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LCIF Empowering Service: Anna’s House

LCIF Empowering Service: Anna’s House

Veneto, ItalyMy name is Elisa Renier. I am a farmer. I work at Anna’s House. I started Anna’s House in 2014 to give Anna, my daughter, an opportunity to live peacefully
in a protected environment. The mission of Anna’s House is to offer work opportunities
to people with disabilities. I feel very good working here.Anna’s House is supported by
Lions Clubs International Foundation.
It is not a place for the disabled. It is a place for everyone. I work well with my friends. We make a beautiful team. My club has supported
this project from the start. Clubs from all over the district worked to create something that will continue after us.LCIF funded a fully-accessible training
center to process and sell harvested goods.
Having a job means being busy so you have the opportunity
to earn something, to be independent, above all. We have paid a lot of attention in the construction of this building to take into account various disabilities. I realized that this
is a multifunctional service that embraces the whole community. I would like to thank the people who accepted and welcomed me. Anna’s House is a resource to grow, to sharpen their skills, and to build something
for their future. What I earn I take home to my family. And after I’m done, I return home. Happy. I’m able to go out kayaking
with my friends. Together Lions can build, thanks to LCIF, a more inclusive society.Empowering service. Changing lives.Donate today to make a lasting impact.

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