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Meet Curtin Architecture graduates

Meet Curtin Architecture graduates

It’s the time of the year
where we all expose our work. It’s really about
showcasing what we did and all the different talent
that we have, and it’s really, like,
a good opportunity to, like, make contacts
and meet people in the industry. This is an established
designer complex building, and I tried to consider
more balconies, more trusses, and more communal facilities
for residents. So the project I’ve exhibited tonight is based around
community sustainability. So it was a 12-storey
residential tower we had to design on an existing block in Mount Lawley. I guess the highlight
from my time at Curtin has been the exposure we’ve had to both industry and
academic professionals to gain knowledge from what
they have experienced over years and bought into the classroom is… ..is invaluable, and something that I think future
students should look forward to. The highlight of the semester is
how great when you work in teams, what kind of thing
you can achieve together. In this course in Curtin
I really liked the way of presenting because every week we explain
our work to our classmates, and it’s really important
for our field. I feel like we’ve been exposed
to so many of these industries and different firms, and we’re really given direction
of what…where you want to focus and how it works in the workforce. I’m really happy to be
finally here in this exhibition because I tried hard to do my best
in this semester. We’ve been working on
so many amazing projects and I think as a whole
and myself, I can say, “Oh, yeah, “I did extend my knowledge
about so many things.”

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