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Live PD: Running Around (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Running Around (Season 3) | A&E

– Apparently, loss prevention
individuals from Home Depot are chasing an
individual that has previously done thefts there. I guess when they attempted
make contact with them, they took off running. [radio beep] Hey, I’m 54-5. I got a visual. – OK. – Did he run? Yeah, I think he’s
running someplace. Where’d he go? – 10-4. Where’d he go? 14– just took off running. Stand by. [police radio chatter] Which way did he go? He’s– Last time, I saw
him here on the corner of the 4th and Cherry. – Where’s he at? – Over here.
– Do you still see him? You see him?
– Yeah. He’s over there. – I don’t see him. 14– they just waved
me down that he’s running towards the
Inter National Bank. He’s in between this plaza area. There he is. I got visual. [police radio chatter] [siren blares] You better stop. You better stop! Get on the ground. – For what? – Get on the ground now.
– Why? – Get on the ground. – [speaking spanish] – Now! – Get in the– don’t move. Don’t move. [handcuffs clicking] Why you running
from me then, huh? Yeah. Why didn’t you stop
and talk to me? He hit you? All right.
Don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t move. – [speaking spanish]
[radio beep] – 545– I got the– I got the subject detained. We’re in between HEB
curbside and the plaza of the ice cream shop. Then why you running
from me, man? Yeah, you– OK. OK, so then why you running? I tried to cut around. He already took off
running, but he didn’t see– I didn’t have time to
activate the lights. He ran around and went
inside the building. Yeah, he saw me, but–
– No. – Are you blind? You’re blind from one eye? OK. You speak English? OK. So what happened to your eye? Who? – Who did? – Who poked you? The Gulf Cartel? They tore out your eye? Because why? There’s a reason why
they took out your eye. Your brother was what? They killed your brother.
– Yeah. He– – OK. – I just ran his name
right now and just– No. Hold on. – All right. [police radio chatter] – He has a long history of
stealing from Home Depot, apparently. So I mean, the loss prevention
guy chased him down all over here, and was able to
get really good information, and we were able to locate him. So you know, it’s good– And then what’s funny is that
Investigations were calling me on the way over here. Hey, you know, he’s wanted
for a bunch of stuff. So they’re doing the processing. They’re going to get him
papered and paperwork, and book him in for all
the theft and stuff, so–

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  1. That first shot of him driving with the clouds not moving, is probably one of the sweetest shots I’ve ever seen ..

  2. Calm down there Deputy Dog, it's a friggin misdemeanor shoplifting charge! Good grief. Ondalay muy fritolay ma hombre!!!

  3. I work at a home depot and we dont have any asset protection employees. Management are the only ones. We dont call the police to report anything. Once they're outside our doors we cant do anything about it. So if they get out the doors, the police never get called. If we catch them in the act with definifitive proof of them putting stuff in back packs or whatever and we do catch them, management just has them empty the bag, they tally up the recovery, and they tell the shoplifters "and dont you come back".

  4. “Hey what’s up esè?!” I’m a cop who sounds like I’m in a gang lol 🤣🤣🤣

  5. I'm sorry, but if you get your eye poked out, with a screwdriver by the cartel, you deserve a little something something.

  6. "The Gulf Cartel stabbed me in the eye with a screwdriver and that's why I rob hardware stores…I hate hardware."

  7. idk what it is but when a spanish speaking person speaks to another spanish speaking person and the other responds in english it has me dying but so fascinating lmao

  8. Man, I know that this is totally unrelated to the actual video but the intro shot is unreal. That sky looks like it goes on forever.

  9. Whys everyone amazed about people being bilingual💀
    Everyone down here in south Texas can at least speak or understand both Spanish and English. I’m one city away from here so it’s always fun seeing the Mission PD episodes lol

  10. He lost his eye to the cartel guys too bad he cant lose a hand for stealing so much… and soon he will lose his tongue for snitching … he also needs to lose a lot of weight … oh and he just lost his freedom …. he is not having a very good life

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