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MOM VLOG | The Struggle of Shopping with a Toddler!

MOM VLOG | The Struggle of Shopping with a Toddler!

(upbeat music) – (whispering) Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven, it is 8:08 am on a Wednesday, and Ziya is still sleeping. It’s spring break so she does
not have preschool this week which has been interesting,
after I got used to her going to school and having
that time to get stuff done, it kind of threw me off a
little bit but it’s okay, luckily I had a lot of videos
and work done ahead of time, so I wasn’t struggling too much this week. But my housekeeper is coming
today, which by the way, I still had some people that were confused about my last video when I mentioned that, like I am a princess who
had a maid that comes and cleans after me every day. No, this is somebody
who comes once a month to do a deep clean. But she is coming today, it
is much needed, you guys, I have not been able to
keep my house under control, and I don’t know if it’s just me, if Ziya is just really good at
making messes, or I’m just not good at cleaning, or I don’t know what the issue is but I
have not been able to keep my house together for the past, year. She’s here to do a deep clean
to like clean the floors and stuff like that, so
there’s toys all over the floor, that’s not
really ideal for her, so of course, last night I totally forgot about it and didn’t do
it, so now I’m like, she’s supposed to be coming at nine am, it’s eight am and I
need to get my butt up, and pick up some of these
toys and our clothes and stuf flikee that that
are gonna be in her way, and I’m trying to be
quiet because it’s much easier for me to do this
when Ziya is still asleep. Oh, you know what, it is daylight savings, so that’s why she is probably
sleeping a little bit later so, anyway, let me do this. (toys jingling) It is impossible to be
quiet while I’m picking up toys that make noise! And the reason why I’m
having to be extra quiet is because Ziya normally
sleeps with a white noise machine, I know I’ve
said that like 100 times, and not only does it help her fall asleep but it helps create a
barrier of peaceful noise around her to where she can’t usually hear any other noise in the
house to wake her up, but her white noise machine
broke the other day, and I keep forgetting to buy a new one, so that’s going to be
part of what we do today. (child noises) Uh oh. Hi, boo boo! Did you wake up? I knew you were gonna wake up! Where are you? Ah, what are you doing? Did you wake up? You wanna come downstairs
and eat some breakfast? – No. – (laughing) Why not? Let’s go downstairs and
have some breakfast. Good morning! (kissing) If you’re wondering how she
got out of bed is because she was actually sleeping in
my bed, she wasn’t in her crib. – I watch Peppa Pig? – Huh? – Can I watch Peppa Pig? – You wanna watch Peppa Pig? – Okay! – You should get up on the
couch so you’re not on the dirty floor with your blanket the floor is dirty right now. Thank you. – Can I get crackers please? – You want some orange crackers please. We don’t have orange
crakcers for breakfast. Peanut butter crackers? How about a waffle? – No. – You want awaffle? – No. – Okay. I am having coconut
milk, yogurt alternative, raspberry flavored
granola in it, it has some dried raspberries in
it, and then some fresh raspberries on top, and did I mention it was raspberry yogurt as well? So we’re just having
araspberry extravaganza. Okay, so it’s about 10:30am,
so now, the downstairs is– (child crying) What are you doing? The downstairs is being
cleaned, I just got Ziya dressed with her hair
combed, and she has managed to get her face dirty again already, and we both have a runny nose today so I apologize for the sniffles in advance. I did not put on any makeup, I did not even fix my makeup from earlier. I should at least redo
my bun, but I just put on a comfy sweater from
Zara. plain black leggings from Forever 21, and these
Adidas teal mint green what is this turquoise, I don’t
even know my colors anymore. But, basically I just
want to get out of her way cleaning so we’re not just
making a mess behind her or in her way, so we’re
gonna go run some errands. Alright, so we’re going off for the day, we have several places
that I want to go to, I want to start off by
getting something to eat and I honestly think that
I do want to go to IHOP, even though there’s
barely anything at IHOP that is gluten free or dairy free, IHOP is just full of
gluten and full of dairy, but I actually really like the way that they do their eggs and
I do like their sausage and I do like their hash browns, and Ziya I think will eat like
the little kids pancakes so I’m probably just
going to order pancakes with all the sides and
Ziya can have the pancakes, I can have the sides, and then after that, I want to go to probably
Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Home Goods, because
from Bed Bath and Beyond I need to get Ziya a
new w hite noise machine like I mentioned earlier,
I’m trying to make a list right now, because
I get into the store and I get so destracted
that I forget everything that I’m supposed to get,
so, white noise machine, I need a spice rack thingy for my kitchen, I need, what else. So I just realized that
my tripod is broken, I don’t know if they sell
tripods at any of these stores I might just have to order one on Amazon, usually when it comes to tech equipment or camera equipment, I
just order it online. Ziya’s saying go go go,
yes, we’re oing to go in a moment. What else? Now I can’t think of what
the other things were. From Home Goods, I want
to look at stuff for my kitchen shelf. I do not like the stuff
that’s on my shelf, I have a bunch of pineapples and stuff I’m just tired of looking at, so I want to get some
different little decor pieces to go in my kitchen as
well as some new sugar jars from Target. Oh, from Target I need
Draino, because one of my bathroomm sinks is low key clogged. Are you coloring? What color is this? Wow, is that a dragon? Here’s your apple juice. Is it good? Bacon, eggs, pancakes, eggs, is there salt and pepper on it? Eggs, does that look good? I guess you have to use a big girl fork. Mm, whipped cream, yummy, taste it! Is it good? Yummy! This is what I have to do to be able to eat my food. – [Ziya] Here! – We’re here! – [Ziya] And I’m getting out! – And t’s time to get out! – [Ziya] And go to store! – And go to the store! So we just finished eating at IHOP, Ziya of course was pretty much
was refusing to eat anything other than a few bites of like bacon, eggs and just a few bites of one of each thing. I ate some of the pancakes, I’m already regretting it, I don’t know why I did that but I did enjoy my eggs,
and my hash browns, so now we have just pulled up to Target. – ♪ Twinkle twinkle little star ♪ – We have just pulled up to Target, which I honestly just need one thing! Just one thing! Let’s keep that in mind, just one thing! And tht is some Draino to unclog my sink, but, you know how that goes. People think I’m crazy
filming my child at Target, talking to myself at Target. Are you gonna get an Easter basket? Oh look at all the candy
and the Easter stuff. Oh they have golden eggs! And cute little stuffed animals, that’s very cute! Look at the tutu basket, is that pretty? – You look this one,
I don’t like this one. It’s kind of creepy. They’ve got a unicorn
basket, these are fancy. – So soft. – It’s so soft, you want to
see this soft duck, okay. – Ducky. – Uh huh, is that so soft? – Eggs. – Eggs, look at these eggs, there’s egg inside of eggs. – I think you’re having an Easter egg hunt at your school that I
honestly should prbably get some eggs for. Let’s see. I should probably get multi color ones, maybe some blue and some pink. Do you want some eggs
to give to your friends at school? Oh be careful, you’re
putting it in your basket, how do you know about that? And I don’t want to give you guys candy I want to put like stickers
or something in it. We open it when we get home, yeah don’t open it now. Don’t open it now okay. Okay, we’re not getting this. Of course, Paw Patrol. What’s this? Peppa Pig egg? What’s in there, candy or toys? It’s probably candy and
you probably don’t need it. What’s that, that’s just a wooden egg. (silly noises) not impressed? One, two, three, four, five, six, I can get two of these, that’ll be for one packet of eggs. Do those fit in there? I think so. Oh, here we go. I can put a few stickers in each one. Uh oh. Lets pick this up. Well you’re dropping everything you’ve got to hang onto it or else you can’t have it. (crying) What’s the matter? Alright, I guess I’ll
have to get the one thing that I need, becauase Ziya is losing it. Do they even have it? What section would it be in? I thought it would be
where the soap stuff is, Draino Draino Draino where are you? Are you getting sleepy,
is that the problem? Hey guys I’m actually in the
middle of editing this blog and I just have to stop and tell you guys why the audio is messed up in some places. So the blog here that I use,
it’s the Canon Powershot G7x it’s pretty much as far as I’m concerned one of the most loved
best blogging cameras out there, so I didn’t think that I would have any problems with
it, except for the fact that I recently realized
that these three little dots right under here Mark II,
that is the microphone, this is where the audio gets recorded. Here’s the problem, if I’m not using my mini tripod which usaully I am but sometimes I don’t have this with me or I don’t have it connected to the bottom of the camera like this,
but if I don’t have this then that means I’m
just holding the camera the normal way, so the
natural way to grab it is you know just like this, the normal way to hold a camera, you know
so you’re not pressing any buttons right here,
and you can see the screen and you got a good grip on
it, except that means that your finger is literally right where the microphone is so it’s so super easy to accidentally cover the microphone with your finger when you’re just holding the camera the normal way, so if you ever hear the audio getting
muffled, it’s because of that. – (crying) – Mops and brooms and come on Draino. Show me Draino. Why would it be, I don’t know. I came here for one thing,
Target, don’t let me down. I found the Draino, well I’m getting Liquid Plumr hair clog eliminator because that’s my main
problem, in my bathroom, is my hair. You wanna hold this? No, this one? Okay, those are your stickers
for your friends at school. Okay now that you’re in a better mood, can I look at the clothes for you? They’ve got 50% clearance,
we have these pants though. This skirt is cute. It loks kind of big for 2t. Let me see you, boo boo. No, you don’t like it? Ziya, what do I keep saying? We open it when we go
home, we don’t open it in the store. You’ve gotta stop doing
that when I turn away. Dotn open it in the store. Right, we open it when we go home. You can’t have it because you open it, and I tell you not to. – Open it at homee? – Yes we open it at home and I always tell you that but you always sneak and try to open it when I’m not looking, and that’s not nice. Alright, we’ve made it
out of Target alive, barely, Ziya was throwing a temper tantrum so I had to bribe her
with some gummy bears that I just bought for
her because we still have like two more stores that I need to go to, and the fact that she
was already losing it in Target is not a good
sign, so I just use the good old fashion gummy bear bribe. Alright, we’re gonna go to Home Goods and we’re gonna go to Bed
Bath and Beyond, okay? And now you’re happy because you have your gummy bears, right? And I’m about to just be ratchet and just go in this store with my tank top and with my bra showing, I think
there’s a hole in the bottom of the tank top, I was
not planning on wearing this by itself but it is too dang hot! Put it in the trash. Yeah, it’s for the sugar,
how did you know that? Don’t touch. – Open? – Open, yeah, it opens but you have to be very careful because its very breakable. You don’t need that. You beg to differ? These are really cute gold mat prints. They have one of Dallas in a black frame and they have a little one
of Houston, but of course, they only have Dallas and Houston, they don’t have Austin. Now we are heading to Bed Bath and Beyond the last place that we go. I really don’t even wanna go there because Ziya’s losing it but I really need to go there because I really need to get her white noise machine so she can start sleeping better and take a good nap today, so that’s wher we are heading, I need a white noise machine, I
need a spice rack thingy and I think that’s pretty much it. I just drove two minutes
to Bed Bath and Beyond and I turn around, and
Ziya has fallen asleep. Right when we pull up to the store! It’s not like when she was a little baby when you could take th little carrier out and just plop the carrier
on top of the basket. The baby would just be
so cozy in the little carry on, just sleep, everything was cool, but we have a toddler t
here’s no way for them to sleep in the basket unless you just put her in the actual
basket part, lay down, I don’t know! The struggle of shopping with a toddler. I love you very much
but sometimes you make my life difficult (laughing)! The lady at Home Goods
gave her a little sticker. We gotta get out boo boo. I’m sorry to wake you
up, I know you’re sleepy and you need a nap, but
this is our last stop, okay? I’m sorry boo boo. Wee! I kind of want to have all
my spices nicely matching. That would be cute. But am I too lazy to do that, that is the question. Ziya! So they got this thingy
which I don’t know. Then we got a double decker lazy Susan, which could work. Because I have one lazy
Susan right now but its just not enough, I
need something that’s double decker to make use of the space. They have this super deluxe spicy shelf. Fits any cabinet, can be stacked or placed side by side. Guess we’ll try it! – A farm? What? A farm? What are you talking about? Did you press this button? I don’t hear anything. I hope you didn’t press it. Don’t press the button, okay? Because that makes a
loud noise from the car, that’s the car alarm. Oh I just ordered one of these! I got the newer one, I got this one. – Wow! – Wow, is that cool? We just got one of these,
it should be delivered today actually. – Beep beep! – Beep beep. Did you press the button? I hope my car alarm is
not just going out there. I don’t know how I feel about
cotton based home decor. Okay so we’re at home right now, I just put the stuff inside. My housekeeper is just finishing up, and I actually have a couple packages in the front office that I have to pick up so I’m gonna drive over
there to check my mail in Ziya’s car. We are going to drive Ziya’s car, meaning I am going to control it, and walk behind her, here we go. You ready to go check the mail? Whoa! Let’s go! Back up, back up. We gotta back out of here, wee! Let’s go, wee! (honking) beep beep! Is that fun? Okay, we finally made it, let’s get out and get the mail carefully. Good job! Okay so let’s go check the mail. So of course we made the drive over here and there’s no one there
to give me my packages, so, we have to turn around and go back and try again later. Well we weren’t able to check the mail, so we went over there for nothing, but that’s okay we had a nice
few minutes of outside time playing in the car so I’m
not even mad about that. And it, what’s it called, it bought us enough time, why can’t I get the sentence out? It wasted enough time to
let her finish up in here so she just left and now
the house is all clean. Oh, and I hear someone else at the door delivering another package. It should be my Amazon stuff, let’s look through the peephole. Okay, do you see, do you see him? Is someone brining or package? Let’s see what it is. Wow! I ordered something very exciting, I ordered two exciting things actually. Wait, it’s too heavy boo boo, I have to do it. Wow is that a big package? Oh my goodness! But look at how nice
and clean the house is right now? You’re sleepy, it’s way past naptime, I’m gonna go ahead and give you your milk and put you down for a nap before I do anything else. (crying) You don’t? You need to though. You really need a nap. Look, all your dishes are
all nice and pretty and clean here now. What are you doing? One second you’re on the floor throwing a tantrum, the next second you’re just doing something else like nothing ever happened. It’s really time to take a npa. Don’t you think you need a nap? – No! – You don’t think so? I think so. Don’t lay on the kitchen rug. My blog camera just died and I had to capture this moment with my phone. The housekeeper literally just left two and a half minutes ago. What do you have to dsay for yourself? – Milk? – Yeah it’s milk because you just, I literally had this milk sitting up here, way up on the counter. I was about to put a top on it, I stopped to put my camera down
because my camera died, and in the two point
five seconds she grabbed the top and the milk spilled everywhree. How did you even reach that? You’re starting to be a
ble to reach a lot higher and that is very scary. Wipe up all the milk. Make sure it’s nice and dry. Good job! Good job, you have to learn that when you make a mess you have to clean it up. I cannot believe you just did that. Just moments after this
whole floor just got cleaned. How did you even reach that? Okey dokey so I took like
a thirty minute breather. I got Ziya in her bed for a nap, I think, I hope she’s asleep
now and I just sat down and just rested my nerves
and rested my bones for about 30 minutes while I let the camera battery charge and I went and brought inside my packages right there, so we’re gonna see, I’m gonna show you what’s in those, but
real quickly I just want to show you what I ended
up purchasing today. So I ended up getting
this spicy shelf thingy because I need it for this area right here I have one lazy Susan
that isn’t big enough to hold all my spices
I don’t know it’s just a mess. So I think the spicy
shelf thingy should help. I mean it looks nice in the
package, we’re gonna have to open it and try it
out so I’m gonna put it over here for now, maybe
I’ll do that in a minute. And then from Target, I ended up getting two little thingies of plastic easter eggs for Ziya’s little Easter egg hunt at her preschool, so
instead of giving them candy I got little stamps and
stickers which should fit really nicely in these little eggs. I’m gonna put those
together and bring them to her school later. From Home Goods, I ended
up finding these two little white dishes or
jars I guess you would say. A slightly bigger one and
a slightly smaller one. They’re just really plain
and simple porcelain jars, for my coconut sugar, I
wanted a better container to put that in. But I like that they’re
kind of like suctioned on there like the lid
fits really air tight so it’ll actually kind of stay fresh. I also randomly saw this
hand soap and honestly I just liked it for the packaging because it had a little gold
nozzle and I don’t know, it’s just gold and white and clear and I honestly really
liked it, and I liked the smell of it, it’s a grapefruit smell. And then the last little random thing I got from Home Goods is
this little hand statue. So it’ sjust a golden
little, I think that means I love you. It actually is scented. It has a little sweet
lemongrass inside there, it’s not really my favorite
scent and that’s not why I bought it, I literally just got it because I like having
little golden statues over here on my shelf, so I just got it to go here or something. Like so. Isn’t that cute? And then also from Bed Bath and Beyond, I got Ziya’s white noise machine, which is already set up and
oing in her room right now when she is taking a nap. So I actually want to go
ahead and see if I can set this up and see if
it does the job or not. First things first, I
have to take all my spices down, out of here. Okay, so there’s that cleared out, and with this lazy
Susan I’m probably going to just use it on this shelf because on this shelf I have all
these vitamins and supplements I could put on the lazy Susan instead. Oh goodness gracious. I don’t want to put this together. All these instructions. I thought this was
going to be like a quick little flip and fold
and it’s got all these little small pieces, it’s got screws, oh goodness gracious. Alright well see you in about 45 minutes. Okay so 15 minutes later, I have all these extra pieces left over. I only ended up using
one shelf and four legs to hold up the shelf. It wasn’t really hard to put togther but it was just a lot
of pieces, but it seemed like a lot of pieces for no reason. Like I felt like there
had to be a more simpler easy version of the same
concept that I could have purchased instead of
this, because now I have all these extra pieces
that I don’t really need, and I don’t even mrember
how much this was, like probably 20 bucks
just for this little shelf that I ended up needing, so I don’t know, but I do like the fact
that it is a u-shape so it leaves all this
open space in the middle where I can actually
still use my lazy Susan for the bigger bottles. I mean whatever I’m gonna put the rest of the pieces back in the box and maybe I will find a use for it later on. (upbeat music)

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