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LG G7 Review [Part 1]: ThinQing Out Loud

LG G7 Review [Part 1]: ThinQing Out Loud

– [Michael] If there’s one
lesson that stuck with me after a week in South Korea,
it’s that LG makes everything: TVs, refrigerators, giant
HVAC units, even elevators. So I shouldn’t have been
surprised to see the company announce record profits last
week, except, well, I was, because I cover mobile tech,
and LG’s smartphone division has been pretty consistently
losing money since 2015. That’s a problem the
brand-new LG G7 looks to solve with upgraded cameras, updated
styling, and a boom box. This is part one of the MrMobile review, the first-impressions pass. (funky electronic music) The reason this is only half a review is that I only spent
three days with the LG G7 and its software was updated every night. So I couldn’t test
things like battery life. Also, LG said several
times that the camera was still being worked on, as well. So, let’s call this an initial review. Stay tuned for the final verdict coming in a later video
after a longer soak. LG phones have a habit
of staying in my pocket well after my reviews end, and
there’s one reason for that: They’re the only ones at the high end that devote a lens to wide-angle shots. That means if you’re in a tight space, like, say, a mud hut in
the Jeju Folk Village, you don’t have to settle
for a photo like this. You just switch over to the wide-angle, and you can squeeze in a lot
more, without moving an inch. Or, if you’re on a boat on the Yellow Sea, and ya can’t get far enough from the rail to frame a shot better than this, the wide-angle’s gotcha there, too. See, for my money, this is
LG’s most compelling feature. On the G7, for the first time, the sensor behind the wide-angle lens is the same as the sensor
behind the main camera. In previous models the wide-angle camera has had to make do with
an inferior sensor. There are compromises, to be sure. They’re not the same aperture; there’s no optical stabilization
on the wide camera; and it’s slightly less wide this year. It’s down to 107 degrees, from 125. But I don’t have to
wait for final software to say that it’s still the
best ultra-wide shooter you’ll get on a phone, at least without slapping
on a big third-party lens. Now, rather than leaning in to
that concrete differentiator, this thing that no one
else is doing, really, LG is more enthused about
buzzwords, specifically, AI. It does the same thing as on the updated V30 we saw in Barcelona. It adjusts color and saturation based on what it thinks
you’re pointing at. And there’s now also a portrait mode to do that fake depth-of-field thing. Back on the bright side. One of the biggest failings
of the last two LG phones has been the mediocre selfie camera, and that’s been corrected with the G7. The new eight-megapixel sensor is capable of much crisper photos with a
lot more texture, and it, too, uses a wide-angle lens
to fit more in the frame. I’ll share more camera samples, stills, and video in part two. For now, let’s move on to audio. The G7 still offers a headphone jack and a high-quality DAC to back it up, both rarities, these days. For external audio, LG has a new feature, aptly named Boombox Mode. See, rather than go the typical route of including dual speakers, the G7 has a single bottom
driver, but the internal casing that ordinarily surrounds
that speaker has been removed. That lets the entire
inner volume of the phone serve as a resonance chamber,
which makes it louder, especially when you rest
it on a hard surface. These things here, they are not accessories offered for sale; they’re just empty
wooden boxes that LG used to show how much louder the
G7 can get than, say, the G6, or the Galaxy S9, or the iPhone. We even listened to the phone
bumpin’ tunes on a guitar. Obviously, these are just demos. Even if all you’ve got is a table, the G7 will still fill a room
better than any other phone, with the possible exception
of the Razr Phone. A few more deets from my first few days. LG went with an LCD panel on the G7. Eh. But it gave it a special brightness boost that kicks it up to about
1,000 nits, on demand. Yes, that’s a notch you’re seeing up top. It’s hardly the last
one we’ll see this year. If it bugs you, you can flick a switch in the software to hide it away. The fingerprint sensor
around back no longer doubles as the power-standby button, which has been moved to the side. Flanking it on the opposite rail is a dedicated Google-Assistant button. No, you can’t reprogram it. The whole shebang is
dust and water-resistant. And, thanks to a
Gorilla-Glass-5 backplate, there’s also wireless charging onboard. That’s a good thing, since
the battery seems pretty puny, at just 3,000 milliamp hours, a 9% reduction compared to the G6. We’ll see how the endurance
actually holds up in part two, as well as how well the
phone’s video camera, its new super-bright-mode
camera, and software does, and maybe by then we’ll
have some more details on pricing and availability. My early thought is
that the G7 is the least surprising phone to come out
of LG in quite some time. That’s cool for somebody like me, who’s mainly in it for
the wide-angle camera, but for a company that hasn’t exactly been lighting the world on fire
by sticking to the playbook, at least in mobile, that
doesn’t fill me with hope. Of course, I’ll reserve my final judgment for the full review. Be sure to subscribe to
the MrMobile on YouTube so you don’t miss it. This video was brought to you by Thrifter. Thrifter is a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to home goods by shopping based on value and not hype. Check out the latest
deals at Thrifter.com, and tell ’em MrMobile sent ya. Lemme know what questions
you’ve got on the LG G7, folks. Drop a comment below, and if
I can, I’m happy to answer it. Until next time, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends. (light funky music)

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  1. As a graphics design student and photographer I'm exalted LG is still sticking with an IPS display. IPS displays are much more colour accurate which is essential for people like me.

    Plus, I've always hated how OLED screens add more saturation and contrast which could actually affect and totally change the mood/message a carefully colour graded video/picture was trying to convey.

    Watching The Revenant's trailer on an OLED screen for example didn't please me because the OLED screen made a purposely bleak/flat colour graded movie look more colourful.

  2. The real feature of the G7 I knew would be to wait for, is dropping the price of the V30, which actually seems to still be the bettter option here, mainly for the price (did I mention it yet? Oh), the screen (not the ultra best, but still a very decent Oled), wider angle even though the quality is not guaranted to be as good (with the G7 I feel like they made some compromise…), & that's pretty much it for now.

    I feel like the G7 is 1 of those we ought to pass on until either a previous 1 becomes a better opportunity for its price, or the next one will be a fulfilled version of this one, like the V30 has been what the G6 kind of "should of been" in some ways…
    I tend to trust my feelings, so.
    Let's wait full reviews anyway 🙂

  3. I will definitely try this one. I bought the V30 and returned it but I'll probably use this. I just want to know how is the screen brightness 🔆 at minimum levels, 0 to 50? LG phones are usually dim at lower levels. Thanks for the video as always

  4. Korean are damn tricky, give u something that u May not need them, but cut down thing u need the most, like battery.

  5. Even HTC learn from the trend… LG G7 is just learning the trend of copying others.. Is just looks like a slimmer version of hwa wei mate 9 and vivo v9 on the front copying i phone x … And just 3000 mah??… With 1000 nits display brightness?? No stereo speaker?? … This is what lg g7 thinQ…

  6. Looks like in practical everyday features, this would be a really nice phone to have, but LG will sell approximately four of them. They’re trying to differentiate themselves in all the wrong areas. People want a pretty casing— not a bastardized Android skin, store-brand Snapchat filters, and carelessly ripped-off notches. If LG had had the focus of Apple, this would be a powerhouse. Instead, this is just going to be another “Why when I text you are the bubbles green?” model. If your smartphone division is floundering, maybe “playing it safe” isn’t a smart move. I have to wonder if LG will figure this out or go the way of HTC. Which is a shame, some of my favorite, most sensible, and longest-lasting phones have been LGs. I honestly miss my G3. Here’s hoping they find their way.

  7. Ever since the LG optimus G i used every single G series and these days i have a V30. i definitely buy G7 i hope LG keep that Audio experience forever with Headphone jack.

  8. Why is there always a trade off with these companies, they should throw the kitchen sink into all of their models. This one lacks battery and amoled. The V30 lacks a quality selfie camera and a inferior wide angle camera. Note to all of these companies…. give us the best that is available not what you "think" we want.

  9. Why are these guys so reacted to LCD screen lol…. look at iPhone dude , and it’s cheaper to repair. The Oled on Galaxy S3 and S4 still cost 30$+ to repair. While the phone only cost 35$.

  10. If priced correctly, I don't see any reason for not selecting this phone..

    And as usual, ur the best when it comes to review videos. Thank you.

  11. I feel like out of all the phone reviewers your the only one that actually gets that it’s called the g7 thinq(think)

  12. I hope they don't put the wide angle camera on the Pixel 3 XL – which will be made by LG, unless I'm wrong; they would shoot themselves in the head, not foot; plus I'd be pissed, cause I'm really interested in this phone

  13. I think this lg phone has everything that i personally want. Look at the cams. Wide and portrait mode all in one. Top cpu. Sd card, 3.5 mm jack…I hope this goes good without bootloops or IR on screen and will be definitely my next phone.
    Good 1st review , bravo!

  14. Does the notch stay hidden while viewing videos on youtube or when viewing videos stored on the phone with a video player app?

  15. This phone is also underrated phone just like v30, a lot of people dislike by just a notch. It could be top phone with these features, much better than s9 tho. But just a notch people dislike it✌

    Just want to see the pricing if it's lower than S9 or note 8, then take my money lg. If it isn't I will just go to op6.

  16. I wish they would go back to swappable batteries. A whole lot better than plugging in all the time or having charging port clogged with pocket lint which puts it in slow charge or no charge. with the g5 all you need is a charging base and spare battery. You can pull the battery out with the phone on and replace it.

    Waterproof or camera quality isnt that big of a deal or dedicated google assist button.

  17. I would love to know how you style your hair. What you use, like any creams for that, etc. I know it's not tech related, but I like that style and would love to have it. 😜

  18. For the love of tech and consumer advocacy PLEASE don't get an LG! Their end support for their products is HORRIBLE!!!!
    It's 2018 and there are still NO security patches to fix their older Android products. Basically LG is leaving their products vulnerable to exploits that are easily fixable by releasing Google's Android security fixes yet they do NOT bother to do it.

    No more LG Android products for me.

  19. stupid design, that chin should have been adjusted to accompany the selfie cam, senseless and very useless to put a notch with a chin. and that interface is so generic and old and chunky

  20. I think this is LG’s most complete smartphone. Though I am not sure it’s going to bring LG back in the limelight.

    Nonetheless a superb work. Hats off to LG!

    P.S.- Mr. Fischer, i love your blazers man!

  21. Before 2015 LG was following Samsung footsteps and found success.
    After that they tried to be different and failed miserably

  22. I think that I’m an LG convert. Love the music and photography features. Bummer that they went with a notch but at least you can hide it.

  23. I have noticed that OLED panels are blurry next to LCD panel with 550 ppi and LCD are more pleasant to look.

  24. this thing looks like a 300$ meizu. LG should have just kept the look form the g6/v30. very dissapointisng lg.

  25. The wide angle lens and hi-fi quad dac are the major selling points for me. Plus, tmobile has a bogo offer for pre-sale orders.

  26. UPDATE: Part 2 of this review is now live! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUFmvDvmagc

  27. I have a dilemma, I want the LG v30 for the wide angle and DAC, while I want the razer phone for the speakers and 120hz screen. I use a pixel 2 xl as a daily driver, but I want one of these as a secondary phone. Which should I get?

  28. Wide Angle Cam, Quality DAC, Headphone Jack, Great Speaker, SD Card, FM Radio, Waterproofing, Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging… ticks so many boxes, great job LG.

  29. Very strange how you said the selfie camera on the previous models was inadequate. I found my LG G6 selfie camera far surpassed my wife's iPhone cameras.

  30. I LOVED my G3: FANTASTIC camera that resulted in gorgeous pics, I loved it's super HD screen (QHD Screen– guess u could also call it a "2K Screen" opposed to 4K), it's fast & responsive, AND, most of all, it's battery is removable AND it's memory is upgradeable– it's gotta a slot for micro SD.
    I loved it so much, THAT, when I found myself getting a different cell carrier, I bought the G4.
    The pictures from G4 were– somehow– even BETTER. The image quality of the screen was better. And it STILL had a removable battery & slot for micro SD. All was well. It was better than I expected it to be.
    and then came the overheating issues.
    SERIOUS overheating issues…
    … I read that some G4's were getting SO hot, that, he solder connection points on the CPU to the main "motherboard" would start getting soft and melt.
    When the soldered connection points started melting, the CPU is no longer connected to the motherboard.
    Essentially, it would turn the G4 into a paperweight.
    Knock on wood, this hasn't happened to me yet– I'm aware of the issue, so I'm very keen on keeping my G4 cool as possible.
    It's thought that because the phone has twin processors, and they had to save space, they designed the CPU's to sit ontop of one another, instead of a side-by-side arrangement. And SUPPOSEDLY, that's part of the reason for the high temps.
    The OTHER reason for high temps. is the GPU. It's not sandwiched together or anything odd like that….. It just gets hot from processing. REALLY hot from processing .
    The Big Problem I have with LG is that, shortly after the G4 was released, LG learned of the overheating issue– and CONTINUED to sell as many G4's as they could. They even had the nerve to refuse warranty issues with the G4. Now, they DID eventually begin to honor G4 phone's warranty from customers, but it took an ACTUAL LAWSUIT! (in my opinion) to get LG to start doing the right thing.
    So, I MIGHT give LG another chance by purchasing the G7…. We'll see.

  31. Is it just me or is that really Joshua Vergara? 0:10 lol.. Great review as always. I used to have an LG smartphone way back but I just sold it and went for samsung and apple instead.

  32. Chuckled when he said giant HVAC units while showing their VRF/small split condensing units. Those are tiny units, Mr. Mobile. Pretty much any company that makes TV's makes VRF HVAC systems and ductless split systems.

  33. Nice video! Love the quality! Also, got this phone in August. I love it so far. The sound quality is amazing. Wish the camera quality and battery life were slightly better. The camera is nice but does sometimes blow out highlights. That said, it's still a better camera than any other phone I've had.
    I've always had Android phones (LG or Samsung) so I love going to a new phone without having to relearn the skin and op.

  34. Nobody can even compete with LG interms of headphone back audio in 2018. That alone is the biggest differentiating factor for the G7. LG flagships may be the only smartphones that can compete with Hi Res DAPs.

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