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  1. Thailand supposedly US "Friend" says No way to entry for Americans..lol…sad. Cambodia, the real USA friend in South East Asia 💯

  2. US coronavirus plan would evacuate some Americans from quarantined cruise ship in Japan

  3. Something wrong. If something happen to these people in the country they are can't help themself. Everybody will runing to Thailand is hospital. Thai people will pay for it all. What is wrong with this poor guy leader, did he got any brain?

  4. The truth should have been told. How many now will be affected. My question is – where is the responsibility of the people getting on these boats – dam cancel

  5. So the Yokohama ship has 355 cases .. and The Westerdam had none .. Until .. Everyone kissing and shaking hands .. Absolutely Brilliant .. That one American mad at The US " Guam " for not allowing to port .. This is the reason why !!!

  6. https://youtu.be/5zef9CQN-p4  This is how China is confining their people.  They are being barricaded inside their homes to die  at the very beginning you can see two people in their windows at the ten second mark.  If you aren't concerned yet, watch his other video clips.  And we will never know the true numbers of the dead because there are videos of the dead being collected from their homes,  a clip showing three small children that died being placed in one body bag.  Graphic, view at your own risk.  The virus is already here – Fifteen confirmed.

  7. Make them pay, bankrupt these cruise lines and close them down, even the airlines, if they transport infected people, make them pay all costs !

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