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I’m going to take a look at this very cool Lavoit Elora natural Himalayan salt lamp it actually comes in a very pretty box so it makes a very good gift so we want to take it out and take a look just come with an extra bul that’s good to know yeah yeah what happened yeah alright pretty my great time there yet no two lamps are exactly alike because it o mine yes that is a beautiful walk is beautiful now I figure out thought lamp I’ve heard a lot about them and the benefits that they offer but I’ve never used one never had one of you know I always wanted to get one soon to check one out very pretty it’s a little yeah Josh it’s a touch control very nice now the lesson behind his lamp behind the solvent is that when miners and the Himalayas were digging salt they found that the miners near the salt mines were healthier than most people in the region so sick people were actually brought in to the salt mines and they were said to get you yes so at some point someone decided to make well I yeah and they claim the claim is it produce negative ions there are all sorts of benefits that are claimed to be derived from the salt ram I think we should turn the light down to release okay great this has a very cool touch control very easy on it has a nice stainless steel base here that’s not going to wear erupted over time and that what’s it I think it fascinating is it it looks different from every angle as you rotate that different different variations in color and shape you know what it reminds me of a big piece of course oh yeah it really does it’s beautiful there’s all kinds of pretty colors kind of pink in in the orange and reddish hues in it so that’s a 15 watt bulb when you mentioned you came with a spare which is really great I’m so doesn’t need zone just needs a lot of energy that’s just quite a bit of weight now salt lamps are said to remove contaminants from the air through the process of high-growth to be pronounced that correctly they attract water molecules from the environment or form particles orbs or full results now some people say that these lamps hope their allergy symptoms to lessen so if Mike might have these benefits the most of the evidence is anecdotal souls benefit and it’s beautiful and a lot of people find problems three stress reducing the Greek our users just retire absolutely just let me give you a better look at the touch control very easy just barely touching on Oh that’s the time I like the darker what are you showing me that it really is a piece of art yes I think even if you didn’t try to let the the light on that’s what’s so great about these two and the fact that each one is individually and I’m sure their conversation piece and when he walked in what’s that oh if assault man walking and that is a lavoie Aurora natural Himalayan salt lake it would make a beautiful addition to any home thanks for watching okay now we can fight over who gets the lamp

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  1. May i ask about the cord?? Is it detacheable??

    Coz in other brands you are the one to set uo the cord and bulb
    Is the levoit lamp is detacheable also??

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