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Messermeister: Knife Skills-How-To Align or Hone a Knife

Messermeister: Knife Skills-How-To Align or Hone a Knife

We’re going to speak about and demonstrate
your knife edge’s best friend, which is called a honing steel. In the past it has
been called a sharpening steel, but we are simply aligning and pushing right and left
with the knife against and the steel. Alignment steel is a better term for this instrument.
What I’m going to show you is how to hold it down on a stable surface, take a chef’s
knife. And what I use as a guide is the short side of the handle, so I’m about 15 to 20
degrees. I hold the knife up, tip up in the air. Bring the heel up against the steal,
and hold it against the hilt. The idea is to pull the blade right and left. And always
maintaining angle. This way I am moving the edge to center, which is what we want to do
in order to align it. I would suggest five or six passes on each
side would be plenty to align your edge.

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  1. Great video!….. got kind of weird with him at the end…. don't know how I should feel after that…. why am I thinking such thoughts…. but great video!

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