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Makeup over 50 | Smokey Eyes & Evening Make-up Tutorial

Makeup over 50 | Smokey Eyes & Evening Make-up Tutorial

Hey awesome ones, Heather here and today
i thought i would do a special kind of evening and party makeup application for
you. Hey you know i’m always saying you know, get out there and have some fun. Go
to the get-together, go to the office party and maybe even a gala. So it’s time
to get our glam face on and let’s get this party started. Now in order to make this video not run
too long, I will leave on concealer and also Foundation and what I’m going to do
at the end of the video in the end screen I will put a link to a beauty
video that I did that does show you how to put on the concealer and foundation.
I’m going to take all my makeup off except for that with a little presto
change-o. Aahh…. know I look older and I look oh so pale but I only have the
foundation on at least I have my spiffy party earrings on but let’s get this
thing started let’s start with the lips. Now for every day you probably don’t
want to go for a bold red lip but I say for these kinds of events why don’t we
just kind of step outside the box a little bit and glam it up. So what I’m
using is a L’Oreal red lip lining pencil so we’re going to start with that and
this is from L’Oreal number 102 and what is it called again it’s called in-match-uated
by-,you it’s kind of a weird name but anyway and what we’re going to do is
a very very thin lips and so what I’m going to do is I’m going to outline my
lips starting in the middle and I’m also going to pay very close attention to
making it maybe a little bit larger than my actual lip you know so let’s see if
you have thin lips this is something you could try. Right in there looks like I’m going off
to Halloween but we’ve got more to it. Now for filling in the lip I wanted to
use a red and I also wanted to use something that’s a little bit more like
a stain and this is powder puff from NYX and the color is called Grouplove.
Okay all right I’m not gonna touch that but strange names they have here and it
has a really deep kind of applicator and all you have to do is just push up the
lipstick a little bit and I like to use a lip brush. I don’t know if you can see
all of this what I’m doing here but all I need to do is just sort of
fill in where I’m missing here…. mmm easy peasy this stays on really nice
as well. So there you go and I know it’s like red
but we can just sort of fill it in a little bit more here and there and hey
we’re going for a glammed up look so this isn’t every day this is for
something special. So party time is all about the sparkle so I do want to add a
little bit of gloss and I have this Revlon gloss here and it’s number 720
it’s called pink cloud. And all I am going to do with this is just put a
little sparkle here a little sparkle there and you can just see it’s kind of
just wetting the lips a little bit and giving it a little bit of a shine
instead of just that matted look. Oh and by the way if you’re wondering about
these products that I’m going to be showing you we are going to have links
underneath the video in the description and we are probably going to find 90% of
them and if we can’t find one of them we’ll get something really really close.
And if you happen to click on the link and buy something thank you so much we
really appreciate it because we make a little bit of commission and it helps to
keep these videos going. So a big thank you for that. So I know I’m really
looking a little pale here so let’s get to some blush and I like using this
Maybelline City bronzer and I used the lighter 200 for the blush and the darker
300 we’ll get to that in just a minute for the contouring. So for the blush I’m
just going to use a brush like this and very lightly just kind of dab it in
there take off any excess as well and just very lightly just do a little bit
of like almost a figure 8 back and forth here a little bit on my nose a little
bit on my forehead you know just just around a little bit but not a lot you
want more of the contouring to really stand out in this particular look more
than just you know rosy cheeks. So let’s take a look at the contouring. So for the
contouring again I’m using the city bronzer. I’m using a little
brush like this for contouring and again we’re just sort of dabbing that in there
taking off some of the excess and we’re going right along our cheekbones. You can
see that applying there again over here and it’s looking kind of stark right now
but I’m gonna get to it. Down the nose don’t add any more just down the nose
along those nasty jowls hide them up a little bit with the contouring and for
this look I’m putting a little bit here and a little bit there a little dab will
do you. And also I’m now using this brush and what I’m going to do is just kind of
blend it in a little bit make it look a little more natural but still a
distinctive contour here underneath also on this side on the sides of the nose as
well and also a little bit of blending there. Now you’re seeing I’m really
starting to get a little bit of shape with my face and now we’re going to use
a little bit of highlighter and as you know I really like this Mac. It’s called
soft and general…er…gentle mineralized skinfinish. Alright so I’m going to use a
brush like this and you know what I’m big on not using a lot of highlighter
but this is party time its Sparkle Sparkle time. So I’m going to put a
little bit here, if you put on too much you just emphasize your wrinkles so we
don’t want to do that but and just a little bit here so you can see the
sparkle sparkle…Bill can you do a little…yeah you see a sparkle sparkle
also I want a sparkle here a little sparkle here alright
and also let’s put a little sparkle with a little brush like this just between. I
need my little mirror here just between our eyes here to give you a little sparkle in your
eyes. Now talking about the eyes let’s get going on them
and I’m going to start…Oh first of all I have used some Visine on my eyes to get
the red out. Now I don’t use Visine every single day but for special occasions
when I don’t want to look like I’m tired and I want to look you know a little bit
more vibrant vibrant. I put the oh I get the red out with a Visin. So there you
go. Others…other products on the market as
well. Now I am using an eyeliner and this is again l’oreal infallible. They say
it’s good for 16 hours. I’ve used it a lot and I think it’s held up really
really well. It’s got a little end on it like this for doing some smoothing. I am
going to do a little thicker eye liner than I usually do in the daytime but
again I’m just gonna kind of do the dots on then attach them you’ll see what
I’m doing I’ll do one eye for the sake of time and then I’ll fill in the other
one later but you know I’m going to go all the way along here. I don’t know if
Bill’s getting a little bit of a close up of this and a little swoosh here like
that you’ll see if you got hooded eyes not a big cat eye just a little swoosh to
give me a little bit of an upturn there. And now I’m gonna go again along the
line making it just a little bit bigger. That’s not my stomach growling that’s
the dog snoring. It’s the dog. He’s waiting for his turn to be on camera. So
anyway I don’t know if you could hear that but it’s so funny he snores. Alright
so as you can see it’s a little bit thicker than I usually do. Now the other
thing because it’s glam time I’m also going to go under make sure you have a
clean pencil now to do this and I’ll just go underneath on the
waterline. So there you go. Oh and by the way I’m not wearing false eyelashes in
this video or showing you how to apply them. I actually am not one I’m not big
on false eyelashes. I like to use my little handy dandy Revlon eyelash curler
and I also like to use a nice mascara. I’m using a covergirl exhibitionist
which goes on really thick and I do about three courts coats of mascara and
I think it looks quite nice. I’m going to show you how I do that in just a few
seconds. Now it’s eye shadow time and again I’m only going to do one eye for
the sake of time and I love this is this…its L’Oreal – this L’Oreal
Le Petite Palette and it has blue in it which I’m not going to use today but you
can also get it with a green. I’m going to be using a lot of the other
colors so let’s get started. I’m using this brush here and this is just kind of
a foam tip and I want to go into this sparkly again it’s all about the sparkle
the sparkly color here it’s like a beige or cream and there we go. We want to put
a little sparkle on top of the eyelid. Alright so we’ve got the sparkle going
there…so glam…and then I also want to go and put a little sparkle just underneath
the brow bone and what this does is it actually brings the eye up a little bit.
Alright so I got that going on. With a brush like this I am going to use the
lighter brown right here and I’m going to go into the crease not all the way in
just about here. Work my way out into a bit of a swoosh. As you can see right
there. Now I’m gonna blend it, don’t worry. Now I am going to use this brown right
here not this reddish brown I find it it’s not as nice as this one here. So
this dark brown here and again I’m going to go within the crease.
I just want to darken up that crease a little bit. Again it’ll help open up my
eye and then the other thing I want to do with this is just knock a little bit off
here. I want to go under the eyes because this is just too harsh a line. It’s not
pretty at all and so I want to sort of go underneath and what I’m doing here is
I’m making it a little smokier here. You see the difference between the two. This
is becoming a little bit smokier,. And then what I want to do with a blending
brush like this is just kind of make it all smoothed out. All right I’m gonna do
the other eye on… do the other eye on and then we’re gonna put some mascara on . Now
for the mascara as I mentioned I really love this color…..
covergirl exhibitionist mascara. I’m using it in black because I want a
dramatic look here and I find that it really stays on and it also comes off
nicely at night. And I don’t get the big transfer underneath. But the other thing
that I really am very careful of is I’ll put a coat of mascara on and then I’ll
let it dry and then I’ll put another coat of mascara on but only on the top
lashes. For the third coat that’s when I do the
under lashes because if you put on too much
basically they they actually could if they had three coats start to transfer
and then you get the raccoon eyes and we don’t want that. So yeah so I just put on
the mascara from the bottom right up the lashes And you can sort of…maybe Bill can do a
little bit of a close-up here…you can see how nice and thick that’s being put
on there and I’m gonna do three coats so to me I don’t really need the false
eyelashes in case they fall off or something. But also you know the little
globby stuff on the end here what I also do is I like my eye to go a little bit
more like a cat eye and so I kind of put the globby stuff over there and it gives
me a little bit of a swoosh. So well alright so let’s start on the brows because the
brows are what frame the face. It also gives you expression and gives you a
little bit of an eye lift as well. So as a lot of you know I do love the stencils.
That’s what I found and I just swear by them now. But first of all what we
want to do is get a little pencil like this any pencil will do and just sort of
brush up your eyebrows all right and then hopefully I can do this I always have
a problem. I’m using the brown powder and I don’t think that even though I’m
silver haired that a gray eyebrow really suits me.So I go with the brown it’s a
little bit more neutral and I have to just kind of place this in the right
place and then you place it there and you just fill it in fill it in with a
little brush like this and ta-da! A perfectly shaped…oh I just love this
stuff… a perfectly shaped brow and now what we
want to do is with the right kind of pencil and I have here
NYX. It’s an NYX it’s more of a blondie brown. I want to make sure that my brows
start about there. All right you don’t have to do this
every single day if you’re just daytime makeup but we want to look extra special
so I’m just going to go like that and I’m going to bring that brow out a
little bit here. Hopefully you guys can see that. Make sure it comes out to the end as
well basically all I’m doing is where the
powder didn’t go I’m filling it in just a little bit and make sure I have…I
don’t want a Groucho Marx big eyebrow. I’m not into that at all. I want it to
look a little more natural and I’m also putting on a clear mascara. This is great
lash mascara by Maybelline and I’m going to now brush up the hairs of my brow…what’s left of them because I don’t have a lot of them left but it just sets
everything with this clear mascara and you can see the difference between the
two looks that this is like wow. I’m awake and I’ve got you know more of a
lifted eye and this one not so much. So working on the brows and putting that
little oomph into them really really helps and I’m just gonna work on the
other brow right now. So I quickly did another coat of mascara and now I’m on
my third coat of mascara so I just want to show you what I’m going to do with
those lower lashes. It’s pretty simple actually but you know you just very
delicately brush them down and that’s giving you more of a smoky effect there
as well and then again with that little globby part if I can find some. I’m just
sort of putting that right on the edge there and I’m going to put the third
coat of the top lashes now and we’re almost done. So before this Cinderella
heads off to the ball I also want to make sure there’s a few things in my
little clutch purse. Number one my Revlon anti-shine. You guys know how much I love
this for powdering my nose or any little shine of course we want this shine to
stay here but you know the nose and the chin and that sort of thing, this is just
amazing it doesn’t make you look cakey. Also I’ll
be bringing along my lip pencil and also a little bit of you know lipstick to
touch up every once in a while but that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the look
but there’s still more to come in the video. We gotta go check out little
Hurricane and also check out what’s coming up in future videos. Oh and I
almost forgot don’t forget your nails and if you’re
wearing open-toed shoes don’t forget your toenails and you might want to go
for a beautiful brilliant red on your toenails and your nails as well. So I
know a lot of you wait for this little guy. It’s our little Yorkie hey Hurricane
how are you and when Hurricane comes on the scene he reminds me to talk about
new things, new videos and talking about new things we have a newsletter and it’s
called The Awesome Times and we’ve got a new one coming out really soon like in a
few days so don’t forget to sign up for that andit only comes out once a month and
it’s in your inbox and just below in the description you could find a link or
it’s AwesomeOver50.com/newsletter And also coming up in these
videos these beauty and fashion videos I’ve got an unboxing from Amazon. I’ve
got a leopard skirt in there and it wasn’t that expensive so let’s check
that out. And also kind of a silky satin robe. Oh
there’s a hoodie in there there’s oh there’s all kinds of things there’s a
beautiful vest. I can’t wait to show them to you and I also have some more
skincare and makeup reviews. And over on our second channel at youtube.com/awesomeover50inspiration by the way we’re up to a thousand subscribers on
that new channel so thank you everybody that’s going over there and subscribing
we really really appreciate. And also you know if you want to subscribe to this
channel there’s a button below and don’t forget to click on the bell and
you’ll be notified of the videos. But anyway I was talking about the other
channel now over at youtube.com/awesomeover50inspiration we have done a
video on whether or not you should get a dog….ears perk up…when you’re over 50? And
there’s a lot of questions that we asked ourselves and we want to share them with
you because you know dogs are a commitment and they they’re around for sometimes 15
years or more so we wanted to talk about that. Also I’m doing some really healthy
eating lately and I’ve got a new way to cook with very little oil. I want to
share that and there’s a lot of other things for the holiday season coming up
as well on that station. Now for a lot of us over 50 women I know sometimes we
kind of do feel like Cinderella. You know we’re into this humdrum life
and we think oh those glamour days are gone. Well I’m here to be your fairy
godmother and you know for all of the Cinderella’s out there I want to
sprinkle a little bit of fairy dust on you.
I want to sprinkle a little bit of highlighter on you and I want you to go
to the ball. I want you to have so much fun out there and not only do I want you
to have your light shine for everybody that really deserves to see your light
but I want you to keep it awesome and I want people to tell you you look

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  1. Hey Heather! Great job! Hurricane is a cutie! We got a Maltipoo almost 2 yrs ago. He keeps us going! We weren't going to get another pup after our two cockapoos passed by the house was way too quiet! We're in our 60's and no regrets! Enjoyed! Xo

  2. Beautiful YOU showing us all how to be radiant! But…. Hurricane steals the show! Everyone looks better with a pup giving them kisses! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Hey Everyone, Heather here… if you want to find the makeup product I used in this video they are at my blog at https://www.awesomeover50.com/smokey-eye-evening-makeup-tutorial/ (scroll down on page to find products) Enjoy!

  4. You look lovely Heather, especially your “swooshed” eyes! I’d like you to watch another Utuber called Pampered Wolf. She’s a sweet heart from London & does lots of tutorials with her Mum, our age group. I especially would love you to see the one “How To use Contour & Blush for Mature Skin” (7 months ago) You will definitely learn some new tricks; she’s very thorough. I also liked her “How to Give Instant Eye Lift to Hooded Eyes”(5 months ago) She shows a good trick for those of us that don’t seem to have mastered the “swoosh!” Also, everyone with her Mum is great. Let me know if you watch her sometime.

  5. Hi gorgeous Heather !! Love this look and these colors and you wear them beautifully !!! Great GRWM !! TFS and have a great weekend’!! Love drug store products too !!! Hugs and love ❤️💕xoxo

  6. Lovely, sophisticated look, Heather. I love the lipstick, the contouring (which is still a work in progress for me), and the eyes. The eye technique is just magical. You make it so simple, but it's really effective. You look wonderful. By the way, you are hilarious when you say "Aaaah" after presto changeo! Love it. Thank you and Bill, very much. Hugs to the snoring cute one. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  7. Hi Heather: Absolutely gorgeous!! ☺ I love how you do your makeup; I think you are the "real-est" out of all the you tubers out there. I don't do parties or socializing much, but, I have a 50th birthday for my niece next month, so I'm inspired. I can't pull off a red lip to save my life, and, the contouring is another issue. I'm very fair skinned, with cool undertones…but, it looks great on you. Again..love your hair! I'd like to grow out my white hair, and I also love that you keep it long! You look "age appropriate", yet cool & hip at the same time….not easy! Hope you three have a great weekend! Rosemarie 🌹 xo

  8. Beautiful look and great tutorial. I love red lips, I think a neutron eye and red lips looks amazing 💕

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