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Make Easy Crepe Paper Wall Hanging Home Decor | DIY Wind Chime | Easy Room Decoration

Make Easy Crepe Paper Wall Hanging Home Decor | DIY Wind Chime | Easy Room Decoration

How to Make an Easy Crepe Paper Wall Hanging This is a nice and easy to make Home Decoration Craft Things You Need… Crepe Papers Golden Beads Decorative Beads Pearls Golden Lace Embroidery Ring Adhesive Needle & thread Ruler Pencil Scissors Glue Gun & Stick Toy Stuffing Let’s start with the crepe paper. Cut the crepe paper measuring 7*20 cm These are the various dimensions that we need for the craft. Now fold the crepe paper as shown. Draw the scalpy design with pencil and cut it as shown. Sew the crepe paper as shown using a needle. Seal the ends with glue We need flowers of different sizes. Now take a yellow crepe paper and cut it. Using toy stuffing materials make the flower bud as shown. Now take a green color crepe paper and cut it by measuring 7*7 cm We need the green pieces of different dimensions as shown here. Fold the paper as shown. Cut the paper and you will get the design like flower sepal. Paste the sepal on the flower using adhesive. Paste the bud on the flower using glue gun as shown. Now make the hanging using pearls and beads as shown. For the second design make the same as previous one and add more of pearls and beads. This is how we need the hangings. Now take a ring and attach the designs at equal distances as shown. Apply glue on the thread as shown. This is how the wall hanging will look now. Now place the golden lace to the ring. Paste the decorative lace for hanging. Now paste the decorative beads on the ring for beautification. This is how the wall hanging will look like. Wow!! Your beautiful crepe paper flower hanging is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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