Hambone Blues Jam

Home Decoration Tips

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  1. this was hilarious because i too have a non native english speaking mother and it definitely makes certain things very challenging lol love it

  2. Like man this has inspired me to do this with my wife when we cook food on Christmas. The relatives will get a kick out of it!

  3. hey um….am I the only one that noticed that sometimes she would either give attitude, or just disrespect her mom, in some moments in the video

  4. the daughter literally me, idk if that’s what asian always say😂
    “we’re related”
    “no one is gonna eat except us”
    it’s kinda we’re not gonna get infected by a mixture of body fluid in cooking as long it’s from our own family LOL😂

  5. 1:07 ТВАЮЖ МАТЬ ЭТА ДОЧКА РУССКАЯ!!!ПРИСЛУШАЙТЕСЬ-ПРИВЕт она сказала,а вот ее мама не очень внятно сказала привет

  6. No… This is wrong? But that title is wrong… LMAO! Just joking. But in all seriousness, that title is sketchy thpugh, and you can just bound their hands together with rope or something. It would be more efficiant as they would each only have 1 hand to work with and they would have to complely rely on each other for help.

  7. Mallory: "Now we're gonna have to pipe it into a piper?"

    Me: "Piping bag" 🙂

    Mallory: "Pipet?"

    Me: "Piping bag" 🙂

    Mallory: "Poop?"

    Me: "You just made me forget what that thing's actually called 🤣😂"

  8. I mean personally, I would've destroyed the whole kitchen if I was handcuffed to my friend so you guys look like professionals compared to me.

  9. Hahaha seeing BuzzFeed alumni – Mallory, attempting to creating cupcakes and decoration with her mum; handcuffed is a challenge. Can't understand why they can't redo their tragic decorations when there is so much ingredients just next to them.

  10. The last digit of likes is what youtuber you are:

    0: Alisha Marie
    1: Lauren (Laurdiy)
    2: Veronica (Merrel twins)
    3:Vanessa (Merrel twins)
    4: Natalie (Natalie's Outlet )
    6. SydneySerena
    7: Sasha morga
    8.Collins key
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    Comment down who you are!!!

    Edit:Please give me likes!!!🙏😿

  11. Probably not just me, butden FYI “tasty” I love most videos on this channel, the recipes are top notch period!
    Just really really really, NOT sure why or how or who is in charge of “writing” tis getting really awful n hard to watch?
    Who doesn’t wanna see a mom & daughter handcuffed together trying to bake, what an original an just hilarious concept? I am telling U editors, writers stop please tis awful!
    Happie holidays are here an so are togo bags from Richards prime rib & seafood, order up, an memeber ever season starts at richards.!.

  12. You see how the mother smiles normal in the thumbnail and the daughter makes thee dumbest faces, why u youtubers gotta do the dumb ass faces??

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