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okay. Have you ever ordered something online? You’re excited! You’re ecstatic and then what shows up at your door ends up being
a piece of crap… Not literal crap, because that’s just gross. But in terms of
quality, severely disappointing. I have recently fallen victim to this myself. So
I say no more crap! So today we’re gonna be making our own industrial wall
hanging for a mason jar. That’s right, mason jar wall hanging with two
different backings. Why? Because one is just not enough! You deserve more! I deserve
more! Let’s do it 🙂 Hey guys! Thanks for sticking around. My
name is Audrey and I am the owner of Piping Hot Art Works. Where we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Our channel primarily focuses on industrial home
decor. We also like decorations and DIY projects. Okay first thing you want
to do is decide what size mason jar you’re gonna use. Are you gonna be
decorating it? Are you putting things in it? Why does this matter? Because it
determines what size board you’re gonna need. I made my own distressed boards
with copper accents with patina in a previous video I’ll link that in the
description below. So when it comes to hooks, I went to my local hardware store
Home Depot. I didn’t really find anything that I was looking for that was more
vintage or industrial so I went to Hobby Lobby. Jackpot! Definitely check out your home decorating stores. Next you’re going to prepare your jars.
You will see in the first clip I made a huge mistake by wrapping the
twine around the mason jars initially. Then trying to create a hook for it.
Don’t do that. Instead create the hook first by measuring it to your board to
figure out how much leeway you need . Then go ahead and take double-sided tape and
glue from a glue gun and lightly press your twine all around your mason jar.
This effect was a lot easier and ended up looking better in the end. So for our
first design, we have to create the rest of the board. So you have to measure out
how far down on the board you want your mason jar to be before you start
drilling your holes. So as you can see, you measure both vertically and
horizontally. Then we always like to use painters tape or masking tape to mark
where you’re actually going to be drilling your holes. Make sure that the
measurements match up and you can use a regular hand drill for this or you can
use a drill press ( which we will show later on) .We drilled the hole through
the board that way we could attach our hook. For the first design we are using a sawtooth hanger on the back so this way
it hangs directly onto the wall. You’re going to drill your holes using a
smaller drill bit and then just use a Phillips screwdriver to screw in
the screws. Then you can attach your hook. So there’s a piece in the back and a
piece in the front and you just kind of screw them together. Super easy. That’s what it looks like on the back. Now we’re going to start the second
design which has a different backing. This one requires dowel rods d-o-w-e-l. I
always called them dolly rods but apparently that’s not their name. So you
want to measure out how wide they need to be on the back of your board. The
reason why I like this style is because you can hide any devices or wires. So I
plan on putting pixie lights inside of my jars and I want to hide to the USB
power pack behind it on one of them. So you can use a regular handsaw and just
secure it on a table like we did. Then lightly saw it down to the desired size.
Then you’re just going to use the sanding block get those stray scraggly
pieces off at the ends so that it’s smooth. Then you’re ready to try and
attach it to your board but first we actually measured out where you’re going
to be drilling your holes to. So obviously you want to make it as secure
as possible so coming up with a screw or a nail on each side would make it more
secure. After measuring it out you can go ahead and either use a drill press
like this or a hand drill and lightly drill your holes so that your nails or
your screws can go directly through the dowel rod into the actual board
underneath. So here is a drill press. It saves a lot of time.
It’s awesome sauce and I think anybody who comes to a garage sale of mine tries
to buy it. It’s probably
like from the 1960s but it’s hardcore. Cool. Next here are the nails that we
used the size so they go straight into the board after drilling the hole. Then we took a smaller metal piece because we want to kind of hammer it in
even further so it’s not just flush with the wood it goes a little bit into the
wood. Now it’s actually the perfect size. I painted the dowel rods so they
match to the back. Here’s the back of the first design and that’s that from
the side. Okay so this is our second design listed here you can tell because
it has a different hook on it. You’ve got the rope on the top. Here’s our first.
Both of them with plain jars, nothing in them. Then I used TJAG Tech pixie lights
and USB stick put it inside. I am officially ready for Halloween, Christmas, and V-day / Valentine’s Day! So I am super psyched! Okay Industrial mason jar wall hanging
complete! It is some quality crap… Something that I can see I’m behind… Anyways, I had a lot of fun doing this. I had a lot of fun shopping for it and a
lot of DIY’ing it! So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did,
hit like. If you found any value or if you got a comment, question, criticism… Go ahead and put it in the comments. If you guys are interested in more DIY
projects just like this or industrial home decor, make sure that you hit
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