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Link’s Awakening: Foreign FIENDS?! – Got A Minute?

Link’s Awakening: Foreign FIENDS?! – Got A Minute?

Koholint Island shares a lot of its wildlife
with Hyrule, ladies and gentlemen, but you could say a handful of its occupants are out
of this world! The Sea Urchins, for example, bear a striking
resemblance to Dreamland’s Gordos, and you’ll find unusual organisms similar to Kirby on
the first floor of Eagle’s Tower. Most of the island’s invasive species hail
from the Mushroom Kingdom, though. Podoboo have historically appeared in both
Mario and Zelda titles, but Boos, Bloopers, Cheep-Cheeps, Goombas, Shy Guys, Piranha Plants
and Spiked Beetles don’t usually surface in Link’s Lands. Unripened Pokey roam the Yama Desert, and
Chain Chomps are right at home on lawns, too. A few subspecies of Thwomps can be found as
well, and while most of them only have one eye, the Mega Thwomp boasts two at the cost
of its signature spikes. Wart also dwells on the island under a sketchy
alias, and there’s even humans who resemble a few familiar foreigners. There’s been whispers that a prestigious
princess has taken up residency in one of the local villages, too. I’m not one for gossip, but you could say
that girl is nothing short of a GOAT! Hey there, pal. Thanks for watching! This video was actually inspired by a suggestion
from Buttercup during Zelda Month 2018. She wanted to see Mario references in Zelda
games, and while I’d consider this to be but a nibble of what could be a larger production,
I hope you enjoy it all the same! Let me know if you did in the comments below!

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