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MGSV[第一章 報復] 静かなる暗殺 ~ 裏切りの容疑者 ~潜入は変わった~

MGSV[第一章 報復] 静かなる暗殺 ~ 裏切りの容疑者 ~潜入は変わった~

Boss, this is important. We’ve reports of a crack sniper at large in the Afghan wilderness. The Soviets call this sniper Tixij – “Quiet.” There are never any sightings, and only corpses are left behind… The Soviets have already lost a number of officers. You’d uh… best watch your step. That’s the target. Sniper?! Where? Boss, you OK?! Could it be that sniper, Quiet?! Quiet, our silent assassin… Where’s the sniping point…? A tower. High positions with views are ideal for sniping. But the enemy has a clear shot at you too, plus there’s nowhere to run. Hm? What’s she doing? Is she… bathing? The enemy sniper just disappeared…? Zero visibility… If you can’t mark ’em, you don’t stand a chance! Stay sharp! Some old ruins. Looks like they could collapse any minute. Did you get her? With those “abilities” of hers… No doubt about it. She has to be one of the Skulls. Now move in and finish her, Boss. She’s working for Cipher! Quiet is a valuable source of information, Boss. There is no need to kill her. Think carefully. This is your decision. The female sniper… “Quiet.” Cipher’s assassin… Finish her. She’s one of the Skulls. Hurry up and kill her. No – killing her would be a waste. Bring her back here. Boss… Boss! Boss, you’re not thinking of bringing her back here, are you? She works for Cipher. We don’t even know the extent of her abilities. She is not setting foot on this base. Good work, Boss. Can’t believe you took her down alive. Now bring her back here. Let’s find out what she really is. This is too dangerous. Kill her! Don’t bring her to our home. This is the Boss’s decision. I’ll send the extraction chopper. Boss, you know I’ve always got your back. If you bring her here, I’ll just have her killed. This is Pequod. Arriving shortly at LZ. Boss, no…! Slipped the line, huh? Shame… She’s one of a kind. Fine by me. We don’t need her type. Boss, we need to talk. Get back to base. Everything else can wait. Confirm, one bogey on our six, steady at point four miles. It’s tailing us… Don’t lead it back to Mother Base. Roger. We’ll shake it off. INCOMING! Another one! It’s an LGM! Hold on! No way is she setting foot on this base… Boss, she’s with Cipher. Thermals! Seize her! Fire! Miller! She saved the Boss. She was saving herself. Fire! Put her in the cell. Boss? Keep an eye on her. Right, take her away. What are you waiting for? Move! Boss, you are going to regret this. That woman… I know, she knows our location. Either way, one of these days we’re gonna to have to kill her. But now is not the time. When the time comes, I’ll put the trigger. Boss, about the sniper you extracted – “Quiet…” We set up a cell for her on the Medical Platform. The Medical Team is looking into her… “abilities.” I’ll let you know if they learn anything. And Boss… Leave Miller to me. If we manage to get some intel out of Quiet, that should satisfy him. Your mission is to rescue a prisoner being held at Lamar Khaate Palace. He’s known as Malak – “Angel” – to his fellow Mujahideen. Start by checking the target’s VI on your iDroid. The Soviets captured him and took him to the ruins of the palace. His family was subsequently killed in an airstrike on his village. The Soviets’ scorched earth operation wiped it off the map. The client is none other than his father. Or rather, this was his father’s dying wish. If you can manage to rescue other prisoners as well, each one will add a bonus to our pay. When you see them, I’m sure your conscience will tell you what to do. Lamar Khaate Palace… The target should be somewhere at that outpost. The prisoner you extracted knew here the target is. The target, Malak, was sent to a different outpost. I’ve sent the information to your map screen. You’re gonna need more information to pinpoint a location… Talk. The prisoner called Malak? He was moved… to here… OK, your map information’s updated. There. That’s the target. Badly wounded… We can rule out a Fulton extraction. We’ll just have to do it by chopper. Call the chopper from your iDroid, Boss. Then carry the target to it. Boss. That target you extracted, Malak, is saying that he’s never heard of our client. What’s more, he says his village was destroyed long before he was ever taken prisoner. Apparently it fell victim to some sort of disease, then was completely burned to the ground. Malak was out on a mission at the time, and that’s the reason why he alone survived. But the question is, who hired us to find him? According to Malak, he saw strange soldiers snooping around the village when he got back. Turns out they were members of Cipher’s strike force, XOF. My theory is they wanted to get their hands on Malak to question or silence him before the Soviets could get to him. Cipher was just using us to cover things up. All that crap about Malak’s relative was a front to convince us to retrieve him. But an entire colony just wiped off the map… it sounds a lot like the Hamid during the Honer Bee incident. All I know, Boss, is there’s no way in hell I’m handing Malak over to Cipher. I decided to bring him back to Mother Base instead. He’s one of us now. We told the client, through a cut-out, that the target was killed. For some reason, though, they still paid us everything we were owed. Cipher’s obviously up to something, and this is probably just another preemtive cleanup operation to them. But to Malak, he lost his village, his family… Everything. And he wants his revenge. In other words, he’s one of us. That’s the target. A brown bear… Stories of them leaving you alone if you play dead are just a myth, Boss. Think carefully before you decide to take one of them on. Boss… If you’ve got time on your hands, come spend it back at the base. The men’ll miss you if you’r gone too long. No, DD! Stop!! Snake?! Sorry, sorry. I’ve been away for a while, huh? Don’t be such a stranger. Sets a bad example for the men. He, ah, he gets lonely, too. DD, come! Boss, a certain scientist has contacted us wanting to defect from the East. His name… is Emmerich. That’s right. The man we knew as Huey. We suspect he was complicit in the attack on Mother Base nine years ago. He was working with Cipher. …I’ve been waiting a long time for this. So I say, let’s help Emmerich defect. Once he’s here, we can sit down and catch up on old times. Emmerich is currently at Serak Power Plant. This is our chance. Boss, head for the power plant. You’ve made it to Serak Power Plant. Emmerich should be beyond the gate at the northern edge of the facility. We have no idea what he’s doing back there… But let’s go find out. Just a minute! This isn’t what we agreed on! The changes have already been finalized. It’s not operational yet. The remote piloting and A.I. control haven’t reached the application stage. Who said anything about an A.I.? That was Coldman’s mistake ten years ago. Be that as it may, we’ll need to modify postural control to accommodate a human pilot. I share your urgency. But… we need more time to finish it. We analyzed the transmission log – he’s been in contact with Big Boss. Right. Planning on leaving us, Doctor, huh? I’m taking your “legs” back! So you’re just gonna… kill me? Sahelanthropus is mine now. Listen! I may dwell in the dark, but I refuse to be judged by your standards, traitor. I hope your friends give you what’s coming to you. Take him to the base. Yes, sir. Transporting Emmerich to the base camp and returning to base We’re shutting down. All units, strike camp and clear out. We still have use for him. No doubt about it, Boss. That man is your extraction target, Emmerich. The weapon system that disappeared into that cave, and the man who was with it… Emmerich must know something about what’s going on. He was transferred to the Soviets’ base camp. I’ve marked it on the map. Make your way to that base camp. Extract Emmerich, the scientist who wants to defect. Head for the base camp. Did you see that, Boss? That giant weapons system that disappeared into the cave. I’ve heard it was the Kremlin’s biggest secret. But to think that doctor has been working on it… And the man with the skull for a face. It’s been on my mind since you encountered the Skulls during the Honey Bee mission. It’s really him. Boss. He’s the commander of Cipher’s strike force, XOF. And probably the mastermind of the attack nine years ago. But I thought he and Zero parted ways… I’ll look into it. You just focus on the mission. You’re at the base camp. The target, Emmerich, should be somewhere there. Keep in mind, that’s an enemy stronghold. Stay sharp. Don’t move. Talk. Emmerich is… in this lab… Who are you? Snake…? It’s not you… Is it? Hey! It’s just a machine. Are you…? “Dr. Emmerich.” Snake? Hey! What gives? Let me go! No! Give me back my legs! Right on schedule. Now bring him back to Mother Base. OK, I’m sending a chopper close by. Get to the LZ with Emmerich. Hang on a second. Let’s use the Walker Gear I developed to escape. There’s a special one here at the lab. Only I can activate it. And I’ll tell you how to prerate it. Ignore Emmerich. We don’t need his wind-up toys. It IS a long way there. Why don’t you use that Walker Gear of his? No way. We can’t trust him. How do we know his crap will even work? Well It’s better than carrying the man the whole way. Boss, use the Walker Gear to escape. It’s your call, Boss. I’ll start it up. Get this off me. Here we go… They’re single-pilot machines. I’ll… I was developing bipedal weapon for the Soviet Union. It hasn’t been deployed yet. I was doing mobility testing here. Once the Walker Gear is finished, they’ll have a huge advantage in close combat. And once they add my masterpiece into the equation… This war will be over. The Soviets will win. He was developing bipedal weapons for the Soviets…? If that’s the case… What’s Cipher’s interest in it? Nine years ago, we invited that nuclear inspection team to Mother Base. It was a ruse. They turned out to be Cipher’s strike force! It was Emmerich who brought them there. He’s been underground ever since. Working with Cipher. I had no idea. I thought the inspection was real, I swear it. If anyone’s to blame, it’s YOU, Snake. We should never have had that nuke! That’s the reason Mother Base was destroyed! Cipher threatened to kill me, made me do research for them here. That’s right, creating bipedal weapons. Nine long years… forced to do whatever they said… Sahelanthropus? How?! So that’s the Metal Gear he built for the Soviets… Impossible! It can’t be active! Doctor, you’re as useless as I thought. This is the real Sahelanthropus. You and your friend will die here! Behold! Today is the day weapons learned to walk upright! Get outta there, Boss. Emmerich’s extraction comes first. Boss, don’t forget Emmerich. You need to bring him back with you. Get the target to the RV. Stay alert. You’re not outta the woods yet. If you don’t get away from that thing, it’ll bring down the chopper. Give it the slip somehow. Stay behind cover as you move. You lost them… You need to fucus, Boss. Get the target to the RV. Hide – quickly! All right, the chopper’s touching down. Don’t waste any time getting on board. And don’t forget Emmerich. Get the target to the RV. Nice work. Here it comes! Use the chopper’s minigun! Shake ’em off! An upright bipedal weapon. In terms of hominids… it’s a Sahelanthropus How did they complete it without me? We’ll hear the rest back at base. …Why do you suspect me? What did I do? I’m on your side! What about him? Miller was in contact with Cipher nine years ago. He was working with them! He’s the traitor, Snake! …What’s that? More truth serum? No. Stronger truth serum. …Please! Please keep me here. I need protection! Why?! You’re the odd one out. Why me?! We all lost something… What…? Except you. Please… Don’t. The truth serum isn’t working. Either some procedure he had done boosted his metabolic enzymes… Or he’s undergone special gene therapy. What’s he saying? Same as six hours ago. “I had no idea the nuclear inspection nine years ago was a ruse.” “Cipher forced me to do their research after the attack.” Do you think he had a hand in it? I do. But there’s no proof yet. Take a listen to this later. We need proof before we can pass judgment. Keep an eye on him. And don’t tell anyone he’s here. We’ll have him continue his research in there. It’s for his own good – the older guys will want his head. We can’t guarantee his safety if we let him out. Boss! He mentioned something interesting. The reason why they pulled their plug on the operations in Afghanistan. He said the funding started going to central Africa instead. “Cipher is pursuing new research. in Africa.” Africa… What research? Emmerich doesn’t know the details, but one thing he said does make sense. That Sahelanthropus alone ins’t enough to cause an RMA. He claims that what they’re doing in Africa is the missing piece – A weapon to surpass Metal Gear. Meaning it’s not just another nuke. Boss, there’s no doubt about it, Cipher’s working on something in Central Africa. There’s evidence they’ve been in contact with private forces operating in the region. We follow that evidence, we should learn what Cipher is after. Diamond Dogs has gotten a lot bigger. Now’s the time to take the offensive. Head back to the ACC for your next mission.

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