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mini lamps /lantern : (DIY)Turn your plastic containers to beautiful lamps(Redefine craft)!!

hello guyz this is redefine craft. I am back
with another amazing DIY. Todays DIY is on mini lamps. For this you will need plastic
container, needle, knife or anything sharp, candles, bottle cap, colours and brush. First
of all choose a design for the lamp. It can be anything random shapes, letters , buildings
etc. I choose this one. Now start making your design on the container wit a visible colour.
Engrave the design by heating the needle with a candle and punching on the container. Be
careful while doing this. Make the windows using a knife or paper cuttter. I tested in
between to see how it was looking. Paint it with your favourite colour. Your lantern is
ready. For the candle, use a plastic bottle cap or
softdrink cap and place a small candle inside it.
Now place the candle inside the lantern, light it and your mini lantern is ready. I made
this one by engraving letters. Wasn’t this easy and fun to make.
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