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Living Room ideas | House Contemporary Design | Interior Design

Living Room ideas | House Contemporary Design | Interior Design

Hi, i’m Maxine Shriber from Simply Decorate
and today we are doing a living room in Brooklyn, NY. Our clients sent in all her information
she wanted to be contemporary airy and bright homey and comfy. She was keeping her sofa
her club chair, the floors were wood, and she brought in some dimensions she told us
that the room had a green couch with the shades connected a brown recliner and she was game
for anything. She just felt the room was very very dark. She told us all the colors in the
room it was the brown the touch of yellow the green of the couch she gave us the budget
which was 2,500 – 3,000 and gave us all wish list which was the coffee table a new medium
unit curtains shades ceiling fixture floor lamps pillows vases plants photograph frames
artwork mirror etc. So she downloaded the picture of the living room and as you can
see it really was dark we felt the curtain were very heavy looking and there’s a lot
of things in there that we knew had to change so we got to work. So we actually started
our floor plan and we realized that were going to separate shays lounge from the couch. We
brought it to the other side, we put the chair on the other side also, and we kinda lighten
up the wall unit and put a wonderful wonderful carpet to pull it all together. We picked
a little bit freshers colors some pretty strips and we started working on it. So we put a
collage together this is very important for a lot of clients so they can tell the feeling
of the space. We put the area rug in, we put in some of her accessories, we added some
contact, we put some tables this way she has a good feeling of what the space should feel
like. So that she will really know where everything fits and whats the new image of what the place
is we give her a 2D as well as these 3D’s this way she knows how it looks and where
each piece goes. To make it really easy for her updating Simply Decorate gives you as
shopping list on the shopping list we have the item the photograph of the item the price
of the item and all you have to do is say shop now hit the button your into the site
and you can place your order and everything will be delivered to you with no problem at
all. If you have a room that you really need to update to make it fresher younger or you
need something totally all new. Simply Decorate is the easiest way to go, we do it quick,
we do it easy, and we always think about your design. This is Maxine Shriber for Simply
Decorate, always be creative and have a great day.

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