaign and let’s celebrate a whole
era of analog television history together.

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  1. Én nagyon szeretnék egy fekete-fehéret, hogy a réges-régi Tavasz tévénkre emlékeztessen 🙂 Sajnos így karácsony után már nincs benevezésre elegendő pénzem 🙁 , marad a spórolás, hogy egyszer hozzájuthassak. Remélem, megvalósul!

  2. I am impressed with the design and it's something that could become a fad soon. If you check out my YouTube creator channel, you'll know most of my works that I had done with the PM5544 test card.

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