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  1. I will never buy another lg phone. I have sent my g5 in too many times for repairs. Also, the bootlooping is terrible. Stick with samsung or apple.

  2. Lovely review as always, but I have a tiny, minor issue… The voice recording sounds really…. flat, thin, tinny. Is there something wrong with your mic situation? 🙂

    <3 <3 <3

  3. something literally no one has talked about it that the glass covering the camera lenses is now gorilla glass and not bs regular glass, its actually gorilla glass 4, my g5s is scratched to shit

  4. Hope that it can survive beside the rival Samsung s8 but nope , as soon as I heard the features like wireless charging and high fi dac depends on region , Samsung gonna win providing both these features in the future S8 . They shouldn't cut down on features

  5. Anyone want their lives more rounded check this app out….

  6. This could be an iphone killer. My dumbass iphone se that I haven't even had for year is having battery issues, performance issues, and not to mention I'm running out of storage. And this thing isn't that expensive, and is better than iphones in software, like normal. Only thing I'll miss is the imessage and itunes, which is the only thing that's keeping me at this point

  7. At 3:14 into the video does the G6 look like it's made of metal because in my perception I think it is

  8. dammmm video quality looks good finally been fixed certain issues like wobbly it looks good now very smooth

  9. lg's software support is terrible…..its official statement for not updating lg g4 and v10 to nougut is …….them being older devices….so buying a lg phone for 1 year software and hardware support at around usd 800 is total crap……will never buy another lg product

  10. WHAT? Snapdrangon 821?LG r u kidding me? I hope it gets upgraded with SnapDragon835!!!!!

  11. Given the glacial pace with which major versions of Android roll out, I'm stuck thinking, "Oh, great, here's another great looking flagship doomed to sport Nougat for a year or more after Android whatever-comes-after-Nougat is unveiled."

    I'll put down my seemingly-stuck-with-Marshmallow LG G4, now. At least my old Nexus tablet is sporting Nougat. Sadly it's my phone, and not my tablet, that comes to my hand many times a day.

    Always a first rate video, @theMrMobile. It's just a darned shame how slowly this latest flagship is likely to acquire the next major Android version update.

  12. My all time favorite tech Youtuber Robert Downey jr aka Michael fisher🎩 Entertaining😃 review as always🤠 BTW most of this flagship phone are cheaper in US as compare to other countries, that is why these smartphone company take some cost cutting measures🤑 in USA. I think LCD display cause strain🙈 on eyes. My HTC 10 📱give me headaches after prolonged usage🤒

  13. Good choice that grey brushed aluminium kinda color is gorgeous👰 You got taste man.👍👌Most you tuber are showing black color LG G6.

  14. Love the premium looks and larger display, but would've been even greater if it had a removable battery. 📱🔋

  15. "I've never trust LGs and I never will. I can never forgive them for the death of my boy…" (my LG V10 just bootlooped itself to death)

  16. great hands on ! I always liked the way you are speaking and reviewing smartphones and other tech stuff.
    greetings from Germany 🙃

  17. well done LG. however i feel the skin is just too annoying. good great hardware, same old skin…7/10 for now.

  18. Is there any way you can grill—er—ASK LG about if they are ever going to fix their dreaded bootloop issues that have plagued them over their entire lineup for a few years now? Did they finally fix this serious issue this time around? I love their phones, had a G4 and a G5—-and both of them suffered from bootlooping, not once but twice on both of them. This is not at all acceptable on a flagship phone, much less on even their non flagship models(V10 and now the V20 have same issues reported…..). Please, Michael, see if they are finally gonna do something about it, I really, REALLY want this phone….but I'm not buying it till I see for myself this issue has been put to bed already. Thanks!

  19. Guess I'll upgrade to a v20, since I use my phone 80% of the time for music. Its truly a shame LG is fragmenting their models like that…

  20. I am a huge LG fan had the g2 and currently g4. I was excited about the g6 but I heard the price is 800 or around there that's crazy!. New s8 suppose to be even more.

  21. are there new about the cost? I will buy a G5 but I can wait for this if it will not cost more than 600€

  22. Best in the biz. LG? They need to work harder to regain my attention. #bootloop #brick #neverLG #butthurtG3owner

  23. Your every video is amazing in every aspect line cinematography or sound or ideas, it's just awesome . That's why MKBHD views your Channel, because he also wants to learn from you!
    With such an awesome creative shots u take in Ur videos and Ur sometimes slight jokes makes me smile and feel a TechYoutuber should be like U!
    It's my wish to see u in real life anyday ,it will be happiest day of my life 🙂 .
    And I hope and Pray to God U will Hit 1Million mark as soon as possible cause God will never give u more or less than what u deserve isn't? And in my opinion u really deserves it by end of this year 🙂 .
    I love when u say stay Mobile my friends B) !
    Feel like U r talking to me .
    Thanks for reading if u did 😉 I just want to say I Love U <3

  24. This for me is arguably the best phone roght now even with the galaxy S8 out. I find the design a little better and comfortable than the s8. Usability wise this wins hands down as well. It also has a better camera of course.

  25. Thanks for the look into the LG G6. First time seeing this after having heard so much about how awsome this phone is. Liked to see the examples of its photo taking ability. Enjoyed your sampling of "phone water." Cheers!

  26. Having No Amoled screen is not a letdown for me. The display is still beatiful. i prefer it to the s8 and i found quite a few for 375 bucks and over (WHAT A STEAL😃)

  27. I can tell you right now, I bought the international version because I wanted the 64GB version, and this phone is great. Ive gotten 36 hours on a single charge the display is great and the camera is great too, not the best in night time though and for the price tag I couldnt argue. $400. This is my 3rd flagship phone, Nexus 5 -> iPhone 6 -> LG G6. still kinda miss the voicemail features from iphone though 😛

  28. I really like this phone. This is an improvement over the G5. I found the G5 not all that nice to look at… Sorry G5 users. I have the G4 and this G6 may be the next one for me. I'll see how it all goes with my G4.

  29. Best dam phone ive ever brought , I was a Samsung person and wasnt pleased with S7 the workings of the phone . LG is a no BS phone can upload all my pictures no probs and its fast at uploading on fb . Very impressed with this phone no complaints !

  30. I wish manufacturers didn't feel like they have to jerk off reviewers with "elegant" glass and aluminum phones. I would rather have a phone with a plastic back cover if it meant I could remove the battery.

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