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Lava lamp

Lava lamp

(Sound of bubbles popping) Hi everyone, my name’s Tim, I’m
from the Questacon Science Squad and I’m going to show you how to
make your very own lava lamp. You need a plastic cup which is filled
to about a quarter of the way with water some cooking oil some white vinegar some green food colouring and some bi-carb soda. Once you have these things,
you can take the vinegar and pour vinegar up to about
halfway in the cup here. Pour it straight into the water. And then take a splash of the
green food dye, pour that in. There we go.
Give it a good mix around. And pour oil on top until it
reaches pretty close to the top. So now all you have to do
is take out some of the bi-carb of soda and sprinkle
it on top of the oil. Sprinkle a little bit
more here as well. And you can watch it bubble away. If you want to find out
how this lava lamp works head to the Questacon
Science Squad website. See you next time.

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