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Making a hanging lamp – Clay Craft Malaysia

Making a hanging lamp – Clay Craft Malaysia

We have just gotten a project to make
some hanging lamps, for this project we need to first make
two items, a large bowl and a cylindrical form piece.
In terms of time management we have made the bowl and the cylinder in the morning. By late
afternoon they were dry enough to be trimmed.
The reason why we had such a thick base is because we needed to create a
hidden platform with a hole in the middle so that we can
insert the lamp contraption to hang the lamp. Next, trimming making an opening in the bowl form make sure that the opening is no larger
than the diameter of the cylindrical form. Once you have it, score and slip the edges and attach the cylinder form to the ball, then seal the joint quickly. We will cut the pattern the next day, as
we would like this piece to be a little stiffer before we cut through it.

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