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Monday 12/02/19 Jeremiah 41:17 – 43:13

Monday 12/02/19 Jeremiah 41:17 – 43:13

– [Announcer] Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel network family Bible study hour
with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter
by chapter, verse by verse study of God’s letter
to you, the Bible. (gentle music) And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you, say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel, welcome to this family
Bible study hour. This particular hour we’re
going to dedicate in memory to a staff member who passed
on to be with the Father this past Saturday
morning about three a.m.. Mister Ike Day. He was, we’ll be talking more
about that at the break time. What a trooper he was and
he’s in a different army now, but he’s still a trooper
for Almighty God. Now let’s get back into the
book of Jeremiah chapter 41. We’re gonna pick it up in
verse 17 here in a moment. Johanan has gone, he has rescued
the daughters of the king, that’s to say,
Zedekiah’s daughters, he has rescued all the people
that Ishmael took captive. And you know what, there
wasn’t a fight, why? Because Ishmael was a coward and cowards, when they
saw the army coming, though what little miserable
army it was, they ran. And Johanan freed the
people quite handily and as they were coming back, you wanna remember in this group we have many people
that kind of disappeared when the Babylonians attacked. So what do you have
when people disappear? Cowards or people that, unless
God has given them a mission. And so with that thought in mind let’s pick it up with
chapter 41, verse 17, the word of wisdom
from our Father and it reads, and they departed and dwelt in the
habitation of Chimham, longing is what it means,
which is by Bethlehem, the house of bread, the
birthplace of our Savior, to go to enter into Egypt. They’re not supposed to. God did not wish them
to go into Egypt, he wanted them to
go into captivity to
the king of Babylon. And this is urgent to you
today, which you gotta remember. Verse 18, because
of the Chaldeans, that’s to say the Babylonians,
Nebuchadnezzar’s army, for they were afraid of
them because of Ishmael, the son of Nethaniah, had slain
Gedliah, the son of Ahkiam, whom the king of Babylon
made governor in the land. And not only that, they slew
a lot of the Babylonians. So they have a right to
be a little bit afraid. However, it was not they
that slew the Babylonians, nor the people, it was
Ishmael and Ishmael is gone. They had no reason to fear, because God has encouraged them, the king of Babylon
is my servant, meaning he’s on duty, serving
me, serving a purpose for me. And they would not listen. So we pick it up there
then in chapter 42 with that thought in mind. They’re getting ready
to head for Egypt, okay. They think Pharaoh
will protect them. Listen to me, don’t ever
put your faith in man, put it in God. Put your faith in Almighty God. Man, whatever army it is, without God will
always let you down. Verse one, chapter
41 and it reads, then all the captains
of the forces, and Johanan, the son of Kareah, and Jezaniah, the
gift of grace of God, (speaks foreign language),
the son of Hoshaiah, which is (speaks foreign
language), and all the people from the least even unto
the greatest, came near. Those are pretty potent names, but what are they really? Again, they’re a remnant
that remained behind. Verse two, and said unto
Jeremiah the prophet, “Let, we beseech thee, “our supplication be
accepted before thee, “and pray for us unto
the Lord thy God, “even for all this remnant, “for we are left
but a few of many, “as thine eyes do behold us.” I want you to note
something there. Why didn’t he say our God? Why didn’t he say our Father? No, he said to Jeremiah, why? Because they’re nonbelievers. He said, you pray to your God. And naturally with his pedigree, the name and where he’s
from, God is God of all. Verse three, this is
what we want you to ask, “That the Lord thy
God may show us “the way wherein we may walk
and the thing that we may do.” We want his blessings with us. Verse four, the Jeremiah
the prophet said unto them, “I have heard you, “behold, I will pray unto
the Father your God,” notice how he corrects,
“according to your words. “And it shall come to
pass that whatsoever thing “the Lord shall answer you
I will declare it unto you, “I will keep nothing
back from you.” Now this you wanna remember Jeremiah never withheld
serving the living God, he was totally,
completely dedicated. Whatever God said to him he
repeated it exactly as it was even when he knew it was
gonna be very unpopular. Verse five, and then
they said to Jeremiah, “The Lord be a true and
faithful witness between us. “If we do not even
according to all things “for the which
the Lord thy God,” there they go again, not
our God, thy God, your God, “shall send thee to us,” verse six, “whether it be
good, or whether it be evil.” Whether we want it
or it’s unwanted. “We will obey the voice
of the Lord our God,” now they’ve finally come
in, “to whom we send thee, “that it may be well with us “when we obey the voice
of the Lord our God.” Now will they or will they not? So far they haven’t. It’s only been a thing
of convenience for them. If you start anything without
God being a part of it you’re not going very far. You’ve got to have God with you. You cannot leave him out of
the equation of your life if you’re serving him and
you wish his blessings. Verse seven, and it came
to pass after 10 days that the word of the
Lord came unto Jeremiah. This would almost
automatically remind you of the 10 days mentioned
in Revelation 2:9 of God’s elect
being delivered up before the king of Babylon, that is to say Satan, the synagogue of Satan
in the end times. That you’re not to
premeditate what you’ll say, but say what is given
you at that time. Just as Jeremiah always stuck
with what God would say. Verse eight, then called he
Johanan, the son of Kareah, and all the captains of the
forces, which were with him, and all the people from the
least even to the greatest. I mean, he has, we’ve got
the whole congregation here, the whole multitude,
nine, that is left, and he said unto them,
“Thus saith the Lord, “the God of Israel,
unto whom you sent me “to present your
supplication before him.” verse 10, “If,” there’s that old common
denominator, isn’t it? “If you will still
abide in this land “then will I build you
and not pull you down, “and I will,” this is God
speaking, “I will plant you “and not pluck you up,
for I repent of the evil “that I have done unto you.” I repent of any ill feelings
I might have had to you, even if you have been a
bunch of traitors and cowards and running like rabbits
without making a stand, without obeying my voice, being unruly children,
certainly, to the Most High God. He says, I repent of that. If you will stay here
now and you’ll behave and I will assist you
in making you prosper. Do you know, that
was a fertile land. That would’ve been a blessing. Will they listen though? Understand what we’re
dealing with here and this is kind of looking
forward to the end generation, the generation of the fig tree. Verse 11, “Be not afraid
of the king of Babylon, “of whom ye are afraid. “Be not afraid of
him,” saith the Lord, “for I am with you to save you “and to deliver
you from his hand.” This has to do with you
being delivered up also in the futurist sense. You don’t have to
be afraid of them. Why? God is with you. He strengthens you,
he stands beside you, he makes you successful. You cannot doubt that. You have to, naturally again, not as 17:5 in this
great book would say, cursed in the man that
puts his trust in man and in the flesh rather
than Almighty God. You’re cursed if you don’t. You’re not gonna make it. But this is God’s promise. And just as it is
in the end times, you do not have to be afraid
of the king of Babylon or Satan even as you’re delivered before, nor premeditate what you’ll
say, God’ll take care of you. You gotta believe
that for it’s true. Verse 12, “And I will
show mercies unto you.” That’s love and understanding. “That he may have mercy upon you “and cause you to return
to your own land.” I’m going to see to it
that the king of Babylon, even in that time,
will have mercy on you and it will be well. Can you understand better
now why it’s written in Luke chapter 21 that
the synagogue of Satan cannot harm a hair on your head? Why? God’s watching out for you. Verse 13, “But if you say, ‘We
will not dwell in this land, “‘neither obey the voice
of the Lord your God,'” 14, “Saying, ‘No, but we will
go into the land of Egypt.'” That’s what their
intentions were. “‘Where we shall see no war, “‘nor hear the sound
of the trumpet, “‘nor have hunger of bread,
and there will we dwell.'” We don’t wanna go
where God wants us to, we’re gonna go down
and lean on Pharaoh. Lean on Pharaoh instead
of the living God? That’s not a good choice. And certainly they
would rue the day if that’s what they
stick with, okay. Verse 15, “And now therefore,”
Jeremiah continues, “hear the word of the Lord,
you remnant of Judah.” “Thus saith the Lord of
hosts, the God of Israel, “‘If ye wholly set your
faces to enter into Egypt “‘and go to sojourn
there,'” what will happen? 16, “‘Then it shall come
to pass that the sword,'” That sword out of Satan’s mouth. “‘Which you feared,'”
the king of Babylon, “‘shall overtake you
there in the land of Egypt “‘and the famine
whereof you were afraid “‘shall follow close
after you there in Egypt “‘and there you shall die.'” God meant it. And naturally, in other
words, what he’s saying is, if you go to Egypt, because you’re afraid
of the king of Babylon, I’m sending him after
you, he’s my servant. Otherwise you can go with him or you can be
perfectly safe here, because I am with you. Now what do the people choose? You know, every person
must choose for themselves, especially in this
generation of the fig tree. What you choose is how
God feels towards you. You have to go by
his instructions. The letter he has sent to you historically sets the pace
where you know what happened. Futuristically it lets
you know what to expect in this generation
of the fig tree. Verse 17, “So shall
it be with all the men “that set their faces to go
into Egypt to sojourn there, “they shall die by the
sword, by the famine, “and by the pestilence, “and none of them
shall remain or escape “from the evil that I
will bring upon them.” This is why, it’s one thing
to have man angry at you. Men can do you harm, but not like God can
if you cross him. Now what they have done, they’ve sent a prophet of
God, that’s what Jeremiah was, and said, you go ask your
God and you talk to him. Naturally, they’re unbelievers, so they don’t really have a God when it comes right down to it. They’re not gonna listen. But when God gives you a
warning that is so clear and they didn’t just
figure the warning out, they sent a prophet of God and that prophet of
God made that warning very clear to them. So if they go against
it then they bring it, they are responsible
for their own souls. And any soul, that as a
believer you know what happens when you go against God. Will they do that? They’re unbelievers,
so you never know. Verse 18, for thus
saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, “As
mine anger and my fury “hath been poured forth upon
the inhabitants of Jerusalem, “so shall my fury be
poured forth upon you, “when you shall enter into Egypt “and you shall be
an execration.” Bad. “And an astonishment. You’re like dung on the street. “And a curse and a reproach “and you shall see
this place no more.” In other words, don’t
you ever come to me and claim you weren’t warned. That’s exactly, God
himself speaking, that’s exactly how I feel
about you if you go against me. You’re nothing but
dung on the street and it astonishes me
that you would choose and go against me in that
way, the Almighty God. Verse 19, the Lord hath
said concerning you, “Oh you remnant of Judah,
go ye not into Egypt. “Know certainly that I have
admonished you this day.” Again, you can’t, you better
consider yourselves warned and you better know
the warning is strong, it is true, and it
is personal to you. You know, when you make little
decisions in your life today that concern our
Father, his word, current events and what’s
happening in this world, you wanna make certain that you
bring God into the equation. Now God does speak to
people in the sense through the Holy Spirit,
he makes messages known, but you’ll always find a witness
of that in the word of God. And when you find that
that is the second witness and you can kind
of count on that. Even go for a third
witness is not a bad thing. But when God lays this
out so plain and so clear who could possibly go wrong? Well, I’ll tell you,
a lot of people will, because why? They’re not believers. You cannot talk to them,
you cannot persuade them, you, that is not to say that
you’re not to love them. I’m talking about
family and anyone else. They’re just simply unbelievers. And knowing the full truth,
don’t go against God. Thank God, our Heavenly
Father is one that repents when one sincerely
has a turnabout. And we have all the way
through the millennium to get this straightened out. But you can witness today when you see things happening
in your family and elsewhere, an unbeliever, and I’m
talking here not about one that knows God is God, but the fact that he has a plan and we’re supposed
to be following it. Not very many people
are aware of that. They basically are taught, well
all you gotta do is believe and you’re gonna fly away, you
got nothing to worry about. Well, that’s just
not biblical though and it’s not the
teachings of God, so it can be very dangerous. That’s why you wanna
really get into God’s word. What am I saying? Listen to your Father, listen
to his word and be blessed. Verse 20, he continues, “For ye dissembled
in your hearts.” You lied. “When you sent me unto
the Lord your God,” you were lying to me. “Saying, ‘Pray for us
unto the Lord our God. “‘and according unto all that
the Lord our God shall say, “‘so declare unto us
and we will do it.'” You know, the man
of God caught ’em. I mean, why? Because of thy God,
your God, our God. If you’re a nonbeliever
you don’t have a God. He’s saying, you’re
putting me on. The Holy Spirit
gave him unction. Okay, 21, “And now I have
this day declared it to you, “but you have not obeyed the
voice of the Lord your God, “nor anything for the which
he hath sent me unto you.” It’s been a waste
of time really. 22, “Now therefore know
certainly that you shall die “by the sword, by the
famine, and by the pestilence “in the place whither you
desire to go and to sojourn.” That means in Egypt. And so it would be. 43:1, it continues, and it
came to pass that when Jeremiah had made an end of speaking
with all the people all of the words of
the Lord their God, for which the Lord their
God had sent him to them, even all these words. There’s no excuse,
the warning was bold, the warning was there, it was such a simple warning
a child could understand it. You either want to
have God in your side or you don’t. Let’s see what they choose. Two, then spake Azariah,
the son of Hoshaiah, and Johanan, the son of Kareah, and all the proud men,
saying unto Jeremiah, “Thou speakest falsely.” Whoa. “The Lord our God hath
not sent thee to say “go not into Egypt
to sojourn there.” That’s not the word of God. Well, why did they
ask a prophet of God and then call him
a false prophet? That in itself is
not a safe thing. You’re walking on dangerous
ground right there. Verse three, “but Baruch,
the son of Neriah, “setting thee on against us, “for to deliver us into
the hands of the Chaldeans, “that they might put us to death “and carry us away
captives into Babylon.” You wanna learn the
lesson from this. In the futurist sense,
why would God say those that go into captivity
it is for your protection? I will protect you, the king
of Babylon will protect you. Why? Because he wants you
to deliver a message as it’s written in Mark 13. The king of Babylon is
going to try to convert you to his way of thinking, but the Holy Spirit will
see that out of your mouth comes those words unpremeditated that will bring the message,
the treasure of God’s word to all people. Where those that are unbelievers
and that are deceived have an opportunity
to hear the truth. And so it is. But the Babylonians,
well, example, does God keep his word? Well, he has said the king
of Babylon will not hurt you. Now who are the seed royal that have already
gone into captivity? Daniel, Shadrach,
Meshach, Abednego. What are they doing? They’re going to college. They’re being educated. Daniel raising up to where
he will even take over the government basically,
having the main say. The king of Babylon has taken
right real good care of them. And so it is in the end time, he’s God’s servant
in that respect, bringing forth the election to
pass the word to the people. But again, now we continue on. They’ve just called
Jeremiah a liar and said, your
secretary, old Baruch, he’s the one who put
you up to this, not God. Verse four, so Johanan,
the son of Kareah, and all the captains of the
forces and all the people obeyed not the
voice of the Lord, to dwell in the land of Judah. So what did they do? Five, but Johanan,
the son of Kareah, and all the captains
of the forces took all the remnant of Judah that were returned
from all nations, whither they had been driven,
to dwell in the land of Judah. Six, even men and
women and children and the king’s daughters
and every person that Nebuzaradan, the
captain of the guard, had left with Gedaliah, Gedaliah, the son of
Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, and Jeremiah the prophet, and
Baruch, the son of Neriah. And even old Jeremiah is
brought into this captivity now. Baruch and all the remnant. And you know, what
they’re doing, they are feeling responsible
for what Ishmael did. Ishmael was a murderer. They weren’t responsible. King Nebuchadnezzar
was a very wise man, he wrote the fourth chapter
of the book of Daniel and you’ll never hear
a more beautiful prayer than Nebuchadnezzar
wrote concerning God, our Father, and the peoples. And so it is that you can
always trust your Father, he has a purpose and a plan. When you’re out of
tune with that plan then that’s when
you get in trouble. So they rounded them
all up, verse seven, and they came into the
land of Egypt, uh-oh, for they obeyed not
the voice of the Lord, thus came they
even to Tahpanhes. Eight, then came the word
of the Lord unto Jeremiah in Tahpanhes,
saying, verse nine, “Take great stones in thine hand “and hide them in the
clay in the brick kiln, “which is at the entry of
Pharaoh’s house in Tahpanhes, “in the sight of
the men of Judah.” What is he doing this for? Well, let’s find out. Verse 10, “And say unto them,
thus saith the Lord of hosts, “the God of Israel,
behold I will send “and take Nebuchadnezzar,
the king of Babylon.” Nebuchadnezzar being properly
spelled and translated. “My servant.” Now don’t read over that. He’s the servant of God, God
is using him for a purpose. Do you trust God or do you not? “And will set his throne upon
these stones that I have hid “and he shall spread his
royal pavilion over them.” Meaning what? He’s coming. The king of Babylon is coming. You haven’t departed
out of his clutches. You think you’re gonna be
protected here in Egypt? No way, the prophet’s
telling them. These stones are for the
very throne to be set of Nebuchadnezzar and for
us in the futurist sense, the king of Babylon,
it’s going to happen. And you know, it is
amazing that stones is, their stone is not our stone. Their rock is not our rock. Do you see the
play on words here? And the word in the
Hebrew tongue (speaks
foreign language). That means rock also. And Satan claimed, the cherubim Satan who
protected the mercy seat, claimed to be the king of Tyrus. The king rock. His rock’s not our rock. But yet these rocks are set, he said this is going
to come to pass. There comes a time when you
must either believe our Father or not believe him. But you don’t
understand, brother, the preachers say
we’re gonna fly away. Well, I really don’t know
the fact that God ever put preachers in charge
of his own prophecies. I think God does not need
to put anybody in charge of his prophecies. I think that he’s able
quite sufficiently to send prophets himself. And he has sent them, he sent
one in the name of Jeremiah, and many others. They all agree on
one thing, basically, the king of Babylon is coming. And we are to
utilize him as a tool whereby to get the
message to the world, because there’s a lot
of people out there that won’t listen any other way. They sure won’t go to church, they sure won’t go to
hear the word of God in some camp meeting, but they will listen
the government that
Satan will set up and deliver you up to. And through that method they
will all have ears to hear when the Holy Spirit, God’s
word begins to come forth to the whole world. Therefore they are warned again. Verse 11, “And when he
cometh,” Nebuchadnezzar, “he shall smite
the land of Egypt “and deliver such as
are for death to death, “and such as for
captivity to captivity, “and such as for the
sword to the sword.” Well, which one are we? They might say. Well, he’s already told them. You go there, you’re
gonna die by the sword, Satan’s sword, king
of Babylon’s sword. Verse 12, “And I will
kindle a fire in the house “of the gods of Egypt
and he shall burn them “and carry them away captives, “and he shall array himself
with the land of Egypt “as a shepherd putteth
on his garment, “and he shall go forth
from thence in peace.” Meaning he’s gonna win. He’s taking all. Why did you run down
there for protection when God told you not to? Can you figure any
intelligent reason that they might do that? Other than being nonbelievers they cannot rationally
think things through. That’s all the more reason to
listen to your Father’s word. 13 to complete the chapter. “He shall break also the
image of Beth-she’mesh, “that is in the land of Egypt, “and the houses of the
gods of the Egyptians “shall he burn with fire.” That’s to say Beth-she’mesh,
you know what that is? It’s the house of the sun. And so it is, different people wanting to worship
different things. Father’s getting fed up with it and you cannot blame him. He created children to give
him pleasure and happiness and look what’s
happening in this world. Many of the people want to
strike his name from records. As a matter of fact, how
many people truly know the real sacred name
that’s tucked away in the great book
of Esther five times in acrostics where man
can’t mess with it? How many people know
that in this world today? It’s so simple a child
could understand, but how many people
really know God’s name, that it has been stripped
away from God’s own children? To the point that many
people do not understand. And yet they would sure
know the house of the sun. Let’s play in it, let’s buy
lotions to put ourselves on, so we don’t get
sunburned, and so forth. And you should, I’m
not mocking that, but I’m saying they get
so far disconnected. They leave God out
of the picture. And our Father does
love his children. See that you love him if
you want his blessings and obey him. Listen to his word. All right, bless your heart, you listen a moment,
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for us to judge, so therefore let our
Father do his work and you do yours, that is to
say have spiritual discernment and know truth when you hear it and be able to cull
out that that is untrue and you can always do that by
witnessing it in God’s word, the letter that he loved you
enough that he sent to you, called the scriptures. And it’ll always
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mailing address. Got a prayer request? You do not need the number,
you don’t need an address, why? God knows what you’re thinking. He knows each one of you. Your DNA is different,
he made you special, because he wanted
somebody just like you, but he does want you to
love him, that’s important. You better let him know that and let him know it’s
coming from the heart, that you love him for
all that he gives us. Father, around
the globe we come, we ask that you lead,
guide, direct, Father, touch, in Yeshua’s
precious name, thank you, Father, amen. Now I wanna say a word. I mentioned in the beginning that this was kind
of in memory of Ike, his name was Issac Day. And he was a star
athlete and a graduate of the Porterville high school
in Porterville, California. And he married his wife there,
Wanda Lanette Buffington. He rose to the position
of Lieutenant Commander from the Tulare County
Sheriff’s Office in California and he moved his family
to Springdale in 1969. And he was a
security specialist. And I know the Father
has a place for him. He’s always been a great
help to Shepherd’s Chapel in all ways and we
certainly will miss him. But we know where he is. What a servant, what a trooper, he’s with the Father and the
Father certainly loves him. All right, with that
having been said, we’ll get into the
questions for the program. Joyce from Tennessee, I
get letters from a church through the mail
requesting donations. I live on disability
and social security and I don’t have much money and I don’t know
what I should do. Well, hun, God doesn’t
send out beggars. If somebody sends
you a letter begging throw it in the trash. God doesn’t send out beggars, so you don’t wanna go
there, you don’t need to. Let’s say you don’t have a job, you’re making zero and you’re
supposed to pay 10% of zero. What is 10% of zero? It’s zero, okay. But if you wanna
give a love offering to wherever you’re
taught, that’s fine. But on a fixed
income, you can’t, you have bills and you got
medicine probably and so forth and those things
are very important that they’re taken care of. God never has instructed
a church to write letters to beg for money. Why? Because God doesn’t
send out beggars. He instructed, when you go
out preaching the gospel do not take a
begging bag with you. Meaning what? What does that really mean
when you get right down to it? It means, if you’re not
good enough a teacher to earn your keep by
people recognizing that and supporting without begging, you’ve got no business
being out there, period. So if somebody has to beg
to keep a ministry going they don’t have God’s
blessings and I’ll stop there. I’m just making friends and
influencing people here, okay. Jean from Minnesota, I’ve
been studying with you for the last 20 years, I’ve
learned so much, thank you. And I’m still learning. I thank you and your
staff, they do a good job. Thank you for remembering them. Without people like you I
don’t think we’d make it. Our churches here are failing. I belong to a Bible class, but the other women all
believe in the rapture theory, I don’t. Should I speak up or
should I remain silent. If I speak up I
will have to come up with the scripture
to prove my point. I’m just not smart enough to remember the book,
chapter, and verses. Well, you know, if you
wanna strive on that point order my tape titled “The Rapture Doctrine,
period, Question”, okay? And it will inform you
with all the scripture, such as Ezekiel 13 that
tells you God’s against it. If God’s against something I
sure don’t want any part of it, because you would be
cursed if you did. But that would help you, but don’t, you know,
you plant seeds, you don’t try to judge anyone, you just plant a seed,
if the seed grows, fine. Only God can make it grow. So if it doesn’t grow you know God didn’t want ’em, just yet. It’s one of those things that
you’re one of God’s servants and you’ll have to let the
Holy Spirit lead you in that. Janice from California, I
want to know how to teach my family God’s true words, as you teach me I teach others. I spend time daily
with young people telling them about
the love of God. Keep me in your prayers and pray all youth that
come to know God’s word. Well, it sounds to me like
you’re doing pretty good. All right, you
just hang in there. I like your method
and you’re doing good. And we will be mentioning
you in prayers. Janice from North Carolina,
I love watching your program every morning, thank you, I’ve been married before
and I want to remarry. I’ve been told it’s a
sin to live in adultery, meaning remarriage to them and others tell me we
aren’t under the law and feel free to marry. Tell me the truth. I don’t want to go to
Hell for remarrying. You know God’s word and I
trust you to tell me the truth. Well, I’m going to
tell you the truth. Does Christ forgive sin? Of course he does,
the answer is yes. There are reasons in
God’s law for divorce. Divorce is not the
unpardonable sin. And some people are
divorced when it has nothing on their part and sometimes
somebody causes a divorce. But as a teacher of
the Lord Jesus Christ when he says when you repent
how often must you forgive? He was asking. It’s 490 times. So again, adultery,
nowhere in God’s word will you find
adultery being written as the unpardonable sin. It’s not there. But certainly if you
choose to remarry and you repent of any
part you might have had and ask God’s forgiveness then hey, you have a, you have one that
was kind of cloudy and now it’s clear. Why? God erased it and you
have a new life in Christ. Because on repenting it was
erased from the book of life and you’re free to marry. I know I upset a lot of
people by teaching that, because they do not
know the manuscripts and they’ve heard too many
one verse revolving revs to see past the fact
that the greatest gift of Christianity is forgiveness. And Christ is the forgiver
through our Heavenly Father. Pat from California, I know
the order of things to come of this earth age as it ends. I’m just wondering if there
will be a pre-announcement before the two witnesses arrive
and begin their ministry. Probably not a pre-announcement, but we will all
certainly recognize them, because of Revelation
chapter 11, the power and the things
that they have to do. You could not help but notice. Okay, Tony from Missouri, I
really enjoy your teaching and I’m trying the
best to understand. I have a question. I used to go a
certain kind of church and I was baptized
in Jesus’ name and they didn’t baptize in
Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, and they believe in the rapture. Do I need to be baptized again? When you were baptized
in Jesus’ name what does Jesus mean? Jesus being
transliterated is Yeshua and when you translate rather
than transliterate Jesus to Yeshua then it is
saying Yahweh’s savior. And wherever those two are
the Holy Spirit is there. So when you were baptized
in Christ’s name, Jesus’ name, you were baptized
in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So if you feel you need
to be baptized again, if God has put a
conviction on you then I would say
do it by all means, but there’s only one baptism and that’s to the
Lord Jesus Christ and you were absolutely,
maybe ignorant to some men, but all three names. Okay, from, Dillon
from South Carolina, my name, I’m sorry, this is, oh, I’m sorry, this is Kwanda, I have six boys and one girl and I would like to know some
scriptures out of the Bible that I need to read a lot
to keep my boys in check and some godly mother
to lead them and, be a godly mother and lead
them on the right path. Well, all of the God’s word, but you might think
of Proverbs 13:24. If you love your children, you will spare the
rod, you hate them. But if you love your children you do correct them and
a good mother of God, mother in God’s name rather, was going to discipline
the children. Discipline is important,
children love discipline and you must do that. And I’m not telling you
to beat them by any means, never correct a child
when you’re angry, but mainly you’re
living the example and that sets an
example for them. They’re gonna mock and
mimic you in large part. They’ll never forget
it and so it is. So you certainly have a full
quiver and you’re blessed. Jean from Alabama,
I’m 85 years old and I have studied with
you for 25 or 30 years, but today as you
taught from Jeremiah you entered a question about
the title of Yahweh Jeru, a title I have not heard before. Where do I find this? Well, it’s Yahweh
Jireh, it’s the Hebrew, it’s out of the
Hebrew manuscripts. If you have a
Strong’s Concordance go to the Greek, I’m sorry,
the Hebrew dictionary to the word 3070, 3070. And you will have Yahweh Jireh. It is the God that
Provides, it’s God sees you, he knows you, he protects you. 3070 in the Hebrew dictionary. James from California, question,
is it possible that mankind all is a product of
the war in heaven, specifically when
Satan and his angels were cast to the earth? To the earth for
their rebellion? Is it possible we are
those rebellious angels? No, all, God is not a
respecter of persons. It is true that a
third followed Satan. The reason he destroyed
the first earth age instead of this one, and
brought this one into being was because he loves them, even
though they followed Satan. And this is, naturally he
has to send the good through and then you have his election, which were deceived
before in heaven when the (speaks foreign
language), the overthrow, the war, whatever
you wish to call it. But that third is living now, but when you are born
of woman, innocent, I don’t care if
you’re God’s elect or whether you’re one
of the ones that failed in the first earth age, Christ
paid a price on the cross and with the election’s
help and everything we’re gonna pull a lot of
them back out of the fire. But you’re very close on there, God loves his children and he
destroyed the first earth age rather than them. Shirleen from Montana, my brother’s church is
preaching a series on fear and he is very upset over if he sinning because he fears
dying before his wife does. Is fear a sin? Or so do you have information
that would help him understand the why’s and so forth of fear? Well, of course, when
you understand death, that no one truly,
the flesh dies, but our spirit steps
instantly out of it and returns to the Father. No one dies. So who would fear that? It is being joined
back to the Father. There is no reason to fear that. I really, I don’t wanna
judge your brother’s church, but you know, fear in man, I’m an old combat veteran and I’m gonna tell you
what, when you’re on a ship and you know, it’s dark and you can hear,
you’re being fired on and you’re going over
the side in a rope net and you’re going down into
a little landing craft, you’re gonna have a certain
amount of fear in your heart until the battle begins. Then the fear leaves and
common sense takes over. But fear is kind of a part
of human preservation. There’s nothing, you never
have to apologize for fear, it’s being careful is
what I like to call it and making the best
decisions on facing someone. So I, naturally I have trouble
knowing why would a church teach a series on fear when I would rather
teach one on love. God’s love over his children and wanting them
back in his bosom, wanting to hold them,
wanting them back with him, that death overcomes all and certainly through 1
Corinthians chapter 15 it let’s us know beyond a
doubt you got two bodies. This one is pretty,
pretty temporary. You don’t have this
thing here very long. But it’s not your real body. Your real body is
a spiritual body and it returns to the Father. So fear is a natural instinct, it is for preservation,
and so it is. And it’s nothing
to be ashamed of, but the main thing is with
proper discipline and everything when it’s time for
action, action comes. Terry from Maryland,
as the Son of man, I have one question for you, why is Jesus referred to as
the Son of man in Matthew? Is he not the Son of God? Of course, he’s the Son of God, but understand this,
the Son of man is a term that is used when he was, Christ walked the
earth in the flesh. The word became flesh
and walked among us and he was called
the Son of man, but he was still the Son of God. It kind of gives you a
little leverage on knowing well, was it talking about
his ministry here on earth? Yes, and so forth. Daryl from Texas, when the generation of
the fig tree is used how many years is it referring
to in this generation? Thank you for your help. Well, nobody knows for certain, we just know it started in 1948 when Israel became
a nation again. First time in 2,000 years. And that’s when,
according to the very book we’re teaching now, Jeremiah 35, that set in motion, I’m
sorry, Jeremiah chapter 24, that set in motion the
parable of the fig tree and the returning
of the children. Okay, Leda from Arizona,
it’s such a blessing to study with Shepherd’s Chapel. Well, thank you. You have filled a gap
for so many questions. This is the third
time I’ve written in for this same question. Hope you will read
this letter this time. I copied the map from
my father’s Bible where he had outlined a
crescent, the fertile crescent. What does this mean? Well, it meant something
in his own study and you know, I
would have no idea. It is the crescent
of the Bible land and many things take place and I’m sure that he
meant that as probably the crescent being the
honor to Almighty God who operates in
that geographical
area, all inclusive. Hannah from North
Carolina, I am 12 years old and I think you are
doing a fantastic job. My, my, Hannah, you
are certainly a good
judge of character, I’ll tell you that for sure. I love you for that, I jest
just a little bit there. Thank you for studying
God’s word, Hannah. That is great and right
there in North Carolina that you would study his word
to show yourself approved, rightly dividing it. And you do me real proud. I love you and
God loves you too. Thank you for studying his word. Jane from Wisconsin,
I have a question you may be able to answer. In the millennium will
it be in the state left from seven vials? It won’t be restored to
as it was in the beginning until the judgment of the
Lord God and his children and the devil and the fallen
angels, is that right? Will we know the devil
and fallen angels have gotten themselves? Well, let’s think about
it a moment though. What happens at the seventh
trump and the seventh vial? The trumpet sounds and we are
changed into spiritual bodies, meaning a different dimension. A different dimension than
you’re even able to see on this earth right now. And, so it is true that
the earth will stay as the vials were poured out, but they’re only poured
out on the enemy, not on, God does
not harm the earth, he only harms the evil factors, it’s called (speaks foreign
language) in the Greek, it means the evil elements. They are destroyed and there, you will not find them
in that dimension. And Satan, his angels will
be, they will die instantly. They’re through. In Revelation chapter 11,
those that fall with him they’re through then
and they’re done. But he will stick around
until the lake of fire. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you all because you enjoy studying
our Father’s word, reading the letter
he sent to you, but most of all, he
loves you for it. It makes his day. And when you make God’s day,
boy is he gonna make yours. It does him proud to
see you study the letter that he sent to you. Now we are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you then you might think
about helping us to
keep coming to you. But you bless God, he
will always bless you. But most important
though, you listen to me, you stay in his word. Every day in our Father’s word, even with a lot of trouble,
it’s still a good day. Do you know why? Because Jesus
Yeshua, our Savior, he is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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