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Mercedes W164 Front Park Lamps Bulb Replacements | 2825 Bulbs | DIY

Mercedes W164 Front Park Lamps Bulb Replacements | 2825 Bulbs | DIY

ladies and gentlemen Keith from iRepair Autos today I’m gonna be showing you how to change out your front Park lamp bulb those things go bad they blow you should replace them in peers not just the one that’s bad yeah you see this one too lit up on the driver side on the passenger side it’s not so stay with me I’m gonna show you how to do this part number card links are in the description below so feel free to click on that check that out as well and let’s get to it before we get started I know you’ve been meaning to subscribe no thanks my opening the hood going inside the compartment once in the compartment what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take you over to the side where the light is and I’m gonna turn it around and bring this down into the headlight and the headlight let’s see my finger pointing right to it so it’s that bulb right there so now that we know it’s the bald with the blue I’m gonna be using this long needlenose to gain access come back inside so this is the bulb right here very little tiny bulb I always like to look at my bulbs to see if I could see that they’re actually blown quite obvious that this one is so to remove it you simply hold onto it and plop it out like that 28:25 bulbs replacements is what I’m going to be using just put it in push it in then I like to wipe off like grease these are not halogen bulbs bulb is back in place we’re gonna put the housing back into the hole turn it to lock it in place and then put the electrical connection back on paying attention to this not that nice must be up on the side so I’ve slid it back into the hole you know it needs to be turned around where they were locking place then taking the electrical connection slide it on Jay here click which I just did then we’re gonna check to see if it’s working driver-side shoot over to the and that bulb is a lot brighter because it’s brand-new and this bulb so I’m gonna go ahead and change this bulb now a little bit trickier because more things are in the way over here but the concept is the same I’m gonna take this off putting a new board on the driver’s side going ahead I’m taking turned it and taking it out evenly let you go connect it to it just for leverage I’m gonna disconnect the bulb bulb is hot because the bug was good chicken the new ball connected up push it in now what a lot of shops do what a lot of people do is when they’re putting this back in since it was so hard to push in turn and lock what a lot of people do they’ll just take holding the electrical connection for leverage they’ll take it and they’ll feed it back to where it needs to go right here and put it into the hole so as I was saying a lot of shops will just push it in and leave it at that so that the next time they can easily get it out nicely on the driver’s side I’m going to turn my now lock it back in place so ladies and gentlemen that’s the park lamp bulb replacement video every Monday there’s a new video so be sure to like share subscribe so that you get notified whenever I release a new video

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  1. Just did the same , used a little silicone spray, wiped on the connector. The connector was a little cranky going back in , like yours. great vid, thks

  2. Just did this today. It was pretty easy after watching this video. I can’t believe the dealership and mechanic charge so much just to do these. I would recommend doing this when your car/engine is in a cool state.

  3. Where do you find the brake switch on ml350 on 2007 Mercedes-Benz.i thought it was right next to the brake pedal but I don’t see it, please reply thank you

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