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Make Macrame or Crochet Bobbins

Make Macrame or Crochet Bobbins

So if you don’t like making the bundles like this that literally just fall out as you need it as you tug on it you can always use a clothes pin in order to secure it as well. Let me show you how to set that up and therefore you can use that to be able to organize your yarn when you’re doing all your macrame. So taking your clothes pin just like you have this is the end of the strand. This is the very last uh, part so this, this where it leads to is going right into the project itself. So all you’re just going to do is just open up your clothes pin and just put it down before it goes to this circle. So okay, so there you see it, and now you’re going to take the remaining of this yarn and just like snuggly or just securely just kind of wrap the rest of this. You don’t want to wrap this to the point that you can’t open up your clothes pin. So you can take your whole cord depending on how long it is to be able to apply it to this and then when you’re satisfied with the length of it all you just need to do is that you just have to open up your clothes pin, just like you see and then just pull the strand through that open circle just like you see. So now your yarn strand can be held onto there and as you need one yarn just open it up and just pull a few and then to lock it back in just open it back up and just put it back inside. So this would be how to use a clothes pin in order to control your cords and your strands from being able to come apart on your project.

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