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the members on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new my name is Amanda and today we are going to be tackling this mess of a house I usually don’t like the letter house get this messy and just have this much to do on our to-do list however I was filming this right after last weekend when Kyle and I were working on the basement all weekend and then I also had several videos that I needed to edit and so because of that our house definitely suffered this is actually lasting over several days because sometimes you just cannot do hours and hours of cleaning all in one day but I wanted to film all this for you guys and you can just see our messy house get transformed into a nice and clean house once again and I’m going to be taking you guys with me every step of the way [Music] [Music] where you by myself in between the line underneath you bet cheese it’s not fun but there are deep into every time you walk away from me I want you [Music] where you [Music] I’m like an outcast from pillar to post there’s no denying I’m chasing causes I’m liking that cast from pillar to post hidden your bottom there [Music] [Music] so after folding these clothes and putting them away for the last five hours there is more clothes don’t you worry there’s more laundry motivation and coming your way because I just got so so behind you know that as soon as you’re caught up on your laundry there’s still more [Music] so you drugging your shoulders and stuff that’s what I told her soon enough everything started to change [Music] back no going back there’s no coming back to your living in the past I’m feeling it tonight riding on the dizzying [Music] like nothing could stop us so I want to take a minute and show you guys how to fold a fitted sheet and in the past that I finally learned how to do this and a lot of you guys have requested that I share this with you guys so the first thing that you want to do is turn one of the corners inside out and stick it inside the other corner and you want to do this to both sides of the sheet [Music] and then once you have your quarters mushed up the best way to do this is just to lay it flat and you get it in kind of a rectangle shape as you’re seeing here and then you’re just going to flatten it out and kind of start to fold it like a regular sheet and pretty quickly you will see it start to form a little square and that is how you fold a fitted sheet it’s really actually not that hard once you get the hang of it but it can definitely seem a bit daunting and I totally used to be one of those people that just rolled these up and put them out of sight because I didn’t think I could figure this out but I finally did and it makes me so happy to have figured this out so I wanted to share that with you guys and another little tip for storing your sheets when they are not in use is to fold everything up nicely and then just use one of the pillowcases to store all them in it keeps all of your sheet sets all in one place so they’re not getting lost you’re not losing anything and it also just helps them look really nice while you’re storing them [Music] I’m feeling that tonight on the disease [Music] [Music] [Music] steadily dizzy highs you like a circle that floats around me keeping me safe and sound and when a fool you tied a rope to me you listen me every day [Music] like a sparrow but now I shine with your reflection on me I’m getting back up on my feet you a statement X black to push myself to Victor you’ll count me loser set me free [Music] [Applause] [Music] once I got our bed made I just went around our room and started tidying up the floor I’m sure that a lot of you guys will agree with me on this but when I have something on my floor or I have something out of place it just becomes so much easier to let other things get out of place so I usually do try to stay on top of this but lately I have been on the struggle bus with keeping your house clean I just feel like life has been so busy and I’m really just having to kind of figure out how to make my routines better suit our family right now but when I do get areas of our house clean I really try to keep them clean for as long as I can because I know that as soon as I start to let it go it will go downhill really really quickly [Music] [Applause] [Music] you can’t be losing certainly [Music] I need to go and make dinner for the kids and just kind of spend some time with them Kyle is working tonight and I will return to cleaning tomorrow because that’s just real life you can’t always do like huge long cleans where just takes hours in the day sometimes you have to break it up and that’s tough to do today so I’m gonna go mom and I’ll see you guys in just a few but for me to be tomorrow all right so it is the next day but I wanted to show you guys it snowed like overnight and I’m just not ready for snow it is pretty if you’re inside with the heater on but if you’re outside it is not fun so I’m gonna show you guys that really quick and then we will get to cleaning that the rest of the house and see how much I can get done today really my hands are tied I’m sure moving into my bathroom this area has been a disaster for quite a while but in one of my last videos I will actually link it up above if you’ve missed it but I totally redid this bathroom I redecorated in here and just made it really simple I took a lot of things off of our countertop and also inside of all of our cabinets and her drawers it was a mess and it was just so overly cluttered in there so I did a massive declutter and a ton of new organization and it was also all done on a budget so like I said if you have missed that video it is such a good one you should definitely go check it out the before and afters and just the whole process of it is really such a big change I’m sure that you guys will love it [Music] my turn hold back my dad’s but deep inside I feel I was the trapped I forgot [Music] show me what I need I know I’m glad but is happening your heart [Music] did you phone no that’s an understatement [Music] to walk along I guess it’s my birthday [Music] moving into the kitchen I do usually like to start out in my kitchen but that’s just not how I did it today just because I knew that this was going to be such a huge task I didn’t really want to get stuck in here first I wanted to get some of the smaller areas going and kind of get some momentum going and then I knew that I would come in here and tackle this area but we had just gone to Costco earlier this day so I needed to get a bunch of things like that put away and then I also just had various things kind of sitting out around the counter that needed to get put in it place [Music] [Music] when I come back you filled up the south [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the next thing I wanted to do is get our fresh flowers cut up and put into a vase if you guys have been part of this family for a while you know that I love having fresh flowers in our kitchen I usually get them from our local grocery store and our local store has really great deals so I can usually get a bundle flowers for about five dollars and it will just last me a few weeks and these ones were so pretty I’m just loving the bright yellow contrast with the deep red I think it’s going to be perfect they’re kind of transitioning from fall to winter and that also reminds me I wanted to let you guys know that I am going to be decorating for winter this coming week so next Monday you guys will be seeing my winter clean and decorate with me I’m not quite decorating for Christmas yet but I’m decorating for winter and I cannot wait to share that with you guys so be sure that you guys are subscribed with your notifications turned on and make sure that those are also set to all notifications because otherwise YouTube is being crazy and not sharing that but you guys do not want to miss out on that I am so so excited for that [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] so I got what I deserved you know I wanted it to hurt [Music] if I could I would push reward [Music] I also wanted to take just a quick moment and let you guys know I am going to be having something super exciting happening in the next few weeks or so Kyle and I have been kind of working out the logistics of it and before you guys start going crazy with assumptions I am not pregnant we are not having another baby or trying for another baby but it is something that’s going to be big and it will affect you guys so I’m really excited to be sharing that with you guys in the next few weeks so stay tuned [Music] it’s me across the room your glances tells me that I am doing is there a way to cool you down just one mistaken I [Music] I’ll give you an idea if you yes [Music] yes [Music] [Applause] I’m waving the white flag I’m waving the white flag I’m waving the white flag [Music] if you wanna [Music] [Music] now that it is officially November in Halloween and everything is behind us I am breaking out the peppermint scent from mrs. Myers this is one of my very favorite scents ever and it always just reminds me of Christmas and winter time so every time I use this it makes me smile and I’m so so excited for the new season let me know if you guys are still on fall mode or a few guys are starting to transition to winter or if you guys just skipped over it and you guys are already straight into a Christmas season just let me know in the comments below there’s a way I can undo it I’m done can we be strangers again so fresh like a mom what’s so bad about that so why wouldn’t you follow why won’t you follow me home I know I can’t make you – I ran out of time there’s no hope for me down the bottom so I felt I’m way deep but if I can’t have the real you let me make a 3d print [Music] [Music] if you guys follow me on instagram you already know about this but I was actually having some camera problems on this day I was using a different camera than I usually do on this particular day and I was having a lot of issues but I didn’t even realize that the camera was kind of malfunctioning while I was filming so there are certain parts that kind of cut out here and there and I did the best I could to kind of piece everything together but that’s why you didn’t see me actually take out the garbage can because my camera randomly decided to turn off and stop recording and not even save the footage and there are just a few little sections here and there like that but I think I got it all figured out and it is all good now but I just wanted to let you guys know so I fell down deep make a 3d print [Music] I’ll shoot in the dark so I miss my dog it’s the time to move on but I can I shoot in the dark so I miss my target it’s the time to move on you know I want you Father why won’t you follow me I know I can’t make you mine there’s no hope following me [Music] the last thing I needed to get done in our main living area is just vacuum the floors I was not going to worry about mopping just because I had so much to get done and I had already been cleaning for hours and so I didn’t worry about mopping but I did want to make sure to get everything back him Doug because as you can see in that close-up shot there was lots and lots of crumbs all over our floors and I’m so happy that you guys always enjoy when I share those real moments because a lot of times the camera doesn’t always pick that out so I kind of have to make it a point to get up close and just show you guys the realness of what it’s really like [Music] we’ve been through has made us wrong you won’t believe we’ve had our grade but there’s a light inside of us [Music] cold butter flying so high [Music] down [Music] the world appears in front of my [Music] [Music] so this was the next state and this is the third and final day of getting our whole house cleaned up and filming for you guys at the place I wanted to start out today was in my office and as you can see things had just kind of exploded in here as you saw earlier we have already gotten some snow here and so the boys have broken out a lot of their stuff and I just needed to go through a lot of things and decide which things fit and which things didn’t and I’m really trying to make sure that we don’t have a ton of excess in our house it’s really easy to get a lot of extra things but then you just end up spending your time cleaning up those things and it’s totally not worth it so I also wanted to let you guys know I am thinking about doing a huge decluttering series probably in January so if that’s something that you’d be interested in me sharing then let me know in the comments and if there’s enough interest I will definitely film that because either way I am totally doing it but if you guys are interested I can for sure share that with you guys [Music] I don’t know if I’m coming down you wrap my gold I don’t [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I didn’t want to share with you guys really quick if you ever want to send me a letter I do have postcards that I am able to reply back to you guys and I do have my P o box address in the description box always so you can always find it there but y’all’s letters just make me so happy whenever I get them so keep them coming and I will do my absolute best to get a postcard back out to you [Music] baby [Music] just column [Music] you gotta leave now inside [Music] finally we are moving upstairs and I went first into the boys room and I just have them come in and help me they have gotten really in the bad habit of not putting all their dirty clothes in their dirty bin so they needed to take care of that and then while they were doing that I just started stripping their bedding off their beds to get all that put into the wash [Music] [Music] [Applause] can we see if we can get this done in ten minutes you can sure set a timer for 10 minutes okay ready set go [Music] [Music] [Music] so I’ve mentioned this before but when the boys playroom gets really really messy I feel like it’s just so beneficial to have me come in and spend five or ten minutes in here with them and just kind of having my help and guidance makes the whole process go so much quicker and it also just helps them feel not so overwhelmed during this process of cleaning when everything has been torn out and I will say that most of the time when things are getting torn out it is due to Noah because the older boys don’t really do that anymore but because of those reasons I do like to come in here and help them sometimes when it gets really bad [Music] [Music] like every word is so translucent [Music] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope this gave you tons and tons of cleaning motivation to tackle whatever messes you have as you saw our house was a complete disaster all around and we got all of it taken care of so just know that if you are feeling overwhelmed with whatever you have to do in your own home you can definitely get it done even if you have to split it up into a few days or just kind of break it up throughout the day there were definitely times where I had to pause filming and stop and just be a mom and help the kids so don’t let yourself start to feel so overwhelmed it is definitely doable and you have got this I hope you guys have an amazing day do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and I will see you in my next one bye guys [Music] [Music] things

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