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Last Christmas Series EP4

Last Christmas Series EP4

In regards to the media coverage,
we plan on proceeding as outlined in the schedule… Each media will have 15 minutes for an interview. Only 15 minutes? That’s correct. In regards of taking pictures, discuss-able topics
and subjects not to ask are all listed here. Well, that’s about it. Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you for your cooperation. Wonderful, Rossi-sama, the superstar, right?
Note: “sama” is used for respectful honorific, in this part of sentence is used in a snide manner. We’re having him do as much as we can. I can’t believe that he requested
a specific brand of shampoo for his hotel room as well. Morning! Good morning! What happened to you? What the…? After the party, when I woke up at Kenji’s place… I found myself like this. Right? Yes. Are you all right? Hey! Hey! Hey, what the hell are you doing? Well, I… Uhh… I just lost it and.. But it’s really his fault… this guy, Haruki Kenji. But, Haruki… What did Haruki-san do? He’s trying to take my wife away from me. Take away? My wife, Sachiko, wants to divorce me and marry this guy. What? Are you two acquaintances of this man?? Yes, we live next door. Married? – Well…
– That’s right. My name is Sugimura. Sugimura Yukihiko Iwata Stationary Supplies Company Ltd. One more thing… It might take the both of us to take him out. What are you talking about? Here’s my other business card. Kyokusei Karate Dojo
Master Instructor
Sugimura Yukihiko When this guy wakes up, please tell him the following… if he ever meddles with my wife again… I won’t go as easy on him as I did this time. Understood. If I’m not mistaken, your next physical exam is
Monday, next week, right? Yes. I see you at the hospital then. Okay. Goodbye. A physical exam? Hey, you showed up at the right time. What? What’s all this? I don’t have the time to help you out with this. Hard labor is the best remedy
for a person with relationship issues. I don’t have any relationship issues. In fact… it might be a complete misunderstanding. You still don’t believe it? Sachiko hasn’t said a word about it to me. What are you doing? Hello? Sally-san? Hold on, I’m going to pass the phone. Here. Sachiko? I heard about it. My husband went over to your place, right Ken? Yes. You’re mad at me, aren’t you? Or are you disappointed? I’m not mad at you… and I’m not disappointed. I’m starting to like you even more. I guess I shouldn’t be saying that. As your senpai, let me say a few things.
Note: Kenji uses the word “senpai” which means he’s like an older brother to Sachiko. Remember Sachiko always calls Kenji “Ken-nii” literally “Ken niichan” (literally means “elder brother Ken”) Okay. First off. Don’t lie to me anymore. Okay. Secondly… in regards of this issue, I’d like to talk to you in person… So you’re taking me out to eat and you’re paying. Understood. No need to act all tough… Well, it’s good that you now know before starting a race. If you found out after you’d started the race… then you’d have gone downhill into love and
not have been able to go back at all. What? Don’t tell me that you’ve already started the race. Already heartbroken, are we? And yet you’re still standing upright? Of course I am. There might be a reason behind all of this. You plan on having an affair to a married woman? It’s not worth it to go down a “path” like that
and I think you should reconsider. Excuse me, why do you have to jump to conclusions like that? Well, just as long as you don’t end up being a loser like me… There’s this favorite skier that I look up to… Patrick Mueller from Switzerland. He always skis without caution. That’s why he falls down and goes off course quite a bit. However, he never gives up. He always gets back up to finish the race. Some people laugh at this… But according to him… those people who finish the race… always have a chance at winning the next race. What? Are you trying to cheer me up? Not really. The next race, huh? Oh, well… I really wanted to have a boyfriend before Christmas. Christmas? How can you say such a thing now? Well, I’ll leave the rest up to you. Keep up the good work. Hey! Hold a second! This is your job! Last Christmas Initial English Translation by Studio Oto
Transcriber & Additions : KidD01/P-Chan He’s here! Welcome to Japan. Oh, thank you very much. It’s a pleasure. Roppongi! Roppongi! Note : Roppongi is a district in Tokyo that is well known as the city’s most popular nightlife district among foreigners. Hearts Sports! Roppongi! Please… What a crowd… So how’s things? Are you two getting along? Thanks to you. Things are going well thanks to me… you’d better pay me back by introducing me to someone good. Sure. Leave it up to me. I want a new hand bag pretty soon too… Episode 4
The Bonds of Happiness Aoi… You’d better cherish Ritsuko-san… Today, we have an exceptional guest here. A superstar from Italy, Mr. Rossi. No, no… Signor Rossi. Signor Ro-ro-rossi? No. Rossi. Rossi. Was that okay? Good job! Next schedule is lunch at “Oshikusha”. Tempura. Tem… What? Change of plans. Change of plans… – Understood, change of plans.
– Take him to “Gen”. Understood. We’re having tempura for lunch. Thanks, you really helped me out. You’re done for the day after this, aren’t you?
Let’s go out and eat together. Rossi-sama has a party in his honor after this.
I don’t know when that’ll be over. Then, I’ll wait at your place. Give me your keys. Unless you want to come and rescue me at my place? Sorry, I’m late. Here’s the book that you wanted, Ritsuko. I finally found it at a used bookstore. Who the hell are you? Where’s Naoya? Naoya? I’m breaking up with you. What’s wrong? Nothing. Thanks. What the… No way! It’s true! I’m sorry! Aoi? He’s finally home, the guy who got put out into the hallway
even in grade 12.
Note: Teachers in Japan put students out in the hallways
as a form of punishment Hey, what did you tell her? I, Shibata Sachiko, am married. I’m Sugimura Sachiko now. I see… I’m sorry I hid it from you. When I’m with you, Ken, I’m reminded of my past
and I can’t bring myself to tell you. Well, don’t worry about that. Rather, shouldn’t you be… I don’t want to go back to that home. I’m going to divorce that man. So, I beg you, Ken, please… I’ll get the door. Sorry to trouble you. Shouldn’t you be seriously talking to your husband about this? Hey! Hey! Your husband is here. What? Don’t worry, I don’t think he knows that you are here. Now isn’t the time to lie. Wait! Things will be complicated,
so don’t tell him who you really are. Sally-san, that way. Come on, hurry! Hey, hey! I’m sorry for the other day. Oh, don’t worry about it. Here you go. There’s really no need for this gift. It seems like Haruki-san isn’t home right now. Well then. Please allow me to wait for him here. Why don’t you come in a least? I shouldn’t, since I brought Pocchi along with me Your dog? Yes. Don’t worry about it. Come in. – Really?
-Yes. Hey, Pocchi! Come on!
Note: Pocchi is a dog’s name, usually used for small dogs. Why are there a bunch of pictures of you? Actually, my husband and Haruki-san are very good friends. Look here, Haruki-san is in the pictures as well. Oh, that’s right. Why does your wife want to divorce you? I really don’t know myself. All I know is that, according to her… we no longer have the relationship of a man and a woman. You don’t consider Sally-san to be a woman any longer, do you? Say what you will. We’re a married couple, after all. That’s not right A woman always wants to be considered as a lover. Is that so? But you two, as married couple… seems to have a weird distance between each other. Not at all! We’re always cuddling up to each other. Right, darling? Of course, honey. Right? So you mean to tell me… that you’re always kissing each other and stuff like that? Of course we do, right? Yes, we do. How do you do that? Honestly, would you leave you over something like that? Actually… I did something with another woman at work… You had an affair?! I really wouldn’t call it an affair. It was more than… Come one, it’s within a man’s nature to… What a load of bullshit! Sachiko! What do you mean by “a man’s nature”.
Don’t try to justify yourself. Sachiko, let’s go home. I don’t want to. You want me to come home
because you don’t have anybody to cook or clean for you. That’s not true. It is! You didn’t notice when I changed my hair style. We haven’t even gone out to eat together last year. That’s because I’m busy with work! Oh really? Just because you’re busy with work, you’re allowed
to forget our wedding anniversary and our special song? Special song? You’re mad over such trivial things? I’m not going home. I’m going to live here. Is that so? – Wait…
– In that case… I’m going to live here as well. Do as you like. Uhm… This is my place… Pervert. It’s always been like this for me since senior high. Whenever I’d get into a fight with a boyfriend… Ken would come in between us and smooth things out for us. Even after 20 years, we’re still doing the same thing. What do you want this time? Do you want his help
or do you want to go through with the divorce? I don’t know. Whatever you decide, Haruki-san will still accept you. I’m… not being fair, am I? Not at all. Sugimura-san… I… to be honest… Haruki-san… Yes? How did…? If things… keep on continuing this way towards a divorce… please take care of Sachiko. What was it again… the song… that was playing at that place… on that day? I’m sorry to have troubled you. Not at all. I’ll think things over and come back again. – Good morning.
– Morning. I’m sorry, Ken. You’d better think things over carefully
and then come to a decision. Yes. In my opinion… Your husband isn’t that bad person. Am I a nuisance? No, not at all. That’s good. Thanks. See you. See you, bye bye. Say, darling… Don’t bother with the charade, he found out the truth already. It’s not at all like you, Haruki-san. Shouldn’t you be more accepting of her
and invite her to stay at your place? Sachiko is… despite how Sachiko seems… all she wants is an ordinary happiness and an ordinary family. Growing up, her parents were always against each other. She always used to say that she dreamed
of having a meal with matching chopsticks. Matching chopsticks? As a child, she went over to play at a friend’s house… she was surprised to see the parents
eating with matching chopsticks. So… she concluded that her family wasn’t happy
since they ate with mismatched chopsticks. That’s why, deep down,
she probably doesn’t want to have a divorce. And… What about you, Haruki-san? You like Sally-san, doesn’t you? There’s no need to concern yourself with such things. Whoa! Pocchi… You got left behind? Senpai! Is it okay to go with this first? This one first. Okay, I got it. Next please… Coming! Couldn’t we go with a white one? And there’s another photo shoot… To begin with, no matter what you say to the editor,
Nothing gets approved. Don’t get mad like that. Look at this! This! It’s the editor who made it all like this… I give up. Hey, don’t be like that.
Don’t give up without seeing things through until the end. It’s what you’re always saying, isn’t it, senpai? That whole thing about finishing the race
in order to have a chance at winning the next race. That’s right. Let’s head back. Okay. Isn’t there anything that can be done? There’s no way that we can cancel it. I’m terribly sorry, but he says that
he wants to do some training no matter what. Is it possible to cancel tonight’s plan? Roppongi! Roppongi! I’m terribly sorry, but I’ll call you again to reschedule.
You have my deepest apologies. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go after this.
Please sit down. Sit down, please. Incoming call
[Sachiko] Ken? I have a special live broadcast to do after this… I was wondering what you were doing tonight?
Can I come over? Isn’t it better for you to go home? Yeah… I’ll call you later. Sachi… Do you want to come over for dinner at least? Is it okay with you? Sorry to trouble you. What are you apologizing for? I’ll make you something that’ll warm you up
and I’ll be waiting for you. You can eat until you are full and happy – Aha!
– Whoa! Those are chopsticks, aren’t they? I’m not making any for you, Aoi. So, you’re going to accept Sally-san? It’s not like that. All I want is for her to cheer up… and realize that I’m not trying to pull away from her. I think Sally-san will be happy. I don’t need any crab. Crab! I don’t like green onions. There’s no such thing as a nabe without green onions
Note: “Nabe” is a Japanese soup based hot pot dish
with a variety of ingredients A nabe without any crab is even less of a nabe. Something like that is a nahe. Nahe!
Note: Nabe in hiragana is なべ.
Take away “the claw” becomes なヘ (nahe) I’m content with nahe then. What an attitude, especially since I’m going all out to help you with your groceries… Nobody asked you to. Wow! What a delicious looking nahe. You never give up, do you? Especially when it comes to food. Say, when is Sally-san going to get there? Well, she’s doing a live broadcast,
so she should be here at around 10 O’clock. Now this is the season for delicious foods that’ll warm you up… That’s hours from now I told you we should have picked some snacks… …I guess it would be nabe. I just love nabe… It’s nabe. But there’s no crab in it though… …I guess my favorite kind would be tara-chiri
Note: Tara-chiri is a fish (cod) based nabe;
quite similar to shabu shabu It’s time to read some mail from our listeners. This one is from Pocchi-san in the Setagaya ward. You? Good evening, Sally-san. Good evening. I want to talk to you today about my owners, a married couple. The love between the two of them is as ordinary as any other. Having met through mutual acquaintances… the two started dating after some initial hesitation… The dating went on for about a year… I guess this one is from Sugimura-san… Probably. For the most part, relationships like this would end at this point. However, one day, a miracle happened to the two of them. On that day, the two of them were at a coffee shop. Without any words being conveyed… the two of them knew
that it would be the last time they’d see each other. When one of them grabbed the bill,
it was time for them to each go their separate ways. The man thought it was his responsibility
to take care of the bill so he had reached out for it. It was that moment… a strong gust of wind… a strong gust of wind… blew past them… Leaving the man’s hand as it was cast into the air… the bill landed on the table beside them. Sitting there was an old man, all by himself. When the man tried to recover the bill… the old man said… that it must be some kind of fate and that he would take care of the bill. Having said that, he took the bill away with him. Then, having lost the opportunity for either one of them to leave… the man saw that moment as his last chance to ask… “Please marry me.” The woman answered… “If you’ll have me.” That was three years ago… on Christmas day. Although the chances of this happening were next to none… but… several years later, the man thought… it must have been a miracle. It’s not destiny. The only sad part to this story… is that woman had remembered
the song that was playing at the coffee shop on that day… and the man had forgotten it. My story ends here. Sally-san… Please take care of yourself. And the best of luck to you. Thank you… Good bye. What should I do? A request. Go to a request. Here. This is a change of clothes for Sachiko. Well… It seems like Pocchi-san has forgotten to write down a song request. Very well, let’s phone and ask him. Incoming call
[Sachiko] Sugimura-san, hurry up and answer it. Okay. Yes? Is this Pocchi-san? Yes. Pocchi-san… Do you have a song request? Nolans… Yes? Dancing Sisters by Nolans. That was… the song that was playing on that day. Yes… Will do. As Pocchi-san’s request… Here’s Dancing Sisters by Nolans. Pocchi-san… Thank you your beautiful letter. I also… believe that… that was destiny. Sugimura-san? Let’s go. Eh? Haruki-san, isn’t that…? Let’s not waste any time now. Yes. This is Sally Shibata with Heart Sports Café and News Special. Thank you for listening for the last 2 hours. Aoi! Since it’s already prepared, care to have some nabe? I guess I might as well join you for some nahe. You don’t give up, do you? Hey… What were you real intentions? About what? Those chopsticks. Did you buy them for those couple or for yourself and Sally-san? For those couple. Really? Really. But, you were thinking about it a bit, weren’t you? Well, I guess so. So, you did like her. Laugh if you want to. I’m not going to laugh. Haruki-san, you didn’t laugh when I got rejected. That’s because… That’s why I won’t laugh either. I see. Love isn’t like a ski race… so it doesn’t matter if somebody offers you a supporting hand, right? Okay… You went out and bought some chopsticks… Hey, you just laughed! No, I didn’t laugh. Hey! I wonder if I have some beer left. Both of us got rejected and had to start over again… That dog was rather impudent… but it’s sort of lonely without him, don’t you think? Hey, there’s no ponzu
Note: Ponzu is a standard nabe dipping sauce from soy sauce, rice vinegar and citrus juice. Hey do you have any ponzu? Aoi? Aoi? Aoi! Seikai General Hospital
Doctor Sawaguchi
GPS info unavailable I, Aoi Yuki, might die. On December 24th, I’ll be undergoing surgery. If I’m not mistaken, your next physical exam is
on Monday, next week, right? It’s nothing but a cold with some pneumonia-like symptoms. With some rest tonight, she’ll be better in no time. That’s good to hear. She needs her rest, please go home tonight. Okay… What kind of illness does she have? It’s just cold. Just because of that, she needs to see you specifically? I’ve been her doctor for some time now… so it’s not out of the ordinary. Uhm… She didn’t come to you because… she might have thought that it could be another illness? Not at all. He’s gone home. Thank you very much. You still have some fever… so I want you to stay here at the hospital overnight. Tomorrow, you can rest at home. Okay. I haven’t had a cold in a while… so I panicked and came here. Talk about being stupid. You’ve done well over the last 5 years. With the second physical exam,
you won’t have to worry about such things anymore. Thank you for your time and cooperation today. Likewise. I want you to make my eyes seem as big as possible. – Understood.
– Pardon me. Rossi-sama will be arriving shortly.
Please wait just a bit longer. Well, I’m going to accentuate my English accent, just kidding. Rossi-sama will be arriving shortly.
Please wait just a bit longer. Excuse me, where’s Aoi-san? She took the day off due to a cold. I see. Hey, hey, hey! Shintani-san just asked me if I wanted to go to Swiss with him. Does that mean that he’s going to switch from Aoi-san to you? Hmmm… I really don’t know.
I think he wants to keep Yuki as is. I guess I should use my power of communication pretty soon. Power of communication? I’m going to do what I did with you. I think you should reconsider. Why should I? Well, because… If we could get your closing comments? – Rossi-sama is coming in.
– Rossi-sama is coming in. Very well, if everybody could follow me this way. Hey, hold on, my eyes are still small. Are you awake? I’m sleeping. How are you feeling? I’m all right now. That’s good. Do you mind if I ask you something? By any chance, have you not been cured of your illness yet? You keep on getting physical exams
because there might be a chance of relapse, right? Haruki-san… Yes? I won’t talk to you anymore if you ever ask me about this again. Have a good night. Good night. There’s nothing that I can tell you, except for one thing. She’s very cheerful and strong person. Do you know why she always has a smile on her face? This Christmas… it’s her fifth Christmas since the incident,
so she’s been looking forward to it. Let’s wish her well when it does come. By any chance, are you my rival? Pardon me? Well… it’s just I’m wondering why you’re so concerned about her. Mom, what did you first think
when you found out about your illness? Why are you asking me now? Honestly… I was relieved when I was told about it. It took about a week after the physical exam
to find out the results. I worried a lot more during that time. It’s not a good feeling when you have to wait
while you haven’t even know if you have a future. What if that feeling were to persist? What if you have to wait… for five years before finding out the results? There’s absolutely no way. If it were me, I wouldn’t able to wait. It’s like having to wait in a pitch black room, all by yourself. Rossi goes home Grazie (Thank you). Grazie (Thank you). Thank you very much. Ciao. Ciao. Ciao. (Bye! Bye! Bye!) The storm has passed… Yeah… We’ve got a bunch of work to catch up on. By your command. Sakamoto-san? Please enter Exam Room 2. We got the samples, so I’d like everybody to check them over – Okay.
– Please.
– Sure. Please change the women’s style to ladies. How’s it? Aoi-san? Please enter Exam Room 2. Senpai! Take a look at this! He really went to a kyabakura after that!
Note : Kyabakura is a cabaret club Is this acceptable? – No, it isn’t good. Even our company is mentioned here.
– Ah, found it. Yes? What do you want? I can’t find my TV remote control. Have you seen it? It’s not lost in your place, is it? How did it go? Are you listening to me? Really, how did it go? The remote control… The physical exam results… Aoi… I warned you that I’d never talk to you anymore
if you asked me about it again. In fact, why should I even have to tell you? It doesn’t make any sense. I’m safe. No signs of relapse. Hey, did you hear what I said? In any case, I’m completely okay
even without having you asking about it. Haruki-san? Thank goodness! Thank goodness! I’m really relieved. So, that’s the result. You’re okay. Good for you. Hey, Haruki-san, you’re hurting my hands. Sorry. What were you looking for again? The remote control, was it? Okay, I’ll look around for it. Okay, have a good night. Just for a moment… Could you let me be like this, just for a moment? Were you scared? I see. But I’m alright now. In any case, I only need to go once more and it’ll be over. This feels nice… to have… to have somebody close by to lean on like this is really nice. Next Episode Preview – A babe? Where?
– Here. Right here! If I hadn’t met you, Haruki-san in that room,
I’d still be an arrogant woman. This is Kenji’s ex-fiance. Strange rumors are going around. If she’s that type of woman… She’s not that type of woman. It’ll be difficult without her, many people depend on her.

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