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Make Your Hardwood Patio Furniture Look New Again

Make Your Hardwood Patio Furniture Look New Again

We bought this table and chair set
before she was born and it’s still going strong. Keep watching to find out why. We’ve had this table and chairs for about 15 years, maybe a little bit more. We bought it at World Market, and it’s some sort of hardwood from Southeast Asia. This stuff is hard as a rock and heavy as all get-out. It’s been outside the entire time, and you know, we live in the Deep South. So what that means is long, hot summers…. And we do occasionally get a
little bit of snow and ice. And this set has been outside the entire time, exposed to the elements, for 15 years. The secret is teak oil…or you can use tung oil, although tung oil tends to be a lot more expensive. Ideally you’d put a new coat of this on every six months or so. But to be quite honest, I have neglected
this for the last couple of years. So before I put a coat of this on today, I
am gonna sand it down a little bit with my palm sander to get a nice fresh layer
of wood, so that the oil will absorb really nicely. And it’ll also get off all the dirt and grime that’s built up on it over these years. That was exhausting…but worth it! I’ve decided I’m gonna rinse all of this stuff off. There’s a whole lotta dust flying around here. And I am very tempted to bust out my
pressure washer But the problem with the pressure washer is that it’s really easy to gouge out the wood, even if you have it on the widest setting, or the widest nozzle, so I’m gonna just rinse this off using the jet sprayer and
hope for the best. All right. Okay, I’m gonna let that dry for a day or two and then come back and get it oiled. All right, this stuff is good and dry now,
and I’ve noticed that there’s some of these little bolts here have gotten a
little bit loose over time, and there’s also some little wooden pegs in the wood
that have worked themselves out. So I’m gonna go around and tighten everything up. To do a job right is always in the prep work.

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  1. As long as tequila doesn't make her clothes fall off until she's 27 and the parent of 2 toddlers, you're a great mom…lol I'm not going into that story, suffice it to say my elderly neighbors got a show…in February, in snow, in Iowa. Oh, and my husband still sings that stupid song to me.

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