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Low-cost DIY Wall Decor | Acrylic Art

Low-cost DIY Wall Decor | Acrylic Art

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said
John Keats. The thing about beautiful things is every
time you look at them, you just feel a little bit better about yourselves. You might be having a hard day but just looking
at that beautiful painting or just looking at nature, which is just so perfect in itself,
makes you feel a little bit better about yourselves and probably helps you get through the day
if you are having a hard time. Hey guys, welcome to The Memory Box. I’m Arpita and I make videos on art, creativity,
hobbies and how those things in turn lead to productivity in other spheres of our lives. Now, if you’re old on this channel I am gonna
give you a moment to kind of assess what’s different with today’s setup. (Funny music in background) Anything? Well, it’s obviously not that un-obvious. It’s quite obvious. So, you see this beautiful background that’s
going on for the video today… uh… so today’s video we are going to talk about how to create
easy, DIY wall decor at almost zero cost, because these are things which you can create
with stuff lying around in your house. The first painting is titled, “Bloom into
the best version of yourself.” Now I showed you a version of this couple
of weeks back in my Sketchbook Tour video and that time what hadn’t gone quite right
was the background that was going on. I wanted a lighter shade so that the flower
would quite pop out. Uh… so that’s what I am going to fix in
today’s painting. And the first thing I am going to do is by
starting to paint the background in a light shade of pink. With the last version of “Bloom into the best
version of yourself”, I realized that my calligraphy is not really good. Also, in general, I don’t really draw before
making the paintings. I just pick up my paintbrushes and my paint
and just start the process. But the challenge with that is: unless your
eyeballing is very good, you have limited idea of the placement of each and every element
that goes into the picture, and that way it can look a little bit not-so-neat once it’s
done. To avoid that, this time I am drawing out
free-hand the main floral element and the quote. You’ll see soon that even after having drawn
with pencil, I realize that their placement is not quite right (in fact it’s too much
leaning on the right), so when I paint it finally, I will correct for it. Now that the basic outlining is done, I’ll
start making the flower-leaf arrangement. For the flowers, I wanted a mix of blue and
purple, somewhat like the Lupine family of flowers. It’s just that I like purple so much, so,
I thought I just wanted that color for this picture. Also, because I wanted this project to be
quite low-cost and I wanted to do it with things which were lying around in the house,
I have not really invested in good quality paper to make this. So you can see as I have painted the background,
it’s not very flat. It’s just bulging out in certain places. If you want it, you can definitely replace
it with a better quality, higher quality paper, specially, maybe say 200 GSM or 300 GSM. Uh… but for me, I am continuing with the
simple papers that we get in our drawing books. When I paint, when I draw or anything that
I do which has got something to do with creativity I do it for the sheer fun of it. I know a lot of times it’s not perfect and
this is something which I have encountered more often recently because I have always
been the perfectionist. I remember when I was a child there was this
one time when I wanted to draw a tree. I was copying it from a drawing book and because
I couldn’t get all the leaves correct, my six year old self, I was just sitting with
my legs just spread apart… uh… and my drawing copy uh… between my legs and I just started
crying. And I have always been that way, trying to
do things in the right manner. But, it’s only recently when through the process
of painting… sometimes whatever I do is quite one-dimensional, it’s not… uh… as
perfect as it’s in my head. It doesn’t look the same on paper. But gradually, through the process of making
new art, practicing it more… I am kind of accepting that not every time
I will be perfect. And not every time it needs to be perfect. It’s okay to have a journey… to start from
point A when you are not really good and reach to point B where you are just a little bit
good. These self-realizations that I get while making
making art, while creating certain things, that’s what is helping me in becoming lot more
productive in my life. It’s helping me to become more patient with
myself and that’s the benefit of including a hobby in your day-to-day life. The second poster, which is titled, “Numbers
matter, yet they don’t”, this poster is very important to me because of the concept in
it. In the age of social media, it is very easy
to get caught up in the idea of numbers. How many likes on your post? How many comments? How many views? How many subscribers on the channel? I have fallen prey to this time and again. So much so that as soon as I upload a new
video on YouTube, I keep refreshing my feed to see how many people already watched it. I would wake up from sleep and the first thing
that I would do is check YouTube to see if I got any views overnight. If the engagement is not what I had originally
hoped for, I feel anxious and let down. When the numbers are good on the other hand,
I feel validated and reassured. Why do numbers matter? Well, my experience in working in the corporate
for nearly 4 years has taught me that if you want to measure progress in anything, you
look at the numbers. My professional background is in analytics,
which means looking at numbers and identifying if we are heading towards the right trends
or in the right direction. So, in a way, checking numbers is second nature
to me. And that’s why, with this poster, I wanted
to remind myself that while numbers do matter, they DON’T sometimes. The creative process, such as painting, is
mainly to focus on your inner energy, connect with yourself and just express yourself in
the best form you can. Putting it out on a social platform does give
us exposure and help us reach our tribe, but there are millions of people out there and
it’s not easy for them to just simply find me as soon as I upload a video. If I want to form my tribe, I consistently
need to work towards that goal, and meanwhile, if I didn’t refresh my feed as often, maybe
I’d get some better sleep. I’m sure that as social media enthusiasts,
some of you may have faced similar situations in the past. How do you guys feel about this constant need
to check engagement on our social platforms? Do comment below and let me know. Now, you’ll notice that because of the nature
of this painting, I didn’t really use acrylic entirely for it, except for the background. I am using sketch pens which would be far
quicker to use and more suited to the concept of this painting. If you are an artist, feel free to listen
to that inner voice and use the tools that feels right for your work. Don’t feel the need to stick to one medium. Experiment and learn. Just experiment and learn. (Music plays in background) (Music plays in background) Now, that both the paintings are done, we
are going to put them up on the wall. For this, I’ll be using two hard card-boards. These are easily available when you buy clothing
stuff online/offline. I’ll also use a pair of scissors, some glue,
single-sided cello-tape. (Music plays in background) (Music plays in background) Whoo-hoo! That looks pretty! What do you think? Now because I stay in a rented apartment and
I didn’t want to punch nails on the wall, I’m going to be using these single sided
tapes and turn them into double sided ones to hang the posters. (Music keeps on playing) I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video. If you did, you know the drill. You have to like this video, comment on it
and share this video with somebody who you know might uh… find value in this content. And most importantly, subscribe to this channel
because I make videos every Saturday and I’m trying to get better and better every single
day and bring you content which will probably add some value to your lives. I’ll see you guys next week. Until then, take very good care of yourselves
and keep shining. Bubyee!

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