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LEGO Architecture Shanghai skyline set review 21039 🇨🇳

LEGO Architecture Shanghai skyline set review 21039 🇨🇳

hello everyone fair warning I do not
speak Mandarin at all so most of my pronunciations of proper names in this
review will be incorrect I do apologize for that but I hope that many of you
will be able to see past that and actually take a look at the Lego set
that I’m here to show you today this is the latest one from the Lego
architecture skylines sub series and it represents part of the skyline of
Shanghai China this is a much larger set than most of the skylines have been to
date as a matter of fact it may be the largest of them putting on a minifig
here for scale hopefully that’ll help you to understand just a little bit I
was definitely taken aback by the price of this at first but now it makes more
sense the architecture line sets tend to be more expensive because they can be
because they are going more towards adult collectors then most of the sets
that Lego makes but here the size as well and the number of pieces used is
pretty significant you’ll see in some of the detail just how many small pieces
are used here now just on the front but also on the back and how many are
stacked up here as well I’m gonna start on the left though with the smallest
structures in the set and in the foreground here this represents Chenghuang Miao temple it’s a shame that it ends up being represented with so few
pieces but they were trying to keep a pretty good relative scale between the
different buildings as they always do in these skyline series sets and behind
that the taller structure is the Longhua Pagoda now neither of these look
particularly great or accurate in this tiny scale but I’m very glad that they
included them because they are very important for the connection to the
history of the area next representing a couple of the early 20th century western
buildings along the waterfront we have the HSBC building here and the Customs
House and these two are actually directly next to each other along that
waterfront in real life from a higher angle you can see the hollowed-out plaza
space of the HSBC building and you can also see how they integrated in an
approximation of the street and walkway area and the
Waterfront itself there’s also some texturing around the backs of each of
these buildings so they don’t look too plain when viewed from behind next the
rear view is the clearest and best view of the Radisson Blu Hotel
now the Lego version of this has a lot of strong vertical striations but I
think that’s broken up a little bit with the visible studs behind these grille
pieces in grey especially with their shadows it helps to introduce a little
bit of the horizontal line and kind of horizontal break up to show the
different floors and their windows a little bit better here’s how that looks
from the front so it’s partially obscured but you can see it down to the
base down to the ground level from some angles next up is the Oriental Pearl
Tower which has the most complex and varied build of any of the structures in
this set especially appreciate the attention to detail on the ground here
they really try to build up the terraces although I feel like perhaps some green
is missing from this to show the the levels of planted areas the main tower
structure has building right side up and upside down they alternate back and
forth with the use of some bars inside of the structure to help hold it all
together have a feeling this building took the most time to design because
there are many different ways that you could do many of the different
components of it and I’m sure there was a lot of second-guessing involved of
where to put the magenta do you use magenta or do you use red do you use
that minifig headpiece up here or do you stack up studs just there are a lot of a
lot of components here that really I’m sure had to be experimented with back
and forth many ways also they’re missing the struts kind of cross struts that
ought to go in here was there a way to make that happen I am certain that the
designer spent a lot of time trying different things here and in the end
ended up with something that is immediately recognizable even if I think
looking up close at it you could start to question some of those individual
decisions in mostly medium blue and using exclude
civilly studs on the side construction this is the Shanghai World Financial
Center building and this is a difficult shape to approximate in this scale
especially in Lego they have tried to do this shape previously for the One World
Trade Center so we had just a little bit of experience of trying different
techniques and I think this is a fair representation a fair approximation a
fair way to do it there aren’t too many ways to do it that’ll that’ll give you
such a consistent finish now this does make ample use of 2 by 3 tiles which are
a relatively new thing to the Lego world and also lots and lots of 1 by 3
modified tiles with just two studs on top so just here you can see how you
have the four stud wide base behind the widest area then you go to three studs
wide then to do and then to one and all these things are completely tiled off on
the front so you see absolutely no studs I think that it’s a a good finished
product now the wedge plates that are used behind the cutout there are angled
in a bit more than they ought to be but I think this was about as close as they
could reasonably get it in this scale as you turn the thing around to the side
you can see more of how it tapers towards at the top along one dimension
but you may also notice just a little bit of warping forward and that’s just
something that always happens with Lego plates they always tend to pull
themselves towards the studded surface especially when you have a limited
number of them that can stack and and hold themselves in place the tapering
continues around the back but does not look nearly as good here where you have
so many anti studs the undersides of all of these plates and especially jumper
pieces they did bring in a couple of the inverted tiles up here but to me those
just don’t help very much with consistency because that breaks things
up and almost makes me wish that it was all just anti studs that I was saying
just for a consistency this view last up is the very twisty
Shanghai Tower a shape that you wouldn’t really expect to see made out of LEGO
pieces but that ultimately was approximated with fairly simple kind of
brute-force techniques when it comes down to it you’re looking at essentially
a huge stack of these pieces they’re just horizontal so some of the faces are
flat and then one of the faces is rounded like so and they just use some
of these flexible parts inside and then just to ultimately twist the thing
around it goes through a couple of 90-degree twists and that’s pretty much
it there is a section here that doesn’t have any twist to it I mean there’s a
very slight amount that you can kind of force into it but it tries to stay
completely flat so that’s just a little bit off but if you’re not looking
forward if you’re not looking at just the right angle you probably won’t
notice that and plus you know a lot of these individual segments will have
slightly different offset so you can kind of drive yourself crazy trying to
make this look as Perk as perfect as possible but from any kind of normal
distance to normal observers I’d say it looks pretty dang good I also think they
did a pretty good job of finishing off the top was a little bit of flair a
little bit of unique shaping up there and that includes the use of a couple of
old Bionicle bull rock eyes these pieces have been known as in just a regular
dark grey I want to get a lot of those have a feeling that you will be seeing
many many many of those in custom builds in the future not just in architecture
related things but all kinds of stuff it’s just a very useful piece and it’s
nice to get it in such a generic color and that does it for this one this is my
personal new favorite skyline series set from Lego architecture although it’s not
particularly fair given how large this is you know it’s not entirely fair to
compare it directly against the others but
I like the varying techniques and I think that it just looks really nice on
display it’s a little bit strange that they have this this you know set up with
basically going from shortest to tallest or vice versa but I think that the
positions are are well chosen and the representation that’s here is pretty
good I’m sure that many people could have suggested other buildings to be
placed in here but I understand why they chose each of these for an architectural
study and also giving homage to the different ages of different portions of
the waterfront and the main downtown area but ultimately this was a fun Lego
set to put together the priced part ratio is surprisingly fine
it’s just a little little expensive feeling for the volume of stuff that you
get when it’s completed because so much of it uses small detail small pieces and
ends up with fairly dense builds especially for the two on the right
that’s it for my look at this one hope you enjoyed the little tour I’ll talk to
you in soon thanks for watching you

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  1. You don't understand how happy am I you reached 900k Subscribers! Congratulations Jang, next milestone for you, 1 Million.

  2. What’s going on with your city? If you don’t make a city video soon you’ll have to put more modular in or punish yourself.

  3. The skyline looks great, and to give it a real Lego feel you could add a small Lego helicopter flying in the distance.

  4. Love the video but this skyline set sucks. "Approximations" and "facsimiles" only go so far. LEGO needs to step up their game with these and either include fewer buildings or go all out and do each with some respect… (Unfortunately and ironically, they were obviously trying to pay respect with the temple buildings but failed miserably!)

  5. I think it would be awesome to use some block tape to fix a line of all of the LEGO Architecture skyline sets on a wall. Great review once again, Jang!

  6. The Shanghai Tower is brilliantly done! In saying that, I think the way it was done was the only logical way of doing it. In any case, it is awesome to look at.

  7. I ended up rearranging my New York skyline so that the buildings fit better from lower Manhattan, nearer to the Statue of Liberty at the left to upper Manhattan buildings going right. (Plus I created a 9-11 memorial block by my One World Trade Center: https://twitter.com/quixotequest/status/907291820878471168 ). How does this Shanghai set fit?

    Also—great to see your coverage about the inverted tiles on the World Financial Center. Seems like a necessary change to modify—though it would be awesome were inverted tiles available to do that whole side, or if they had designed it as a sandwich of two no-studs sides.

  8. The financial center is the one that doesn't work for me. Love the color, but the back of it is lacking.. I'm a bit baffled as to why, after doing such a lovely SNOT job on the front, the designer didn't mirror image it for the back, and devise some way to clasp those two halves together (kind of like the UCS B-wing's long portion). I suppose it would increase the thickness, but not by much. 1 plate thickness, tops. ;]

  9. What about las vagas I suppose it is cancelled or it will come out soon. Also im wondering why they haven't made ones of rome canberra paris or Washington DC

  10. They should have replaced custom house and shanghai new world with the jin mao tower and also the second tallest should be made out of the grayish blue pieces

  11. Me, being a LEGO Star Wars fan, I think they should make a citadel like this, from Rogue one for May the 4th.

  12. Other skyline ideas:
    Toronto, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong

  13. The New York one is the largest at 598 pieces. This one is 597. I love the one. Probably my favorite skyline kit! I mainly got this one because I lived in Shanghai for 3 years, and have gone to all these places!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Did anyone else have trouble with the World Financial Building? I couldn’t figure out how to make it stay turned

  15. I think that lego should try to do all skylines of the capital cities in the U.S. and if not that than all the skylines of the capital cities around the world. Imagine a lego Pyongyang just sitting right next to a lego Washington D.C. haha

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